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Republic of Doyle

Season 2 Episode 6

The Ryans and the Pittmans

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2011 on CBC
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Episode Summary

The Doyles are on the case when they get the news of a friend of the family who has gone missing at sea. Christian's plans lead him right back into trouble, putting Jake in the position of having to rescue him once again.

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    Michelle Nolden

    Michelle Nolden

    Allison Jenkins

    Guest Star

    Bill MacDonald

    Bill MacDonald

    Gordie Pittman

    Guest Star

    Jonathan Watton

    Jonathan Watton

    Alex Pittman

    Guest Star

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      • Mal: Painter girl seemed pretty at home in the house.
        Jake: Yeah, she knew exactly where to find that hammer, eh? You don't think that maybe, eh... you don't think that maybe there might have been something going on between her and Pete?
        Mal: Never under-estimate the appeal of a virile older man.

      • (speaking to Jake)
        Terry: I need to sell the bar.
        Christian: He needs to sell the bar! This is, like, our plan from way back!
        Terry: There's no need to enjoy my suffering so much.

      • (looking at pictures of the people involved in the case)
        Des: Who's that guy up there in the corner?
        Mal: Alex Pittman, Gordie's son. He's an engineer with the city.
        Des: He looks like he's murdering someone right there. He needs to relieve his stress, man; tell him to try meditation.

      • Alex Pittman: Look, Pete died. Dad went below when the engine stalled, it was the fuel filter; it was clogged. And when he came back up, there he was, gone. It was a rogue wave.
        Jake: Those are the words your father used. I mean, his exact words.

      • Jake: All right, here's how it's going to work: you make no decisions without me, you make no purchases without me, you sign no cheques without my signature. You want a partner? I am not the silent type.
        Christian: Good. This is good. You're not going to regret it!
        Jake: I hope not.

      • Jake: You pay for this?
        Christian: No.
        Jake: How many times've I got to tell you? No free pints to anyone!
        Mal: Do a father's heart proud.
        Christian: It's just a couple of pints; relax, Jake.
        Jake: A couple of... look, it all adds up, Christian, all right? And if you're giving free pints to this one, he'll drink us to the ground, trust me.

      • Jake: I almost died; heavy stuff. Would that make you sad?
        Leslie: I should be so lucky. Look, I know you like to do things your own way, but could you not get yourself killed doing it?
        Jake: is that your way of trying to tell me that you care?
        Leslie: You can come to your own conclusions, can't you?

      • Kim: I just, um, I really miss him, you know, and I should have tried harder and seen him more.
        Des: Yeah.
        Kim: I didn't get a chance to say good-bye and I'm just, I'm really sad, and I wish that I had the chance to see him again, but it's too late.
        Des: No, it's not, it's not too late. Well, I mean, yeah, I mean, I guess it is, it is definitely too late. ...Yeah.

      • Jake: You know what I find interesting? Out of all the people in the world you could have called, you called me.
        Leslie: It was just instinct, I guess.

      • Jake: Ronnie, you put the debt on me, understand?
        Big Fat Ronnie: What?
        Jake: You put the debt on me, okay? You know I'm good for it. My brother's in the clear.
        Big Fat Ronnie: All right.
        Jake: Say it.
        Big Fat Ronnie: Your brother's in the clear.
        Jake: Now get out of my bar.

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