Requiem From The Darkness

A&E (ended 2003)


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  • Mataichi the Trickster, Ogin the Puppeteer and Nagamimi the Bird Caller are all people from another world to everyone else. One day an author named Momosuke finds them, and joins them on their journey of ridding evil from the land.

    Requiem Form The Darkness is very much a mixed bag as a show. I recieved the whole series (Lucky Me) as a birthday gift since I am a bit of a lover for gruesome stories. When turning n the first episode I just felt compelled to watch more. The art syle is very different to hat is usually shown. It's backgrounds are very morphed and distorted giving a sence of horror. The character designs are very well done, showing detail to them but giving off a slightly rugged or rushed look to them depending on the character. The story is basically about a young author named Momosuke. He is a former shop owner, but he did not feel fit fr the job so he quit to work as an author, writing children's riddles. His dream though is to create the book '100 Ghost Stories.' While out in the rain he feels the presence of a spectre and falls off a cliff from the slippery floor he stood on. he is caught by a strange figure wo tells him to keep his distance from him. As the story progresses Momosuke joins the man who was named Mataichi the Trickster along with his comrades, Ogin the Puppeteer and Nagamimi the Bird Caller. The series is there journies and the happening around them.

    The CGA in this is sometihng i found very good. It makes the certain object seem very distinguished and beautiful as shown in the episode of the Willow Woman. The tree in that episode is something to be marvelled in it. It looks amazing.

    The only flaw in this show is that it is at times predicable and plot wise, there is no big picture until the much later episodes. It is simply a show showing different situations they face. This does not particullarly bother me for this series though as I still found it incredibly enjoyable. One of the few animes i can tuirn on whenever and just sit dwn and watch. Highly recommend to anyone who likes the genre.
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