Rescue 8

(ended 1960)


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  • It was a good show that caught the imagination of a young boy in Utah. I wish it were out on DVD.

    I think I am one of the few who remember this show. I recall getting very excited when it was on and recall several episodes clearly even though I was 4 or 5 at the time and I watched it on my grandfather's old Black and white set. The rescue truck was cool too and the actors did a good job 'in the drama' department. A couple of episodes stand out in my mind even now because I 'feared' they could happen to me. The first was about a 'old'man caught up in a tree and another one was about a man caught between floors at a construction site, that was very dramatic because of the danger he could 'fall the rest of the way down' if they failed taking one of them with him. I actually played 'Rescue 8' with my Tonka Ambulance and fire trucks at the time. It was a very good show and a good predicessor to Emergency and shows like it. It should be out on video. This was likely my second favorite show at the time the first being "Tales of the Texas Rangers" then the Lone Ranger came in third.