Republic of Doyle

Season 1 Episode 8

The Tell-Tale Safe

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2010 on CBC
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Janet Chafe is grieving her husband's suicide; the shock of that is bad enough, but things only get worse for her when she discovers that he left $100,000 to another woman in his will. Mrs. Chafe hires the Doyles to find the woman and find out why her husband made the bequest. Rose realizes that she can't deal with Martin on her own; Mal steps in, but doesn't have much success.moreless

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    Cathy Jones

    Cathy Jones

    Janet Chafe

    Guest Star

    Nicholas Campbell

    Nicholas Campbell

    Martin Poole

    Guest Star

    Chuck Herriott

    Chuck Herriott

    Mal's Ex-Cop Buddy

    Guest Star

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    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Jake: Why are you late?
        Mal: Rose needed my help with the plumbing.
        Jake: That better not be code.
        Mal: For what?

      • Mal: We're very sorry for your loss. I lost my wife some time ago...
        Janet: Oh yeah? Was your wife a lying son of a bitch?
        Mal: What's that?
        Janet: Was your wife a lying son of a bitch? Because my dead husband was.

      • Jake: Look, I gotta say, I'm really sorry for, you know, spilling your husband on the floor like that, I had no idea, I thought I was doing a good...
        Mal: Look, uh, sometimes when we dig into cases like this...
        Jake: ain't always so pretty, you know what I mean?
        Janet: I've already been humiliated, I just need to find out why.

      • Jake: What do you think, Skipper, the dead, guy, is he running two families?
        Mal: I don't know; Katherine Walsh is married.
        Des: You know, my buddy Darren, he always thought his sister was his sister, and that his grandmother was his mother, and then one day, he found out that his sister was his mother. Burnt.
        Jake: What, exactly, is the point of that little parable there, Desmond?
        Des: I'm just saying that sometimes being married doesn't matter. Stuff happens, man.

      • Tinny: What do you think, Des, you feel like getting involved in the community?
        Des: Uh, I already did my community service years ago.

      • Jake: Mr. Chafe, is there any chance that maybe Arthur was having an affair on his wife?
        Francis: (to a customer) I'll be right back Tom. (to Jake) Arthur? No, no, you're barking up the wrong tree there, my son. My brother loved his wife, but most importantly, he was frightened to death of her. There was no chance he was stepping out on that.

      • Leslie: It's a straight suicide, no sign of foul play.
        Jake: Yeah, I know. But why'd the guy go all the way out in the middle of nowhere to kill himself, you know, when he's got a perfectly good two-car garage a home?
        Leslie: People tend to kill themselves in places that mean something to them. If he was having an affair, it could be where it started, where it ended; could be anything.
        Jake: Does that mean I gotta kill myself in your kitchen then?
        Leslie: Don't be talking about offing yourself, Doyle. You get a girl all excited.

      • Jake: Hey, there! What are you playing, hopscotch?
        Little Girl: Yeah, you stupid?
        Jake: What are you doing all the way out here, anyway?
        Little Girl: Mom says we're allowed, what's it to you?
        Jake: (noticing the tailor's chalk in her hand) Is that chalk?
        Little Girl: Buddy threw it away, I didn't steal it!

      • Francis: My brother was a piece of shit; are you happy now?
        Jake: What happened?
        Francis: Well, I didn't kill him. The bastard was skimming from me; two grand a month, god knows how long, and hiding it right there, in a safe.

      • Tinny: Des, the dead guy... he might be the real father. Maybe he was giving money to support his illegitimate son.
        Des: Oh, yeah, bastard child. I was one of them. I am... no, I was, see, I'm not a bastard any more...
        Tinny: Shut up.

      • Mal: How was your marriage, Mrs. Chafe?
        Janet: Excuse me?
        Mal: Your marriage. Was it a happy marriage?
        Janet: Yes.
        Mal: Arthur's brother said their relationship was golden too, until we discovered just how much he really hated him. Just trying to make sure we're getting the truth here.
        Janet: I'm telling the truth; I'm the one who's being lied to here. And I hired you...
        Mal: A man doesn't just kill himself when his life is perfect!
        Janet: Well, why don't you ask that slut what was wrong with him? 'Cause as far as I'm concerned, he was fine.

      • Jake: Nikki, look, [Jim]'s a fool to leave you.
        Nikki: Yes. No, no no, I dumped him.
        Jake: Why?
        Nikki: I don't know why! I don't know why, because everything about him was perfect.
        Jake: Well, I wouldn't go so far to say...
        Nikki: Yes, he was perfect; he was better than you, he was better than you in every way. He was better looking than you, he had better clothes than you have, he has a better job than you have...
        Jake: All right, all right, all right, so what's the problem?
        Nikki: I don't know what the problem is, but it's your fault!

      • Francis: Oh my god, oh god, what a piece of work! He kills a man, and then he uses my money to ease his conscience? He's still screwing me from six feet under!
        Jake: Well, the good news is, it all went to charity, eh?
        Francis: Charity, my ass!
        Jake: Well, it's good to know you have a social conscience.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Music:
        "Sweet Hallelujah" performed by Hawksley Workman
        "Old Memory" performed by The Monday Nights
        "Pawn Shop" performed by Jetset Motel
        "Friend of Mine" performed by The Monday Nights

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • The title of this episode is a play on the title of an Edgar Allen Poe story, "The Tell-Tale Heart" (1843), in which the narrator of the story murders a man, then dismembers him and hides the body parts under the floor. During the course of the story, he slowly loses his mind as he is certain that the dead man's heart is still beating and can be heard by others, thus giving away the murder.

      • Jake: Get me a tape from four days ago, will you?
        Perv: Why, is there a special girl you want to see?
        Jake: Hey, Allen Funt, just get the tape, all right?

        Allen Funt (Sept. 16, 1914 - Sept. 5, 1999), was the host of Candid Camera, a show in which a hidden camera captured the reactions of real people who were put in unusual situations.

      • (at the teen drop-in centre, to Des)
        Tinny: Douchy Brasco, could you put your shirt back on?

        Donnie Brasco (1997) is a movie about an undercover FBI agent who successfully infiltrates one of the New York crime families of the Mafia.