Republic of Doyle

Season 2 Episode 5

Something Old, Something New

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2011 on CBC
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Jake and Mal take on the case for a bride who is running into roadblocks at every turn for her up-coming wedding, and suspects her ex-finace is responsible for her troubles. At home, Mal is having problems of his own with Rose, who is trying to plan a vacation that Mal is reluctant to take. Jake's relationship with Allison is moving along nicely, while Tinny's business dealings reach a critical point.moreless

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      • Rose: Just admit you're scared, okay? This is how you behave when you're scared.
        Mal: Scared of what? Travelling to Mexico? I have work to do!
        Rose: What are you talking about? This is a vacation! It's okay to have fun once in a while!
        Mal: You're just like your mother!
        (Rose is speechless)
        Jake: Oh-ho, you're on your own now, Skipper.

      • (after Rose hangs up on Mal)
        Jake: (laughing) Man, you've got to take a course or something on how to tend to your woman.
        Mal: You teach and I'll pass.

      • (after the bride-to-be kisses Jake)
        Mal: Hey, that girl is getting married in the morning; keep your mojo in check.
        Jake: What? I didn't do anything.
        Mal: Yet.

      • (reading Chad's letters in which he professes undying love for Trisha)
        Rose: It's so romantic.
        Mal: Yeah, in a pathetic, crazed kind of way.
        Rose: Hon, he may be crazy, but he's showing he cares about her at least.
        Des: People are attracted to crazy. And geeks too... lots of girls. And you wouldn't think they'd go for a geek, but they do. Geeks are the new trend. Not crazy geeks... geek geek.
        Jake: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

      • Tinny: Des, I'm serious. You get here in 30 minutes or less, and you'll be my hero forever.

      • Jake: Okay, call me old fashioned, but a bride catching on fire seems like a bit of a bad omen.

      • Jake: What is going on with my niece, why was she in that limo with you, and why'd the whole place smell like pot after it blew up? Tell me everything, Des, or I swear to God, I'll hang you upside down from Junction's Deck until you cry.
        Des: Oh, man, Tinny's going to kill me. ...But you would kill me much more painfully. Hey, can I get an advance on my salary?
        Jake: Are you out of your mind?
        Des: A tiny thousand. You can give it to me in coins, I'll roll it myself.

      • (showing Chad a picture of a letter)
        Jake: Read it.
        Chad: My throat's dry. (begins reading) "Dearest Trisha, you're still getting married tomorrow, I've tried to stop the wedding but now I'm going to kill myself at our usual spot." I didn't write that.
        Jake: Then who did?
        Chad: I don't know! Look, I admit that I had a hard time getting over her, but that penmanship's terrible.

      • (Jake gets a text from Mal saying "home now")
        Jake: I'm really sorry, ...uh, how would you like to go see my dad at his house?
        Allison: Sure, whatever. What is this, a trick for me to meet your parents with my clothes on?

      • Mal: Attention everyone! Rose and I would like to announce that our engagement is over.
        Jake: Really.
        Rose: That's right, because we're going to get married right now.
        Mal: Exactly.

    • NOTES (2)

      • This episode was called "Something Old, Something New" in the online TV Guide, however, on the DVD set, the episode title is "Something Old, Someone Blue"; on the official site, the episode is titled "Something Old, Someone New."

      • Music:
        "White Wedding" (1982) by Billy Idol.
        "So Far Away" (1985) by Dire Straits.

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