Republic of Doyle

Season 1 Episode 12

The Fall of the Republic

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2010 on CBC



  • Quotes

    • Chastity: [Christian] didn't hire me, some other guy hired me. He said he needed some help with a fantasy.
      Jake: What kind of fantasy?
      Chastity: This man, he said, 'I'll pay you a thousand dollars if you slip my boyfriend a roofie in the bar and drive him out to Signal Hill.' So that's what I did; I drugged him, dropped him off and bailed.
      Mal: So, who's this man?
      Chastity: I have no idea; we set it up on the phone.
      Mal: Was he at the house on Signal Hill?
      Chastity: Oh, there was nobody there. Buddy was passing out, so I gave him a blanket and left.
      Jake: Hmmm, how sweet. The whole thing didn't seem at all odd to you?
      Chastity: It's not the oddest thing I have ever done, for sure.