Republic of Doyle

Season 1 Episode 3

The Duchess of George

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2010 on CBC
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A woman from Mal's past wants him to look in to a fire at one of her bars; a girl died but the police ruled it accidental, although the bar owner believes otherwise. Jake has woman troubles of his own; he's attracted to Leslie, but can't stay away from Nikki. He makes a surprising discovery when he looks in Nikki's trash.moreless

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    Steve Cochrane

    Steve Cochrane

    Tony Baker

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    Mary Walsh

    Mary Walsh

    Miranda Cahill

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    Philip Craig

    Philip Craig

    Arthur Gallagher

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    • QUOTES (12)

      • (after being caught having sex with a client's wife)
        Jake: You won't be billed for today!

      • Tony: Are we keeping you up?
        Jake: Oh, sorry... had a client riding me pretty hard last night.

      • Miranda: Didn't I see you downtown at my bar the other night?
        Tinny: I don't think so.
        Mal: You better not have!

      • (after almost being run down on the street)
        Mal: Who do you owe any money to?
        Jake: I don't owe anyone money. And I'm fine, thanks for asking. (he gets into the car)
        Mal: Where are you going?
        Jake: Off to find my real dad!
        Mal: Maybe he's the one who tried to kill us.
        Jake: Yeah, well, I still like him better.

      • (Jake is tied up and being beaten by silent thugs)
        Jake: How many times have you guys done this? First, you ask me questions, then I lie to you, and then you hit me. (they hit him again)
        Thug: This is a warning! Keep your nose outta where it don't belong.
        Jake: Oh, that's real specific.

      • (Tinny sneaks in early in the morning)
        Mal: Who were you out with all night?
        Tinny: I met a boy from up the shore. He bought me a custard cone and dropped me off right to the house. That's how I know he loves me.
        Mal: You're grounded.

      • (Leslie staggers into the kitchen, disheveled and hung over)
        Mal: Hello.
        Leslie: Hello. Do you know where I am?
        Mal: Yes, I do. You're in my kitchen.
        Leslie: Do you know how I got here?
        Mal: No, but I have a theory.

      • Al: Malachy Doyle, Miranda's knight in shining armour, yeah. I tell you now, if I wanted to torch anything of hers, it would have been her house back when she torched mine, right? Ten years ago. The Duchess never mentioned that, did she? Real good detective work there, lads.

      • Jake: They got pills now, for men of your age. In the commercials, everyone's just running around, they're screaming, they're laughing, they're having a grand time.
        Mal: You're an arse.

      • Jake: I guess I better lay off the client relations.
        Mal: Lay off? Do you hear yourself?
        Jake: You had enough time to take a snapshot of the guy, but you couldn't stop him from hitting me in the head with a baseball bat? That's real nice, Dad, real nice.

      • (Mal and Jake tell Mark his wife is a cheater)
        Mark: Oh, I am such a moron!
        Jake: You're not a moron, you're a... you know, you're a good looking, charming... you know, you're a... you're a guy. Mark, buddy, you've just got to think, 'this kind of thing happens all the time.' I mean, not me banging your... sleeping with your wife. I mean that... it was only the one time, it was kind of... almost really an accident. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have, I just... think about the future, Markie, buddy, you know, you've got a whole life ahead of you. (he notices "Claire" tattooed on Mark's arm) You might want to get rid of that tattoo though... it's got her name on your arm there. Get it lasered off, get a new tattoo to put over it.
        Mark: I like steam engines.
        Jake: Yeah, that's great, buddy.

      • Miranda: What about us, Mal? Why didn't it ever work out for us?
        Mal: 'Cause I wasn't half the man you are, that's why.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Music:
        "You Can't Always Get What You Want" performed by Rusted Root
        "Sugar Cane" performed by Joey Stylez
        "Magic Carpet Ride" performed by Steppenwolf

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • (Nikki treats Jake for a second time in two days)
        Nikki: So, Groundhog Day? (pause) This day keeps repeating until you learn something.

        In the movie Groundhog Day (1993), Bill Murray portrayed a Pittsburgh weatherman who was doomed to live the same day, February 2, (Groundhog Day), over and over, until he finally learned to reassess his moral and ethical values.