Republic of Doyle

Season 2 Episode 9

Will the Real Des Courtney Please Stand Up?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2011 on CBC
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A night out skateborading turns into a nightmare for Des, one that lands him in jail. Jake and Mal try to help, but discover that they really don't know who Des Courtney is. Rose and Tinny, also working on the case, quickly decide that whether they know his name or not, they know who he is, and are determined to get to the bottom of the case. Jake's relationship with Allison hits a snag when her not-quite-ex-husband shows up, and Leslie continues to have doubts about her relationship with the Mayor.moreless

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    Chuck Shamata

    Chuck Shamata

    Anton Strazza

    Guest Star

    Ted Dykstra

    Ted Dykstra

    Jody Redmond

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    Rick Roberts

    Rick Roberts

    Mayor William Cadigan Clarke

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      • Jake: You are in a lot of trouble. Honestly, I am trying to help you, so you have to think. Think you can do that?
        Des: Okay.
        Jake: Think.
        Des: Wait, wait, wait! Men, men... naked men. A bunch of naked men... everywhere.
        Jake: What?
        Walter: Hey, don't judge.

      • Rose: So what do we do now?
        Jake: We've got 24 hours before they ship Des to the real pen.
        Tinny: We've got to help him. Poppy? Jake?
        Rose: Oh my god, we've got to call his family, let them know what happened.
        Mal: Does he have a family?
        Jake: Has anyone ever met Des's parents? His friends? Do we even know where the guy lives?
        Tinny: I kind of figured he lived at our house.

      • (in "I'se the Guys" strip club)
        Lance: Jake, listen... remind Walter that he still owes us 400 bucks from that Christmas party.
        Jake: Absolutely. (to Mal) It's a long story.

      • Tinny: Are you on something? Did you take something last night?
        Des: No, no, I swear, I don't even like cold pills, they make my teeth itchy.

      • (trying to unlock Des's phone)
        Jake: Any ideas about this phone? I just need a password.
        Tinny: Try 'Tinny'.
        Jake: That worked, actually.

      • Jake: I can't believe this, Des. I mean, I can't believe that you're into this, you know, you're doing drugs, you're... you're ripping off convenience stores...
        Des: No I'm not, no I'm not! Look, Zack, he was always taking advantage of me, and I haven't seen him in ages, but yesterday, I guess... Look, Jake, this isn't me. This is not me; you know me.
        Jake: No, I don't. Not really, Des. I don't really know you at all.

      • (to Des)
        Jake: I don't know many people who shoot up in the back of their neck... even people as stupid as you.

      • (as Zack runs off after being thrown around by Jake)
        Mal: Here, kid, just wait a minute. Come here!
        Jake: Dad, Dad! Just let him go.
        Mal: What's the matter with you?
        Jake: What? Oh! I planted a GPS in his knapsack.
        Mal: Oh good. I thought you were losing it there.

      • (after telling Des that she and Rose went to his house)
        Tinny: Why have you been lying to us? Your real name... it's made up! Everything's made up. And what's up with that bank robber guy? That case... why are you so obsessed with it?
        Des: Tinny, that's none of your business! Why did you go there? I don't want you to see that, I don't want you to be there.
        Tinny: Okay, calm down.
        Des: Oh my god, oh my god, everything's falling apart.

      • Jake: Are we really going to break into this guy's house?
        Mal: Do we have any choice in the matter?
        Jake: We're doing this for a kid; we don't even know his real name. In fact, we don't know anything about this guy.
        Mal: I think we know everything we need to know about Des. It doesn't matter what anyone says, he's a good kid; I'm sure of it. And so are you.
        Jake: All right, all right, all right. Let's do it.

      • Anton Strazza: What are they still doing here? I want them locked up! Both of them!
        Jake: Don't worry, Pally, this was all just a diversion.
        Anton Strazza: What?
        Jake: A diversion. Our people are stealing the Veiled Madonna as we speak.
        Mal: Look at all the police cars.
        Jake: I can't believe it worked!

      • Mal: Leslie, you know I never ask you for anything. Pretend Jake's not here. Do this for me, please.

      • Jake: I'm a little confused on why you were so hell-bent on sending Des to jail, to be honest with you. It felt a little personal.
        Allison: It wasn't. There's a backlog of cases; everything is rushed. That's why I upped the charges, to piss off the judge. I would refile, they would reschedule, and eventually, it would have got kicked out, guaranteed. Des would have ended up with community service.
        Jake: Oh.
        Allison: And I couldn't tell you. Well, that was my plan, anyway.

      • Jake: Des, or whatever your real name is... you know what? I don't even care what your real name is.
        Mal: Me neither.
        Jake: You know what? I want you to move out of that house, right away, that's an order.
        Des: Yes, sir.
        Mal: Oh lord, that means he's going to be moving in with us.
        Jake: Yup, cause he's definitely not moving in with me.

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