Rescue 77 - Season 1

The WB (ended 1999)


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  • Mustard Gas, Hold the Mayo
    Ryan and Wick are trapped in a building after a chemical explosion. The gas affects them, making them get a little crazy. Even after they are rescued, they have trouble dealing with the possibility of future birth defects in their unborn children and the fact that Michael let the door close on them, trapping them inside the building.moreless
  • Tunnel Vision
    Tunnel Vision
    Episode 7
    Ryan almost ends up getting herself killed when she refuses to abandon a boy trapped in a shaft filling with water. Michael's father has a heart attack and Michael tries to hold the company together despite his younger brother. Megan is upset that Michael can't confide his feelings in her, and turns to an exboyfriend for comfort. Wick saves an actress from a rubber suit stuck to her skin from the heat, and gets bit by the acting bug.moreless
  • Remember Me (2)
    Remember Me (2)
    Episode 6
    While Wick continues his investigation of a serial arsonist, Ryan devises a plan to help the station win the Golden Ax Award.
  • Remember Me (1)
    Remember Me (1)
    Episode 5
    A new firefighter joins the team and is mercilessly pranked. Bell is upset when he loses a little girl whom he thought had a chance. The team rescues a man from a rushing river. Wick investigates a serial arsonist. Bell finds out his ex-girlfriend is marrying his brother.
  • The Wedding
    The Wedding
    Episode 4
    A man is busy destroying the house he shares with his gay lover when his electric saw kicks back on him. Megan and Michael are running into some stumbling blocks in their relationship. A car accident traps a couple on their wedding night, and it quickly becomes clear that the groom is not going to make it out alive.moreless
  • A Bumpy Ride
    A Bumpy Ride
    Episode 3
    Crazed college celebrators keep everyone busy, and steal Station 77's R.A. Wick performs a risky surgical procedure in the field, and the doctor that is going to write him up instead learns how important it can be to improvise. Michael's father tries to convince him to take over the family business. Ryan prepares for an amateur crossbow tournament in New Zealand.moreless
  • Career Day
    Career Day
    Episode 2
    Stations 27 and 77 are playing pranks on each other. A Russian woman's grandfather has chest pains. The squad rescues a teenager who falls while trying to hang a banner at his high school. Wick, Michael, and Ryan are caught in sniper fire while later answering a false alarm at the same high school. The shooter shows up at the station. Ryan deals with her ex-boyfriend.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Wick Lobo and Michael Bell welcome back their partner, Kathleen Ryan, after a stress-related leave of absence. They save men from a building that exploded. Ryan makes a heroic save of a man in a downed airplane that falls down a mountain. A woman that the team has visited before dies from being shot by her boyfriend.moreless