Republic of Doyle

Season 1 Episode 2

The Return of the Grievous Angel

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2010 on CBC
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A young woman hires the Doyles to find her biological father, but it turns out that she's not who she claims to be. The case turns into a murder investigation when the mysterious woman turns up dead in the trunk of a car. Jake has trouble staying away from Nikki, even though he has a court order to keep his distance.moreless

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      • Nikki: You and I are going to work through this as friends, okay?
        Jake: What? Sorry, as friends?
        Nikki: Yeah. We can't keep having sex like this in the middle of our divorce.

      • Motel Owner: She seemed like a nice girl.
        Jake: Yeah, that's what they usually say about serial killers.

      • Mal: If she was leaving town, you'd think she'd have packed her panties.
        Jake: Oh my... I hate it when you say that word.
        Mal: What, panties? Doctors say it, it's clinical.
        Jake: It's not clinical. When you say it, it's disgusting, all right?
        Mal: Panties.

      • Leslie: You're a pain in the arse, you know that?
        Jake: Ah, if you'd only give me the chance, I could be.

      • Jake: Constable, please, I need your help.
        Leslie: No.
        Jake: Oh, come on! Look, we have a client, she skipped town on us.
        Leslie: Why don't you hire a P.I.?

      • Mal: This is a record; three clients for one case.
        Jake: We got one client, disappears. The other client, we don't know his name.
        Mal: And the other one, we don't trust.
        Jake: Cheers to that, skipper.

      • Rose: (to Des) Listen up, kid. If I were you, I'd have that car clean before Jake gets back. And stay away from the young Tinny. Otherwise, it won't be Jake you should be worried about.

      • Leslie: You and your father, don't leave town.
        Jake: What? Are you serious?
        Leslie: Any notion you got that we're getting all cozy goes out the window when you're my only link to a dead girl stuffed in the trunk of a car in St. John's.

      • Leslie: I'm going to want to talk to you later.
        Jake: Oh, that's great! You can call me any time; you've got my number.
        Leslie: Do I ever!

      • Leslie: Jake, I know a million guys like you; you want what you can't have, and you can't deal with what you've already got.
        Jake: Well, that's... that's deep.
        Leslie: You're cute, sure, but this is never going to happen. You and me... get over it.
        Jake: Did you just say I was cute?

      • Nikki: Jake, I sat in the corner by myself for two and a half hours. (raising voice for everyone to hear) I am going home with somebody right now, okay? If not you, then the first person that speaks to me!
        Des: Hey, hi!
        Jake: (to Des) Shut up!

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      • Music:
        "One Headlight" performed by The Wallflowers
        "Unsteady Hands" performed by Japan Batteries
        "Under Those Wheels" performed by The Novaks

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