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  • alicia anderson

  • I was ON RESCUE 911! need a copy!

    We loved this show and watched all the time. One summer my brother was found face down in our pool and my sister did CPR and brought him back. Later, my family was in episode 408 but we don't have a copy. Anyone have a copy? I've been looking for years. It's not on Youtube. It's the last segment/story on this episode and the person who posts them to youtube recorded over our segment. Would greatly appreciate any help!

    PS the tease for our segment is at the end of this segment. We're the last 15seconds. That's my Dad running down the stairs.
  • I think it would be popular today.

    Great show. Grew up watching.
  • need to be back on tv

    I love rescue911 you need to put it back on tv
  • The best reality show of the late 1980's and early-mid 1990's I ever watched. Excellent series!

    I really enjoy the show. It shows children being a hero sometime on every other episode. I was eight years old and a second grader in grade school when the show started. The show ended when I was fifteen and was about to enter my sophomore year of high school. It is really interesting. They show children how to do CPR, call 911, and use heimlich maneuver. They do special segments like "100 Lives Saved", "200 Lives Saved", "Children Heroes", and "Child Safety Edition". It was on Tuesday nights at 8pm on CBS. William Shatner did a great job as a host. I hope they revive it on The CW network.
  • An awesome feel-good fact-based show. What "reality" TV was named script. Not VH1. Things that happened in the REAL world. Not MTV. People that survived against adverse odds. Not SURVIVOR. The wholesome version of COPS.

    Actual 911 calls, interviews with call-takers, dispatchers, Police, Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, first responders, and of course victims and other parties involved. Victims reunited with the people who helped them in their time of need.

    Off the air for quite a while now.

    But it's back... on the "Investigation Discovery" (ID) channel. It's named "Call 911" now. Not on CBS anymore, so they probably had to change the name. No more William Shatner, or any host, actually. They toned down the opening and commercial cut scenes. But if you listen carefully, it still has the same basic theme song.

    As of Jan '09: its on Fridays @ 2000 hrs. (8pm EST) Watch It. Tivo it.

    Its OK to get goosebumps because somebody is safe...That they were really, genuinely saved from their impending doom.


    this show on discovery (investigation) is about the same show. i wanted to post this so everyone who liked the old show, could have the chance to watch this one. i have been watching them online. if you guys find any other shows like it, please let me know. thanks. now i have to keep writing words cause this thing wont let me post unless i have one hun dred word s . so this is me still writting. why do they make you do this. sorry guys. nothing else to say... just wanted to share... now i am stuck on this review...
  • hi this is tara rescue 911 i would like that show back they should put it on discovery health in the evening at 8pm anyway take care

    they should put rescue 911 on discovery health at 8 pm it was my favorite show and it taught alot anyway its a great show for kids and adults 8 o clock is a good time im home to enjoy it i think they should put it back on the air starting now sence the holidays are aproching anyway i know how to do cpr now because of the show and the himlach meneuver i have a disability so i was learning alot from the show my mom even liked the show alot anyway please put it back on the air thanks.
  • My Favorite Show when I was a little Kid.

    I was really little when this show first came out. I remember watching this show every time it was on with my parents. This was one of the best tv shows in the 90s. I wish I could still watch it on TV. It was my favorite show. I wish this show would come back to tv. I Miss it. I also wish that they would realease at least one season on DVD so I can watch it again whenever I want. If they decide to bring it back to tv they should put it on a channel that most cable companies have. last time it was on it was only on discovery healt. I dont have digital cable or satalite. I just have basic cable. It would be nice to see it again on a tv station such as PAX TV.
  • i liked this show so much and it helped people to learn so much !! it need to come back

    that was a great show it taught people how to help in emergencys and what to do and it taught them saftey it needs to come back on!!!!!!! andi cant believe it was even take in off in the first place there are other shows that should have been take in off before this one it helped people learn so much !!! i think it would be great for it to come back on even for younger people especially younger children! it is good to watch some of the episodes so they can learn what to do in an emergency situation.
  • What happend? Bring it back

    Bring back the show. I have a nice story of a surf rescue regarding a girl who had a grand mal seizure in the surf and lifeguards were of no help. The show showed true rescues from both ordinary people to trained proffesionals. The show in my opinion helped people young and old how to react in emgergencys and to remain calm during situations in which most people would panic in. Even if William Shasta could not host the show, people such as my self would still watch the show. Please show some support in bringing the show back to air.
  • i loved this show bring it back it heped and saved peoples lives by teaching them what to do in a emergencey and also teaching peopl that they can help to

    i loved this show when i was littel it helped and saved many lives teaching people what to do in emgenceys we need this back shows were peopelsee if you can sing or dance sure peopel millions of them love it but to have a show that can save lives and help influse others to become something thats a lot better i think that even know this show had low ratings and it was on for a while a new seris likemthis should be brought back but make it more so that peop llook at it and say wow something liek rescue me buttrue stories iam a firefighter explorer now and rescue 911 got me here to be waht iam today bring it back sorry for all the bad spelling and grammer i typed this very fast lol
  • What happened to this show? Why doesn\'t it come on anymore? Can\'t you air it again and show the repeated episodes? Please take this into consideration! Thanks!!

    This was my favorite show to watch and encouraged me to be in the medical field one day, which I am. :) I have watched this show since I was 5 years old (when it first aired). This show really teaches you some valuable lessons! I learned so much from this show. I wish they could keep replaying the episodes on the health channel again! It\'s a great show to be aired! I miss it so much! What happened to this show? Why doesn\'t it come on anymore? Can\'t you air it again and show the repeated episodes? Please take this into consideration! Thanks!!
  • What a reality should be.

    This came out before the reality craze of the late 1990s. This show came out before a reality show was even called a reality show. This was considered as a documentary. Maybe now it'll be called reality because it has the formula of a typical reality. This show was original and it wasn't crap like survivor and its clones. The show was interesing and actually had some production value, something survivor and its clones really lack. The reenactment in the show were really entertaining, watchable and worthwhile seeing, qualities seriously lacking in today's survivoresque mutated infestations. This is what a reality show should be.
  • This was a EXECELLENT show I grew up on it. I miss it!

    When I was little I would pile up pillows dead center of the tv on the floor to prop myself up and just sit and watch this show I was always upset when it ended I couldn't wait for the next episode. It was always exciting to watch the different situations the people were in and to learn how to call for help if I ever found myself in one of those predicaments. I wish the show would come back on. I wish I could find it on DVD! What Happened to the show why did it go off air?
  • I still get to see this show, but I don't get to watch it much. Good show.

    I was always fascinated by this show when I was little. I would always yell out and be happy when the show came on because I like it alot. I am still fascinated by this show. I think that those who are interested in saving lives one day should watch this show.
  • I loved this show! it was the best thing ever!

    I loved this show! it was what I fell asleep to everynight... I would love to see it back on the air I miss it... it was one of the best! When I was little I was facinated by this show and it is still one of my favorites... I\'ve been trying to find it on DVD... I would love it.
  • i loved watching rescue 911 it was my all time favorite reality show i think they need to bring it back

    rescue 911 was a learning show because it taught us what to do in certin situations as if someone was choking or not breathing. they taught us how to do CPR and what to do if someone should break into your house.
    i watched this show every time it was on. i really wish they would bring it back onto the air. i mean all they need to do is to find another host because car accidents, break ins, fires, and other things still happen all around the whole united states
  • A classic among reality shows!

    I really enjoyed this. Even though I was fairly young when it came on, I can remember almost all of the episodes. Everyone that I knew watched this show. It was gripping and always interesting. The renactments are so well played. Even the theme song was dramatic. I loved that show.
  • Rescue 911

    This was a great show, it was one of the few shows that I watched when I was younger. I remember after dinner I would start my homework at 8pm I would go and watch Rescue 911, then go back and finish my homework if I need to otherwise go and read.

    This is one of the better Reality shows, that was around before reality swept the country. It dealt with real life situations that people got into and would reenact them, as well as have interviews from people who were involved. Most of the shows were very interesting the fact that it had really happen. One episode always stuck out in my mind and still does though its been years since I watched the show, it was an episode where a young man, was working at some Carnival rollercoaster, and got his food some how stuck and the cart took over with him, he kept his life but lost a leg. Another episode I remember is when this man shot out into the woods thinking it was a dog but it ended up being his kids and a friend of theirs, their friend was shot, and the man obviously was guilt ridden

    This show can also teach people what to do if they ever are in a similar situation., I remember reading a news article we’re a young child had done something because they had seen it on this show.
  • Yawn. This show was a more powerful sedative than NyQuil.

    Rescue 911 was really a pointless show. It was "reality" in a way, but not really since all of these situations were re-enacted (which makes it even more boring...cheesy acting doesn't replace real people's reactions in real situations).

    Anyhow...the show centered around people put into dire trouble and the ways in which police officers, paramedics and/or firefighters handled the situation.

    I thought the show was extremely boring....why? The situation would be introduced by William Shatner (who, since I never liked Star Trek, wasn't a great host to me), who would sort of set the table for what the problem was and who was called to help. They would play the real 911 calls...but that's where the reality ended.

    The thing I hated about this show was that you knew how it was going to end every time. One of the things that keeps people watching a show is suspense, the feeling of really being genuinely curious as to how a show will end. You always knew in this show how things would be solved....perhaps it's wrong of me to hope for such suspense since all the situations ended happily, but that's just me. Maybe if the people weren't always successfully rescued or things didn't go so smoothly all the time, I wouldn't have found this show to be such a snoozer.