Republic of Doyle

Season 1 Episode 6

The One Who Got Away

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2010 on CBC
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Episode Summary

Jake's high school flame rolls back into town; she's recently, very recently, married and already starting to doubt her new husband's commitment. When he mysteriously dies, Jake can't help but get involved in the case, even though he knows it will spell trouble. Rose's past makes an untimely reappearance as well, causing her to keep things from Mal.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Finn: (to Frank) Enjoy your stay in St. John's! Oldest city in North America, by the way.

        Later on:
        (while beating Jake)
        Frank: I thought Québec was the oldest city in North America.
        Jake: Huh?

        According to Wikipedia, St. John's was founded in 1497; Québec City was founded in 1535, but was abandoned in 1536 and then re-established in 1608. St. John's is credited as being the oldest English-founded city in North America. Québec is the oldest in the sense that it was the first built as a permanent city, and not just a commercial outpost.

      • Immediately after Frank fires the gun, we see Jake; his shirt has little to no blood on the front at all. Then, seconds later, when he hands Stacey the bag of money, he is covered in blood, with a large splash of it down the centre front of his shirt, covering both sides of the buttons. In the police station, his shirt has blood down the right side only, with only splatters on the left.

      • Jake: Amanda Ashmore, Jeff Ziegler?
        Mal: Sorry to pull you two love birds out of class.

        In the episode, Mal and Jake find the (failed) test paper of Jeff Ziegler, then go to the school, where they find him and call him by name. However, in the credits, the actor is credited as "Jeff Quinn".

    • QUOTES (16)

      • Johnny: Yeah, you guys never like leaving the rock, huh?
        Jake: Rock? Hm? What's that supposed to mean?
        Johnny: It's just, there's a whole world outside this pub, you know?
        Jake: That right?
        Johnny: Yeah.
        Jake: Maybe we should step outside so you can show me.
        Johnny: Maybe we should, yeah.

      • Stacey: It's Johnny. Something... something's wrong.
        Jake: What could possibly be wrong with Johnny?
        Stacey: Well, it's, you know, everything was perfect. And then, the last couple weeks, he's different. At first, I thought it was just nerves, you know, but he's been sneaking around, making secret phone calls, and there's perfume on his clothes.
        Jake: What, do you think Johnny's going out on you?
        Stacey: I don't know, but I need to know before it's too late.
        Jake: Too late, too late? Stacy, you know, you married him, like, yesterday.
        Stacey: I know; but I need to be sure, you know, before the honeymoon.

      • Leslie: Are you busy?
        Jake: Looks like I might have a couple hours, what's up?
        Leslie: Hopefully you. I'm off today; come over.

      • Mal: If you're going to drink alone, drink alone in the basement like the rest of us.
        Jake: I'll buy you a pint; make up for being such a jerk earlier today.
        Mal: Ah, it's a shade early, but... okay.
        (Jake begins filming Johnny and a woman coming out of the hotel across the street)
        Mal: And here I thought you just wanted to share a pint with the old man.
        Jake: What, did you hit yourself in the head? Why would I ever want to do that?

      • (Jake tells Stacey that he believes Johnny is cheating on her)
        Jake: You did hire me, though, to find out if he was cheating on you, right, so...
        Stacey: I know, I just thought me and Johnny was different.
        Jake: You and Johnny was different from...?
        Stacey: Different from everybody else.
        Jake: I'm sitting right here, you know that? We did go out at one point and... I have feelings.

      • (after a screaming fight in the living room involving Jake, Stacey and Johnny)
        Rose: Somebody tell me what the hell is going on here?
        Mal: Trust me, you don't want to know.
        Jake: Stacey, just calm down.
        Stacey: Stay away from me! (she storms out)
        Leslie: I brought you a coffee.
        Jake: Thanks.
        Leslie: I'm keeping the muffin. (she storms out)
        Mal: Now that was as good as a concert.

      • Frank: What is this?
        Finn: It's a gun.
        Frank: You don't happen to have anything from this century, do you?
        Finn: Know how hard it is to find a gun in this town? She still works fine; in fact, she's a bit of a treasure, you know? That gun saw action at Gallipoli with the All Newfoundland Regiment.
        Frank: Fascinating.
        Finn: Yeah, well, now if you don't want her, I know a collector who's dying for it.

      • Leslie: Where's she to, Jake?
        Jake: I don't know.
        Leslie: This is a suspect in a potential homicide we're talking about.
        Jake: Oh, come on! There's no way Stacey Layden's guilty of throwing someone off a cliff, all right? That much, I'm sure of.
        Leslie: Yeah, how sure?
        Jake: Well, you know, pretty sure, almost... fairly sure.

      • Frank: Do yourself a favour: stay away from Stacey Layden, she's trouble.
        Jake: Yeah, starting to get that impression.

      • Rose: How did you get in my house?
        Martin: Door. Unlocked. Lovin' this town, by the way.

      • Rose: I have a new life, Martin.
        Martin: Your old life has a little something to say about that.

      • Sgt. Lang: (to Jake and Mal) Trust me, our eyes are on you. And if I find out you're withholding any dirt on Miss Stacey, I will come down on you two so hard, so fast, it will set your clocks back half an hour, capice?

      • Jake: You both were cliffside drinking a bottle of peach cooler, weren't you?
        Jeff: Maybe.
        Mal: Booze, truancy, fire in an unlicenced area, leaving the scene of a crime.
        Jake: Defacing historic rocks.
        Mal: The DNA results are on the way back from the lab right now, Jay-Z.
        Amanda: I want to make a deal.
        Jeff: Shut up, I'm telling them.

      • Johnny: You got to get Stacey out of jail.
        Jake: I got to get Stacey out of jail? Why don't you just tell them that you're not dead? Boom, they let her out of jail.

      • Rose: Mal...
        Mal: I'm out the door, my darlin'.
        Rose: I have to talk to you.
        Mal: Oh. That doesn't sound good.
        Rose: I'm married.

      • Sgt. Lang: So, along with the murder charge, you now on the hook for aiding and abetting a federal fugitive.
        Jake: Oh, that doesn't sound very good at all.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Music:
        "Man's Gotta Be A Stone" performed by Colin James
        "U.I.C." performed by The Wonderful Grand Band
        "3 O'Clock Drunk" performed by Sean Panting
        "Little Hitch Hiker" performed by Andrew Ledrew
        "Gone To Hell" performed by Sean Panting
        "Dream Weaver" performed by Gary Wright
        "Cosmic Suburbs" performed by Joe Belly & The Sin City Ramblers

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