Republic of Doyle

Season 1 Episode 10

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Doyle

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2010 on CBC



  • Trivia

    • Garrison: Your mom died when you were 12, so you idealize women.

      According to the headstone in The Woman Who Knew Too Little (1 - 7), Emily Doyle passed away in 1992, so Jake was born in 1980.

    • Jake's cell phone number is 709-749-7963 (work). Rose made a call from the same number in The Tell-Tale Safe (1 - 8).

    • Allan Hawco and Jonathan Goad have played brothers before, in "A Whistle In The Dark", a play by Tom Murphy that had its debut in 1961. The Company Theatre, headed by Allan Hawco, put on the play in 2005 in Toronto, with Jonathan Goad playing Michael Carney, the level headed brother, and Allan Hawco playing the sociopathic Harry Carney.

  • Quotes

    • Jake: What's with all the crap books? (picking up a book and laughing) Garrison Steele? This guy is like, the biggest hack on earth, you know?
      Rose: Jake! Meet Garrison Steele. Garrison, meet...
      Garrison: Jake Doyle, P.I.

    • Garrison: My books once shot to the top of the best seller list... stayed there so long, they had squatter's rights. But those days are over. No one seems to want the gritty, realistic, deep, human novels that are my stock-in-trade. My publisher wants me writing Q.L.C.F., can you believe it?
      Jake: Q.L.C.F.?
      Garrison: Quaint location crime fiction. He suggested I try Newfoundland. The seafood seems passable, and you speak something like English, so I agreed.

    • Jake: Hack!
      Garrison: Four of my books have sold over 3.2 copies in 14 languages; there have been movies, sequels...
      Jake: Hey, if people get by how unrealistic your dialogue, characters, action, and story are, well, good for them!
      Garrison: Ah-ha-ha, so you've read me.

    • Jake: I'm looking for Grace Ebner.
      Bruce: Oh, Grace... gorgeous! I just sold her husband a 20-million dollar package.
      Jake: Right. Do you know where I can find her?
      Bruce: She's in bed. Tuckered out, I should say; I'm screwing her. Oh, life is sweet!
      Jake: Right. Where did you leave her?
      Bruce: Admiral Montague, room 627. Well, I've got to go see the beautiful wife.

    • Des: What, are you talking about where Mal is?
      Jake: Wait a minute, you know where he is?
      Des: No, no, he wouldn't tell me 'cause he knew I'd rat him out.
      Tinny: I knows where he is, but no way am I telling you.
      Jake: Okay, what is wrong with this family?
      Tinny: Um, Des wants to have sex with me.
      Des: No, I don't, no, I don't. It's not gross 'cause I don't want to, no, I don't want to.
      Jake: Okay, just shut up; stop trying to change the subject! Where is my father?

    • Leslie: I found your business card in the man's pocket. The man's vehicle is parked up ahead... on his chest. What do you know about Bruce Borden?
      Jake: Not much, but that's him.
      Leslie: Was.
      Jake: Don't worry, I'm pretty sure he had life insurance.

    • Jake: You look beautiful, by the way. This hairstyle really suits you.
      Leslie: Doyle, you're at the site of a homicide, stop hitting on me.
      Jake: I wasn't hitting on you, it was a compliment! It's very different. (raising his voice as she walks away) For the last time, I don't date cops, Sergeant, so back off!

    • Rose: Oh, come on! Steele has a certain charm.
      Jake: Charm? Old houses have a certain charm; old pubs that smell like urine, they have a certain charm.
      Rose: Jake, please!

    • Garrison: Double or nothing. I bet you 15,000 that I can get Ebner's wife to talk to me... tonight.
      Des: Do it, Jake.
      Jake: All right, but not for money. If I win, you leave town tonight. No more of this armchair psychoanalysis, no more crap coming out of your mouth; you're gone.
      Garrison: Deal. But if I win, no more complaining about me shadowing you.
      Jake: Fine. (the door bell rings) That's Ebner's wife, isn't it?

    • Daryl Ebner: Gentlemen, please show Mr. Doyle and his friend the way out of the building.
      Jake: Oh, no, I was in boy scouts, so I can totally find my own way out.

    • Jake: Is that the core sample?
      Nevil: Maybe.
      Jake: You've got to blow this thing wide open.
      Nevil: I don't think blowing the whistle on a 50-billion dollar scandal is going to ensure my safety.
      Garrison: Well, you can come clean and serve a year, or you can keep running and end up in a box.
      Nevil: Yeah, well, I can't do jail and I'd rather not do death, so what does that leave me?

    • Nikki: Hey, I heard you're working with some famous novelist or something.
      Jake: Yeah, actually, he's the guy I'm here to kill. Have you seen a hack moron around drinking expensive scotch? You can't miss him.

    • Jake: Your song was beautiful, you're beautiful.
      Leslie: What?
      Jake: I was just thinking about us, you know. We never really resolved anything, and, I don't know, Leslie... maybe we could give it another shot, you know? Maybe.
      Leslie: I, uh, I really have to go.
      Jake: Okay, wait, can we meet up later? I'd really like to talk to you.
      Leslie: Jake, um, we've done this. We've been here. I can't. I'm sorry. I'll see you around.

    • Garrison: You know why I get so many women?
      Jake: Lemon gin?
      Garrison: Ha ha ha. It's not because they actually like me; it's because they know I actually like them.

    • Jake: We've got the evidence, so why don't you tell us what happened?
      Maggie: I didn't mean to, I just... no, I meant, I meant to kill him, it was just... he was such a bastard, you know?
      Garrison: Yeah, we know.

    • Leslie: That's not a Newfoundland accent.
      Christian: It used to be; I've been away a long time.
      Leslie: And what do you do?
      Christian: Whatever I want; I won the lottery ticket, believe it or not. So now I play music, hockey, I travel... yeah, I have a lot of hobbies.
      Leslie: That sounds like a load of crap, if I ever heard one.
      Christian: No flies on you.
      Leslie: How long are you in St. John's?
      Christian: As long as you want.
      Leslie: Oh god, you sound like the guy who stood me up.

    • Garrison: Oh, I called my agent, gave her the pitch for my new book today.
      Jake: Good for you.
      Garrison: A P.I. book, obviously.
      Jake: Obviously.
      Garrison: It's a departure from my usual material, but I think this one goes deeper into the heart of my subject.
      Jake: Really?
      Garrison: He's a special guy, the hero.
      Jake: (touched) That right?
      Garrison: I mean... special. He's mentally challenged.

  • Notes

    • Music:
      "The Eastside" performed by Joe Belly & The Sin City Ramblers
      "Emergency Roadside Assistance" performed by Sean Panting
      "Unsteady Hands" performed by Japan Batteries
      "Same Old Song" performed by Chris Pico
      "Settle Up, Settle Down" performed by Jetset Motel

  • Allusions

    • Jake: (to Garrison) All right, pallie, okay, this is where you get off. No more of your Dr. Phil routine; you're done.

      Dr. Phil is a talk show hosted by Phil McGraw.  He gives advice to guests and counsels them after hearing their problems.

    • Jake: What are you doing here?
      Christian: Slaughter the fattest cow, the prodigal son has returned.

      The parable of the prodigal son is told in the Bible, in the New Testament, Luke 15: 11 - 32. The prodigal son, the younger of two brothers, left home and squandered his birthright. He returned home, destitute, and was welcomed with open arms by his father, who celebrated by slaughtering the fatted calf. The elder son was resentful, but was chastised by his father who told him that his brother, who was dead, was now alive again.