Rescue 911 - Season 0

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Episode 400S
    Episode 400S
    Episode 301
    Girl does CPR on collapsed runner; Hang glider crashes into guard rail
  • Episode 399S
    Episode 399S
    Episode 300
    Woman has heart attack on plane; Woman's car goes over cliff
  • Episode 398S
    Episode 398S
    Episode 299
    Girl goes missing after wandering off on a hiking trip; Children injured in car accident are treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • Episode 397S
    Episode 397S
    Episode 298
    Children save grandma from fire; Leopard attacks zookeeper
  • Episode 396S
    Episode 396S
    Episode 297
    Boy trapped in submerged jeep for 20 minutes; Woman goes into labor on plane
  • Episode 395S
    Episode 395S
    Episode 296
    Officer shot while investigating suspicious persons; Boy buried by snowplow
  • Rear End Baby; Window Fall Rescue
    Woman has labor complications at home (July 22, 1994. Foothill Ranch, California); Boy falls from window (June 4, 1994. Mechanicsville, Maryland)
  • Ft. Lauderdale; Horse Crushed Helmet
    A man injured in a motorcycle accident is treated at Brower General Medical Center (January 31, 1994. Fort Lauderdale, Florida); Horse falls on boy (August 21, 1993. Granby, Colorado)
  • Phoenix Aerovac; 911 Mommy's Bleeding
    Elderly man falls through sky-light and goes into a coma for 6 months (July 4, 1994. Mesa, Arizona); Girl calls 911 for hemorrhaging mother (November 16, 1994. Denver, Colorado)
  • Episode 391S
    Episode 391S
    Episode 292
    Intruder; Toddler falls from 7th floor condo balcony
  • Stop, Drop 'n Treehouse; Alcohol Overdose
    Boy's clothes catch fire in treehouse (November 22, 1993. Oceanside, California); Teenagers get alcohol poisoning (May 26, 1994. Ocean Springs, Mississippi)
  • Look Both Ways; 911 Sibling Delivery
    Girl hit by car (August 10, 1994. Biglerville, Pennsylvania); Children must deliver mother's baby (September 23, 1994. Blue Springs, Missouri)
  • Episode 388S
    Episode 388S
    Episode 289
    Baby stops breathing; intruder
  • Riding Mower Mayhem; Bathtub Seizure
    Boy injures leg in lawn mower accident (April 19, 1993. Thompson's Station, Tennessee); 6-year-old finds mother unconscious in bathtub (October 28, 1994. Oakland, California)
  • 911 Accidental Shooting; Drainage Trap
    Boy accidentally shot by brother (September 8, 1994. Lubbock, Texas); Bystanders try to prevent boy from being sucked into drainage pipe (July 12, 1994. Eunice, Louisiana)
  • Episode 385S
    Episode 385S
    Episode 286
    Boy strangled when his jacket string catches in slide; Oklahoma City bombing documentary
  • Episode 384S
    Episode 384S
    Episode 285
    Mother finds toddler face-down in pool; Girl has allergic reaction to shrimp at prom
  • Episode 383S
    Episode 383S
    Episode 284
    Boy pinned under collapsed deck; Robber shoots restaurant manager in the neck
  • Episode 382S
    Episode 382S
    Episode 283
    Documentary follows New Orleans police as they track an armed robbey suspect on New Years Eve (Part 2); Teenage girl thrown from truck bed in wreck
  • Episode 381S
    Episode 381S
    Episode 282
    Killer whales stranded in Alaska lake; Documentary follows New Orleans police as they track an armed robbey suspect on New Years Eve (Part 1)
  • Victorville Bank Bust; Paramedic Daddy Delivery
  • Episode 379S
    Episode 379S
    Episode 280
  • Episode 378S
    Episode 378S
    Episode 279
  • Speed Dial Burn Save; 911 Pregnant Tumbler
  • Uncertified Scuba Diver; Hornet Attack Save
    An uncertified scuba diver runs into trouble; man is unconscious after hornet attack
  • Bone Marrow Transplant; Virginia Beach EMS
  • Twin Car Trauma; Dog Saves Cop
    Toddler puts car in gear and runs over his twin brother (February 25, 1994. Riverdale, Georgia); Police dog wounded in shootout (February 19, 1989. Los Angeles, California)
  • Repentent Drunk Driver; 911 5-Year-Old Home Alone
  • Chance Encounter; Baby Bathtub Burn
  • ATV 5-Year-Old; 911 Honeybee Horror
    Boy drives ATV over embankment (July 1, 1992. Holland, Ohio); Man on tractor swarmed by bees (August 23, 1994. Robstown, Texas)
  • 911 Son in the Spa; Double Family Rescue
  • Aussie Santa Save; Christmas Bulb Choke
    Lifeguard in Santa suit assists teen injured in wave runner accident (December 25, 1993. Queensland, Australia); Baby chokes on ornament (December 9, 1993. Atlantic Beach, North Carolina)
  • Sewer Pug Save; Sand Embankment Avalanche
    Puppy trapped in drainage pipe (March 13, 1994. Houston, Texas); Boy buried by sand avalanche (September 25, 1993. Saint Leo, Kansas)
  • Quechee Gorge Rescue; 911 Ham Heimlich
    Man falls into gorge (June 29, 1992. White River Junction, Vermont); Toddler chokes on ham (June 1994. Cayuga, North Dakota)
  • Potpourri Fire Save; Austin Cop Collision
  • Glass Crash Rescue; Louisville Docu-Jared
  • Depacote Disaster; Slick Cat Save
    Girl swallows sister's medication (November 15, 1994. Nashville, Tennessee); Cat trapped in air vent (April 1994. Bowie, Maryland)
  • Bullet Wound Neighbor/Go-Kart Mishap
    Girl accidentally shot by neighbor (May 12, 1994. Ackworth, Iowa); Boy injured in go-kart accident (November 6, 1993. Wichita Falls, Texas)
  • Brush Fire Rescue/Mule Pull Cardiac
  • 911 Runaway Car; Jackson Memorial Documentary
  • Pickup Truck Heros; Butane Huffing
  • Pool Neighbor Save; ATV Barbed Wire
  • Bridal Veil Falls Rescue; 911 Bath Trapped Mommy
    Teenager falls from cliff while hiking to the top of a waterfall (May 31, 1993. Provo, Utah); Mother trapped in bathroom (August 25, 1992. Arlington, Texas)
  • Applebee's Hostage Crisis; Locomotive Cop Hero
  • Car Surfing Girl; Wrong Number Rescue
  • 911 Brittany's Brave Call; Garage Door Daughter
  • NY Animal Hospital Doc II; Carbon Monoxide Cop
    Veterinarians treat a dog with its toe stuck in a bathroom drain, a sick python, and a cat that fell eight floors (New York, New York); Father saves family from gas leak after seeing a carbon monoxide segment on Rescue 911 (November 11, 1993. Prairie Village, Kansas)
  • Mom Sleeping Like a Pig; Cop's Son Shooting
  • Brother Pool Shock; Grandma's Breech Baby
  • Snowmobile Sister Plunge; Fast Break Heart Ache
  • 911 Christina's Call; Penny Choke
  • Pontoon Boat Save; Canteen Tongue
  • Austin Documentary; Toothbrush Trauma
    Domestic violence documentary (May 1994. Austin, Texas); Toddler impaled by toothbrush (January 12, 1993. Germantown, Maryland)
  • Footfault Avalanche; Harley Hogs the Ball
  • Anniversary Rafting Horror; 911 Trunk Lock
  • A Work of Art; Pittsburgh Transplant Doc
  • Cliffhanger Rescue; Scissors Save
  • Boxcar Boy; Dog Leash Struggle
  • Police Dog Down; Asphalt Trap
  • Track and Field Save; Paragliding Peril
  • Snowboarder Save; 911 Nurse's Bathtub Baby
  • Slush Puppy; Kapiolani Children's Hospital Doctor
  • Barracuda Barrage
    Barracuda Barrage
    Episode 239
  • Police Shepherd Stabbed; Truck Trapped Mechanic
  • Convertible Crash; Christmas Tree Inferno
  • San Diego Boat Blast; Motorcop Down
  • Trading Places; Mystery Dispatch
  • Boy Scout Treehouse Save; Greco-Roman Rescue
  • 911 Knoxville Intruder; Plaster of Peril
  • African Crocodile Attack; 11-Year-Old Road Save
  • Morro Bay Submerged Car; Hockey Havoc
  • Fire Sister Save; Surfboard Save
  • Underage Teen Driver; Cardiac Controller
  • Children's Docu; 911 Wrong Way Delivery
    A boy injured in a motorcycle accident is treated at Children's National Medical Center (Washington, D.C.); Woman goes into premature labor at home (January 8, 1994. San Antonio, Texas)
  • BVI Dinghy Disaster; 911 Silent Intruder
    Injured family stranded on deserted island (December 25, 1991. Brittish Virgin Islands); Woman returns home and discovers an intruder (July 11, 1994. Lafayette, California)
  • Pinellas EMS Docu; Jolly Rancher Heimlich
  • Circling Boat Rescue; Where's My Wife
    Toddler trapped in runaway boat (May 28, 1994. Grove, Oklahoma); Man finds wife near her wrecked car (June 23, 1992. Napoleon, Indiana)
  • Episode 323S
    Episode 323S
    Episode 224
  • Episode 322S
    Episode 322S
    Episode 223
  • Episode 321S
    Episode 321S
    Episode 222
  • Episode 320S
    Episode 320S
    Episode 221
  • Episode 319S
    Episode 319S
    Episode 220
  • Episode 318S
    Episode 318S
    Episode 219
  • Episode 317S
    Episode 317S
    Episode 218
  • Episode 316S
    Episode 316S
    Episode 217
  • Episode 315S
    Episode 315S
    Episode 216
  • Motel Hostage; Endometriosis Mom
    Robbers take motel clerk hostage (September 13, 1989. Richmond, Virginia); Child calls 911 for ailing mother (February 7, 1992. South Bend, Indiana)
  • Teen Night Asthma; Acadian Air Docu
  • Dr.'s Hay Crush (2); 911 Pea Heimlich
  • Australian Balloon Save; Dr.'s Hay Crush (1)
  • Have Gun Will Discharge; Baby on Board
  • Tool Box Tumble; Hurt Iowa Hiker
    Boy pinned by tool box (March 24, 1993. Hamlet, Indiana); Hiker falls 25 feet (August 28, 1988. Maquoketa Caves State Park, Iowa)
  • 911 Glass Cut Teen; Psychic Cop
  • Waverunner Down (2); 911 Armed Robbery Recovery
  • Indian Runner Rescue; Waverunner Down (1)
  • Idaho Trauma Docu; Chimney Trapped Crook
  • Carbon Monoxide Family; 911 Don't Answer the Door
  • Hayloft Hanging Hazard; Special Olympian Hero
  • 911 Peanut Heimlich; Piggy Peril
  • Bumper Baby; Dallas Cop Down
    Missing girl is discovered clinging to the back of a moving truck (March 28, 1993. Walconda, Illinois); Cop shot while on patrol (November 13, 1991. Dallas, Texas)
  • Episode 300S
    Episode 300S
    Episode 201
    Man electrocuted by hedge-trimmers (August 10, 1991. Cincinnati, Ohio); Father falls from 80-foot cliff (Spring 1990. Charlottesville, Virginia)
  • 911 Business-Suit Intruder; Firefighter Heart Attack
    Sisters at home alone report intruder (December 22, 1992. Lexington, North Carolina); Firefighter has heart attack (July 26, 1991. Kilgore, Texas)
  • Three Men and a Little Girl; Baltimore Cops
    Girl swept away in mountain creek (June 11, 1991. Golden, Colorado); Baltimore police documentary (February 18, 1989. Baltimore, Maryland)
  • 1033 Officer Down; SF Neonatal Docu
    Officer wounded in shootout (July 6, 1991. Provo, Utah); San Francisco neonatal hostpital documentary (March 1989. San Francisco, California)
  • Comeback Kid; Bucket Drown Baby
    Girl goes into deep coma after being hit by car (November 10, 1989. Desert Springs, Arizona); Baby drowns in bleach bucket (November 21, 1990. Lebanon, Oregon)
  • Siblings Save Gram; Bingo
    Siblings aid their choking great-grandmother (March 10, 1992. Salcedo, Missouri); K-9 unit searches for missing woman (September 6, 1987. Elizabethtown, Kentucky)
  • Abruptia Placenta; Catalina Diver
    Pregnant woman hemorrhages (May 9, 1992. Fontana California); Diving accident (May 14, 1989. Santa Catalina Island, California)
  • Heroic Trucker; Cat Burglar
    Pregnant woman crashes into river (January 5, 1991. Columbus, Ohio); Man discovers a bobcat in his house (March 25, 1993. San Clemente, California)
  • Idaho Trooper Down (2); Mountain Pool Plunge
    Citizens assist wounded Idaho trooper (June 15, 1991. Southern Idaho); A man hits his head while sliding down a rock, leaving him unconscious in a mountain pool (August 26, 1991. Angel Falls in California)
  • Train vs. Teens; Idaho Trooper Down (1)
    Teens in car hit by train (November 11, 1991. Seymour, Iowa); Car thief shoots Idaho trooper (June 15, 1991. Southern Idaho)
  • Octallio Death Trap; Remorseful Burglar
    Van carrying explosive fuel crashes over mountain side (March 31, 1989. California); Burglar trapped in glass store calls 9-1-1 (May 19, 1989. Los Angeles, California)
  • Convenience Store Hero; Bella's Little Buddy
    Suicidal woman takes hostages so police will shoot her (July 21, 1992. Beaumont, Texas); Dog alerts neighbors when toddler falls in river (July 6, 1992. Colorado River)
  • NY Animal Docu; Good Samaritan Save
    Veterinarians treat a pig with a broken toenail, a dog that ingested cleaning chemicals, a spotted owl with bad eyesight, and a bulldog in cardiac arrest (New York, New York); Teen pinned under truck (October 17, 1991. Stillwater, Oklahoma)
  • Mickey's Heart Transplant; Teen Bullet
    12-year-old boy needs heart transplant (Alpine, Texas); Teenager accidentally shoots himself (September 24, 1991. Fairfax, South Carolina)
  • Iceman Falleth; 911 Market Robbery
    Man falls 60 feet while ice-climbing (February 5, 1992. Ouray, Colorado); Masked gunmen rob supermarket (April 18, 1992. Roseville, California)
  • New Daddy Crash; Bubba Saves Chewy
    Crash victim trapped in burning car while his wife goes into labor (March 21, 1991. Clackamas County, Oregon); Fire chief saves dog trapped in house fire (July 6, 1992. St. Augustine, Florida)
  • 911 Lightning Husband; San Diego Child Docu
    Man struck by lightning (September 5, 1991. Lakeside, California); A victim of a motorcycle accident is a treated at a San Diego hospital (January 26, 1992. San Diego, California)
  • High Voltage Save; Black-Belt Hostage
    Man trapped in wrecked car under downed power lines (April 14, 1992. Murray, Kentucky); Gunman invades college classroom to take his ex-girlfriend hostage (March 19, 1990. Passaic, New Jersey)
  • Russia Rescue (2); Potty Peril
    American doctors treat burned Russian boy(September 17, 1990. Magadan, Siberia/Galviston, Texas); Toddler gets foot stuck in toilet (July 7, 1992. Port St. Lucie, Florida)
  • Snomos Thru Ice; Russia Rescue (1)
    Snowmobiler falls through thin ice (December 19, 1992. Minnetrista, Minnesota); Russian boy's clothes catch fire (September 17, 1990. Magadan, Siberia/Galviston, Texas)
  • Washer Baby; Infrared
    Washer Baby; Infrared
    Episode 181
    Toddler drowns in washing machine (February 21, 1987. Port Saint Lucie, Florida); Helicopter pilots use infrered device to track burglary suspect (July 18, 1989. Fort Worth, Texas)
  • Gas Leak Hero; Flooded Cave
    Gas fumes overcome elderly couple (November 6, 1988. Skokie, Illinois); Spelunker trapped in flooded cave (July 1, 1985. Spring Mill State Park, Indiana)
  • Baby E.J.'s Burn; Lady's Not a Tramp
    Toddler burned by hot grease (January 11, 1990. Reno, Nevada); Dog bitten by rattlesnakes (September 7, 1992. Loveland, Colorado)
  • Shaft Toddler; Police Quagmire
    Toddler falls into narrow hole (April 24, 1986. Colts Neck, New Jersey); Helicopter assists police officers stuck in swamp (Baltimore, Maryland)
  • Big Bear Plane Crash; Breakout Beagle
    Small plane crashes in open field (June 28, 1992. Big Bear, California); Dog trapped in dryer vent (Christmas Holidays. Tualatin, Oregon)
  • Swarm Save; A Defib Runs Through It
    Truck crash frees 10 million bees (June 4, 1990. Douglas, Georgia); Woman has heart attack in movie theater (November 1, 1992. Austin, Texas)
  • Smart Victim; Speedboat Upside Down
    Woman outsmarts her assailant (May 5, 1989. Tucson, Arizona); Racer trapped in submerged speedboat (August 12, 1989. St. Louis, Missouri)
  • Pool Child; Atlanta Fire
    Boy trapped in pool drain (Summer 1988. New Iberia, Louisiana); Fire in high rise office building (June 30, 1989. Atlanta, Georgia)
  • 911 Fast-Food Robbery; Heart Attack Hubby
    Fast food restaurant robbery (April 18, 1991. Bakersfield, California); Dispatcher's husband has heart attack (July 1, 1989. Kingwood, Texas)
  • Racehorse Rescue; Softball Slugger Save
    Horse trapped in overturned trailer (Junuary 27, 1992. Independence, Ohio); Teen hit in head by stray softball (May 8, 1992. Hickory, Pennsylvania)
  • Phoenix Aerovac; Two-Year-Old Pool Save
    Aerovac documentary-Helicopter picks up victims of a head on collision and a girl kicked in the face by a horse (Phoenix, Arizona); Two-year-old drowns in pool (June 30, 1992. Englewood, Colorado)
  • Purgatory Chasm; 911 Birth
    Russian immigrant falls from cliff (April 7, 1991. Sutton, Massachusetts); Seven-Year-Old girl helps deliver her mother's baby (May 16, 1989. Bartow County, Georgia)
  • Air Five; Roller Coaster Rescue
    Helicopter rescue of a hiker who fell from a cliff (July 1, 1989. Los Angeles, California); Roller coaster drags ride operator (September 2, 1991. Altoona, Pennsylvania)
  • Hugo II; Snow Tubing Save
    Radio tower falls on house during hurricane (September 21, 1989. Charleston, South Carolina); Girl on snow tube hits tree (February 13, 1988. Laramie, Wyoming)
  • Car Stripper; Hugo I
    Car Stripper; Hugo I
    Episode 167
    Officer shot while trying to arrest car thief (July 27, 1989. Prospect Park, Pennsylvania); Radio tower falls on house during hurricane (September 21, 1989. Charleston, South Carolina)
  • L.A. Children's Hospital Docu; St. Louis Gas Leak
    A boy injured in a bike accident and shooting victim are treated at a Los Angeles children's hospital; Rescue 911 episode causes to family to realize there is a gas leak in their house (December 19, 1989. St. Louis, Missouri)
  • 911 Stabbing/Shooting; Fancy Dancer
    Man stabs girlfriend on neighbor's porch (July 3, 1992. Wolcott, Connecticut); Woman has sudden death heart attack at dance club (July 29th, 1988. Saint Louis, Missouri)
  • Alpine Ski Crevasse; Falling Glass
    Glacier skier falls into crevasse (April 4, 1991. Zermatt, Switzerland); Two tons of glass fall on worker (December 23, 1991. Portland, Oregon)
  • 11-Year-Old CPR Save; 911 Ottawa Bank Bust
    Girl performs CPR on her drowned brother (July 16, 1991. Westerville, Ohio); Witness pursues bank robber (March 11, 1992. Ottawa, Ontario)
  • French Sky Diver; 911 Woodshop Trauma
    Skydiver's gear snags on plane (August 3, 1976. Normandy, France); Man accidentally cuts wrist with power saw (September 10, 1991. Rancho Cordova, California)
  • Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico
    Episode 161
    New Years Eve fire at a Puerto Rico hotel (December 31, 1986. San Juan, Puerto Rico)
  • Escalator Traps Boy; Point Dume Drop
    Boy's clothes catch in moving escalator (January 20, 1993. Calgary, Alberta); Teen falls from cliff at the beach (March 15, 1989. Malibu, California)
  • Aussie Whale Save; 911 Sucker Save
    Bystanders try to rescue beached whale (August 16, 1991. Queensland, Australia); Toddler chokes on sucker (June 5, 1992. Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Venezuela Cave Save (2); Swiss Army Knife
    Diver lost in underwater cave (July 13, 1991. Venezuela); Airline passenger chokes on meat (May 28, 1990)
  • Deaf Save; Venezuela Cave Save (1)
    Intruder in a deaf mother's house (October 25, 1989. Chattanooga,Tennessee); Diver lost in underwater cave (July 13, 1991. Venezuela)
  • Boomer's Rescue; 911 It's a Boy
    Dog trapped in house fire (December 29, 1991. Vandalia, Illinois); Woman goes into labor at home (April 25, 1992. Lawrenceville, Georgia)
  • Sister Stop, Drop, Roll; 911 I've Been Shot
    Girl's night gown catches fire (December 1991. Hemet, California); Woman shot by neighbor (August 19, 1991. Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Avalanche Friend; Marble Save
    Skiers caught in avalanche (February 19, 1990. East Layton, Utah); Toddler chokes on marble (November 14, 1989. Norfolk, Virginia)
  • 911 Break-In; Brakeless Bus
    11-Year-Old girl reports intruders (November 1, 1990. Madera, California); Bus loses breaks on hill (August 15, 1990. Montana)
  • The Helicopter Horse; 911 Kids in Smoke
    Horse falls into canyon (May 17, 1992. California Sierras); Siblings trapped in burning house (August 29, 1991. Huntington Beach, California)
  • 911 Trunk-Trapped Tot; Nail-Gun Heart
    Boy trapped in trunk (August 31, 1992. Brookfield, Connecticut); Man accidentally shot in heart by nail gun (February 22, 1992. El Cajon, California)
  • No Helmet Horror; Riding Mower Rescue
    Girl on bicycle hit by car (October 9, 1989. Cheltenham, Pennsylvania); Boy injured by lawnmower (June 7, 1991. Mountain Grove, Missouri)
  • Easter Hunt; Mount Whitney
    Helicopter pilot attempts to locate a kidney recipient before the donor kidney expires (March 25, 1989. Glamis, California); Climbers stranded on Mt. Whitney (July 25, 1987. Mount Whitney)
  • Mother Shooting; Conrail Train
    Man shoots wife (May 28, 1991. Ontario, Canada); Toddlers play on tracks as train approaches (May 1, 1989. Ramsey, New Jersey)
  • Aussie Snakebite; 911 Blizzard Baby
    Man bitten by poisonous snake (August 31, 1991. Mareeba, Queensland, Australia); Woman goes into labor during blizzard (December 12, 1992. East Hartford, Connecticut)
  • 911 Break-in Boy; Animal Docu
    Siblings at home alone report intruder (June 6, 1986. Salinas, California); Vet documentary (July 23, 1990. Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Baby Fire Rescue; Sealant Overdose
    Babysitter in burning apartment must drop eight babies out a thrid story window to bystanders below (February 9, 1989. Washington, D.C.); Teen collapses after inhaling scotch-guard and butane (February 8, 1990. Kaysville, Utah)
  • 911 Accidental Gunshot; Water-Monitor Mayhem
    Teenager accidentally shot on camping trip (April 18, 1992. Yosemite, California); Couple finds lizard trapped in their car engine (July 5, 1992. Maimi, Florida)
  • New Orleans Docu Shoot; 911 Jagged-Edge Rescue
    Boy cuts arms on broken window (March 13, 1992. Grants Pass, Oregon); Documentary of a New Orleans police officer (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  • Ski Heart Puncture; 911 Insulin Shock Dad
    Skier hits tree (March 4, 1989. Great Barrington, Massachusetts); Girl calls 911 for diabetic father (June 10, 1992. Federal Way, Washington)
  • Seattle Cop Down (2); Digitalis Kid O.D.
    Tipsters help police find the suspects who shot a Seattle officer (May 15, 1989. Seattle, Washington) [Part 2]; Toddler swallows grandmother's heart medication (December 4, 1986. Windham, Connecticut)
  • 911 Heart O Glass; Seattle Cop Down (1)
    Girl is severely cut after running into glass storm door (August 13, 1991. Renton, Washington); Citizens assist wounded police officer (May 15, 1989. Seattle, Washington) [Part 1]
  • Hurt Highway Lt.; Garage Door Fire Pin
    Officer hit by car while directing traffic (January 19, 1988. Greenwich, Connecticut); Girl trapped in smoke filled garage (February 28, 1991. Glen Ellyn, Illinois)
  • Miami Medchopper; River Raft
    Metro-Dade air emergency helicopter picks up two victims shot in a restaurant robbery (Miami, Florida); Rafter caught in dam's undertow (May 24, 1989. Hamilton, Ohio)
  • 911 Sister Abduction; Toppled Trans AM
    Girl is abducted from her back yard (December 15, 1991. Vista, California); Man pinned under car (July 15, 1990. Guthrie, Kentucky)
  • St. Jays River; D.C. Children's Documentary
    Bystander attemps to rescue two women trapped in a submerged car (Elkhart, Indiana); A boy scalded by hot grease and girl who ingested lamp oil are treated at Children's National Medical Center (Washington, D.C.)
  • Dynamite; Rocking Chair
    Dynamite explodes in construction worker's hand (August 17, 1989. Western Washington); Ex-convicts rob a winery (September 1988. Brookfield/New Milford, Connecticut)
  • 911 Unwanted Intruder; Stranded Octos
    Woman hides from burglar under a blanket (March 18, 1992. Salt Lake City, Utah); Elderly couple lost at sea (January 19, 1989. Charleston, South Carolina)
  • Twin Drowning; Oklahoma Cops Documentary
    Twin toddlers drown in swimming pool (March 4, 1992. Shawnee, Kansas); Police respond to a drive-by shooting (August 4, 1991. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
  • Lake Mead Ultralight; Senior Sharpshooter
    Ultralight crashes into cliff above lake (August 17, 1991. Las Vegas, Nevada); Woman at home alone defends herself against an intruder (November 9, 1989. Toledo, Ohio)
  • Supermarket Hostage; Grapevine Fall
    Robber takes grocery store employee hostage (August 1, 1987. Elkhart, Indiana); Teen falls into ravine while swinging on vine (April 16th, 1991. Welch, West Virginia)
  • Furnace Fire; Logger's Lament
    Children burned in propane explosion (June 21, 1988. Ellicott, Colorado); Lumberjack pinned between logs (August 10, 1989. Bellingham, Washington.)
  • Maryland Med (Chad); Peeved Preschooler
    Lost 4-year-old calls 911 (December 4, 1990, Santa Barbara, California); Teenage car accident victim is treated at R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center (Baltimore, Maryland)
  • Security Bar Save; BB Gun Blast
    Father and daughter trapped in burning house (March 14, 1991. Detroit, Michigan); Boy accidentally shot with BB gun (Septmeber 12, 1989. Rio Vista, California)
  • 911 Whitney's Bus Crash; Stop, Drop, and Roll
    Girl run over by school bus (November 4, 1991. Blountville, Tennessee); Boy's clothes catch fire (October 30, 1988. Pasadena, Texas)
  • Christmas Tree Fall (2); 6th Grade CPR
    Teen falls from tree (Thanksgiving 1988. Salmon, Idaho) [Part 2]; Sixth grade teacher collapses and student performs CPR (September 14, 1992. Bremerton, Washington)
  • Double Electrocution; Christmas Tree Fall (1)
    Car accident with downed power lines (July 20, 1989. US Highway 50 in Nevada); Teenager falls from tree (Thanksgiving 1988. Salmon, Idaho) [Part 1]
  • Stevie Saves Dad; Hunting Horror
    Boy calls 911 when his father falls down the stairs (April 20, 1990. Indianapolis, Indiana); Hunter mistakes couple for bear and shoots them (October 15, 1989. Enaville, Idaho)
  • Chemistry Hero; Fireman Down
    Teacher saves students from lab explosion (January 31, 1989. Durham, North Carolina); Firemen trapped under fallen facade (October 10, 1990. Santa Ana, California)
  • Dive Buddy Rescue; Jungleland
    Diver inhales water 60 feet underwater (October 11, 1992. Florida Keys); Toddler bitten by rattlesnake (March 8, 1992. Pinellas Park, Florida)
  • 911 Lansing Stabbing; 911 Santa Delivery
    Woman stabbed by intruder (October 16, 1988. Lansing, Michigan); Paramedic in Santa suit delivers baby (December 24, 1991. Winston Salem, North Carolina)
  • ATV Big Brother; 911 Kenny's Bathtub
    Boy injured in ATV accident (June 11, 1991. Fairbanks, Alaska); Baby downs in bathtub (November 21, 1991. Redondo, Washington)
  • 911 Conference Call; Hanging Hang Glider
    Woman shot by mentally ill brother (July 20, 1989. Dallas, Texas); Hang glider crashes into forest (July 30, 1989. Sauratown Mountain near Winston Salem, North Carolina)
  • Horseback Accident; Winter Pool
    Horseback rider hits tree (January 7, 1990. Mount Pleasant, Texas); Toddler drowns in pool (September 24, 1989. Claremont, California)
  • Plowed Under; CPR Baby
    Avalanche buries plow operator (January 11, 1988. Jackson, Wyoming); Mother must perform CPR on her baby (May 16, 1988. Xenia, Ohio)
  • Episode 215S
    Episode 215S
    Episode 116
    Paramedics respond to a car accident involving a drunk driver (Las Vegas, Nevada); Pickup truck crashes in isolated area of the Everglades (November 21, 1990. North Lauderdale, Florida)
  • Sporting Goods Heist; Sister Saves Sibling
    Store owner shot by robbers (December 21, 1991. Mesa, Arizona); Girl saves siblings from house fire (December 1990. Blowing Rock, North Carolina)
  • 911 Cribbage Choke; Patrol Car Fire Save
    Boy chokes on game piece (April 12, 1992. Honeoye Falls, New York); Mother and children trapped in burning apartment (September 17, 1991. Lago Vista, Texas)
  • Hypo Hang Glider; 911 Arsonist
    Hang glider stranded in frigid waters (October 23, 1988. Lincoln City, Oregon); Arsonist plays phone tag with police (January 29, 1989. Houston, Texas)
  • Drainage Ditch Flood; CO-Poisoned Family
    Girl swept away in flooded ditch (September 16, 1991. Arlington, Texas); Family of ten poisoned by carbon monoxide (November 7, 1991. Roseville, Minnesota)
  • Hugo II
    Hugo II
    Episode 111
    Accounts of Hurricane Hugo by survivors in Charleston, South Carolina (September 21, 1989)
  • Amtrak; Dog Rescue
    Amtrak; Dog Rescue
    Episode 110
    Passenger train collides with parked Conrail locomotives (January 4, 1987. Chase, Maryland); Rescuers search for missing girl (July 31, 1987. Chesterfield, Virginia)
  • Balcony Fall; 911 Bank Capture
    Girl falls from hotel balcony (April 10, 1992. Gulf Shores, Alabama); Bystanders foil bank robbery (February 6, 1991. Jacksonville, Florida)
  • Bar Blast (2); DUI Teen Driver
    Police pursue suspects involved in a bar shooting (April 26, 1983. Cody, Wyoming); Drunk teenager crashes into tree (March 1, 1987. Los Gatos, California)
  • RN Rough River; Bar Blast (1)
    Raft capsizes in frigid waters (July 3, 1990. Valdez, Alaska); Police pursue suspects involved in a bar shooting (April 26, 1983. Cody, Wyoming)
  • Maryland Med; Laundry-Chute Lad
    A young man is treated at R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center after a diving accident (July 28, 1989. Baltimore, Maryland); Boy stuck in laundry chute (May 3, 1992. Columbia, South Carolina)
  • Phoenix Flood II; 911 Toddler Glass Save
    Occupied car stranded in flood waters (August 22, 1992. Phoenix, Arizona); Girl falls through window and sustains severe cuts (October 18, 1991. Fresno, California)
  • Blind Hero; Babysitter Down
    Blind man alerts apartment tenants of fire (December 31, 1987. Novato, California); Five-year-old calls 911 for collapsed babysitter (April 18, 1992. Naperville, Illinois)
  • Ex-RN Son Save; Sparkletts the Dalmatian
    Woman aids car crash victim, unaware that the victim is her son (June 24, 1987. Knoxville, Tennessee); Dalmatian falls into drain pipe (February 3, 1991. Rosemead, California)
  • Maui Sand Trap; Pool Electrocution
    Overturned dump truck buries a car under two tons of sand (August 18, 1992. Maui, Hawaii); Teen touches powerline with pool pole (May 27, 1989. Houston, Texas)
  • Feed-Bin Boy; Rescuers Rescue
    Toddler becomes stuck in grain chute (Franklin, Pennsylvania); Good samaritan pulls paramedics from burning ambulance (October 1, 1989. Macon, Georgia)
  • Loggers' Baby; Church Bus
    Loggers find an abandoned newborn baby (December 7, 1989. Klamath Falls, Oregon); Flood waters overturn a bus and forty-three children are swept away in a flooded river (July 17, 1987. Comfort, Texas).
  • Terror in the Sky
    Terror in the Sky
    Episode 99
    A woman with no flying experience must land her unconcious husband's plane (September 1984. St. Petersburg, Florida)
  • Arroyo Boy; Whale Save
    Boy swept away in flooded arroyo (June 10, 1988. Albuquerque, New Mexico); Beached whales (October 1, 1989. Prince Edward Island, Canada)
  • Saint Save; Denver General Knife
    Child lost while hiking (Taos, New Mexico); Paramedics pick up a stabbing victim (Denver, Colorado)
  • Snowmobile Save; Storm-Drain Girl
    Snowmobiler crashes into tree (March 17, 1989. Eastern Idaho); Girl swept down storm drain (June 26, 1989. Houston, Texas)
  • Miracle Marine; School-Bus Save
    Fighter pilot crashes into runway at air show (April 24, 1988. El Toro, California); Girl run over by school bus (November 28, 1989. Smyrna, Delaware)
  • 911 Asthma; Double Football Player
    Woman gives mouth-to-mouth to her fiancee when he has an asthma attack (October 27, 1989. Holland, Michigan); Football player Jerry Anderson drowns saving a boy from a flooded river (May 27, 1989. Murfreesboro, Tennessee)
  • Oakland Docu; Running Senior Save
    Police search for shot cab driver (Saturday. Oakland, California); Elderly runner collapses (August 9, 1990. Shippensburg, Pennsylvania)
  • 911 Chatty Burglar; Heimlich Brothers
    Dispatcher uses telephone to distract robber (December. Salt Lake City, Utah); Boy performs Heimlich maneuver on choking bother (April 24, 1989. Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
  • 911 Hidden Phone; Swamp Save
    Elderly man shot outside his home (October 24, 1989. Taft, Florida); Accident sends trucker plummeting over a 40 foot bridge and into a swamp (August 11, 1988. Atchafalaya Swamp, Louisiana)
  • Heart Attack Car Save; Runaway Boxcars
    Man has heart attack while driving car (February 14, 1989. Jackson, Mississippi); Police officer stops runaway boxcars pushing automobile down train tracks (October 3, 1985. Northville, Michigan)
  • Teen Angel; Parrot Save
    Scrap metal falls from semi truck and flies through an elderly couple's windshield (June 8, 1990. Central Michigan); Parrot alerts sleeping family of gas leak (September 23, 1983. East Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Cave Save
    Cave Save
    Episode 88
    Man falls over 200 feet into cave (October 28, 1990. Rural Alabama)
  • Resurrection Rescue; 911 3-Year-Old
    Firefighters attempt to rescue sleeping children trapped in a burning house (August 13, 1988. Washington, D.C.); 4-year-old boy calls 911 when his mother chokes on a cough drop (October 10, 1989. Van Nuys, California)
  • Icy River; Sudden Death
    Boy trapped under ice for 45 minutes (December 4, 1987. Fargo, North Dakota/Moorhead, Minnesota); Trama teams treat the victim of a sudden death heart attack and stabbing victim who went into cardiac arrest (Houston, Texas)
  • Suicide Save; Highway Hero
    Researcher hears suicide threat on answering machine (December 11, 1989. Tipton, Iowa/Tempe, Arizona); Suicidal woman drives car head-on into oncoming highway traffic (March 23, 1987. Maryland)
  • Kidnapped Kids; Parachute
    Boy gets help for abducted friend (April 16, 1989. Tyler, Texas); Skydiver is knocked unconscious (April 18, 1987. Coolidge, Arizona)
  • Iron Jockey; Tucson Victim Docu
    Jockey injured at horse race (May 30, 1988. Belmont Park, New York); Documentary of Arizona's Victim-Witness program-a restaurant manager is shot in the face (Tucson, Arizona)
  • Player Down; 911 Dad's Baby
    High school football player goes into cardiac arrest (November 7, 1986. Springdale, Arkansas); Husband must deliver wife's baby (September 3, 1989. Huntington Beach, California)
  • 5-Year-Old Dad Save; Las Vegas Docu
    5-year-old calls 911 when her father has a seizure (October 17, 1990. Palm Desert, California); A ride-along with Las Vegas police on New Years Eve (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Car Kidnap Baby; Sobering Save
    Car is stolen with baby inside (June 21, 1987. Lafayette, Louisiana); Bystanders try to free a drunk driver from her burning truck (September 13, 1990. Mountain Center, California)
  • Wolf Baby; 911 Smoke-Filled Apartment
    Pregnant woman goes into cardiac arrest (November 4. Louisville, Kentucky); An apartment fire leaves a man trapped in his smoke-filled apartment (August 5, 1988. Elizabeth, New Jersey)
  • 911 Sibling Stabbing; Runaway Garbage Truck
    Girl accidentally stabs brother (December 1989. Atlanta, Georgia); Tow truck loses brakes and crushes three cars (August 4, 1989. Frankfort, Kentucky)
  • Funny Car; Supermarket Hero
    Racecar explodes (July 22, 1989. Denver, Colorado); Supermarket attendant crushed between two cars (April 19, 1989. Stafford, Virginia)
  • Arlington; Santa Save
    Family faces armed intruder (December 14, 1988. Arlington, Texas); Man in Santa suit saves choking boy (December 13, 1988. Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Lake Boy; Elvis Docu II
    Boy falls through ice on frozen lake (December 20, 1990. Englewood, Colorado); A shooting victim is treated at Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center (August 18. Memphis, Tennessee)
  • Mountain Glacier; Gas Thief
    Climbers tumble down glacier (May 13, 1989. Central Oregon); Deputy wounded in shootout (May 7, 1989. Tonopah, Nevada)
  • Pesky Python; Woman Car Rescue
    Couple discovers python living under their house (August 1989. Fort Lauderdale, Florida); Woman pulls man from burning car (June 10, 1988. Northern California)
  • 911 Rifle; De-Fib Phone
    Girl accidentally shot with rifle (August 1, 1989. Indianapolis, Indiana); Woman's heart shocked into beating through the phone lines using a Med-Phone (Saint Louis, Missouri)
  • Scuba Cave
    Scuba Cave
    Episode 71
    Divers trapped in underwater cave (May 19, 1990. Gainsville, Florida)
  • EMT Husband Save; Freon Freak
    A cop is shot by a burglar and his wife is a paramedic at the scene (August 23, 1989. South Orange, New Jersey); Boy accidentally inhales freon (March 10, 1990. Kernersville, North Carolina)
  • Runaway Car; Snowgirl Save
    Woman injured while attempting to stop runaway car with children inside (May 15, 1990. Tecumseh, Oklahoma); Toddler found frozen in snow (December 23, 1990. Elkins, West Virginia)
  • 13-Year-Old Heimlich; Civil War
    Boy aids choking cousin (February 8, 1991. Downey, California); Man has heart attack at Civil War reenactment (May 26, 1990. Felton, California)
  • 911 Video Stabbing; Sinking Snowmobile
    Robbers stab video-store owner (July 11, 1988. Bedford, Indiana); Father and son on snowmobile fall through ice (February 1, 1990. Huntsville, Ontario)
  • Dangling Skier; 911 Alligator Alley
    Girl dangles from ski lift (January 1990. Ogden, Utah); Woman in labor on desolate highway (April 16, 1990. Florida Everglades)
  • Cobra Chaos; 911 Choking Granny
    Man bitten by pet cobra (November 20, 1989. Miami, Florida); Grandmother chokes on dinner roll (January 16, 1990. Vancouver, Washington)
  • Elvis Docu(kid); Potomac River
    The victim of an accidental hanging is treated at Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center (Memphis, Tennessee); Man drowns in river (April 28, 1990. Arlington, Virginia)
  • Peeping Prowler; Sister Save
    Peeping Tom in apartment complex (October 9, 1986. Gainsville, Florida); Girl saves sister from fire (November 29, 1989. Dallas, Texas)
  • Sand-Tunnel Boy; 911 Arm Save
    Boy buried under collapsed sand tunnel (July 4, 1990. Mattituck, New York); Teenager falls through window and severely cuts her arms (October 24, 1989. Redlands, California)
  • Trailer Fire; 911 Swordfish Save
    Father and children trapped in burning trailer (November 19, 1988. Milltown, Idaho); Toddler stuck between bathroom sink and tub (January 1991)
  • Tampa Docu; Pond Boy
    Man holds his four-year-old son hostage (May 10, 1990. Tampa, Florida); Child drowns while fishing in a pond (April 29, 1990. Rushville, Indiana)
  • Episode 158S
    Episode 158S
    Episode 59
    Paramedics attempt to stop a runaway car with an unconscious driver (April 11, 1990. Pekin, Illinois); Dispatcher tries to convince a suicidal woman not to shoot herself (November 15, 1990. Kalama, Washington)
  • Episode 157S (2)
    Episode 157S (2)
    Episode 58
    Woman with placenta previa has labor complications at home (December 1990. Austin, Texas) [Part 2]; Teen electrocuted by faulty extension cord on boat dock (June 9, 1991. Columbia, South Carolina)
  • Downhill Savior; 911 Placenta Previa (1)
    Man collapses on ski lift (January 12, 1990. Copper Mountain, Colorado); Woman with placenta previa has labor complications at home (December 1990. Austin, Texas) [Part 1]
  • Boston
    Episode 56
    Documentary of the Charles Stuart murder case (October 23, 1989. Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Three Parachutes; 911 Snake Baby
    Skydiver's parachute lines become entangled (November 12, 1989. Frankfort, Indiana); Toddler bitten by cottonmouth (July 4, 1991. Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana)
  • Tornado Trap; L.A. Superman
    Firefighter's family trapped under tornado debris (June 2, 1990. Harrison, Ohio); Bystander gives CPR to a girl injured in a car accident (February 14, 1990. Los Angeles, California)
  • 911 Yellow Cab; Runaway Dogsled
    Police attempt to locate suspects who robbed a house (March 28, 1991. Indianapolis, Indiana); Three-year-old girl carried away on runaway dog sled (December 24, 1991. North Pole, Alaska)
  • Niagara River Rescue; Smoke-Filled House
    Boaters carried toward Niagara Falls (August 24, 1988. Ontario, Canada); Woman trapped in smoke-filled house after her television explodes (December 1986. Olympia, Washington)
  • Brain Hemorrhage; Bear Rescue
    Boy calls 911 for ailing mother (July 14, 1990. New Brunswick, New Jersey); Electrocuted Bear (August 14, 1989. Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  • Houdini Save; Dispatcher Down
    Magician falls forty feet from burning rope (September 22, 1989); Dispatcher has stroke (August 21, 1990. Kingsland, Georgia)
  • Double Hero Down
    Double Hero Down
    Episode 49
    Firefighter falls down mountainside while trying to rescue an injured hang glider (July 6, 1990. Golden, Colorado)
  • Heart Attack Teacher; 911 Smart Boy
    Teacher suffers heart attack in study hall (Tipp City, Ohio. May 9, 1988); Boy calls 911 when his mother is attacked by an intruder (Indiana. October 1, 1989)
  • Ice-Dive Rescue; Newark Docu
    Ice diver's air tank malfunctions (March 1988. Logan, Utah); Newark, New Jersey trauma center documentary (February 24, 1991. Newark, New Jersey)
  • Date Rape; Freezer Tongue
    A rapist stabs a woman 21 times (September 21, 1989. Grand Island, Nebraska); Boy gets tongue stuck in freezer (August 9, 1990. Altoona, Pennsylvania)
  • Burning Jeep Pin; 911 Gotta Get to School
    Bystanders try to rescue girl trapped in burning truck (February 2, 1991. Paso Robles, California); Girl calls 911 when her diabetic father passes out (May 29, 1991. Douglasville, Georgia)
  • Cincinnati Neonatal Docu; 6-Year-Old Hero
    A baby with incompletely formed lungs, a baby with a Group B streptococcus infection, and a baby with a diaphragm defect are treated at University of Cincinnati Hopsital's neo-natal care facilities (Cincinnati, Ohio); Boy stops truck when his mother passes out at the wheel (July 9, 1991. Evansville, Indiana)
  • Remarriage Rescue; Cop Saves Dog
    Teen bicyclist crashes and the tragedy reunites his divorced parents (January 1989. San Jose, California); Dalmatian chokes on toy ball (December 14, 1989. Shelton, Connecticut)
  • New Zealand Tanker; Gator Gulch
    Girl trapped under flaming tanker truck (August 9, 1990. Auckland, New Zealand); Boy attacked by alligator (August 2, 1991. Refugio, Texas)
  • Collapsed School Bus; St. Pete Docu
    Bay Flight helicopter picks up a teenager injured in a car accident and an elderly woman hit by a car (Saint Petersburg, Florida); Boy stops school bus after the driver collapses (December 18, 1991. Dunnellon, Florida)
  • Florida Keys Scuba; 911 Diabetic Dad
    Elderly woman has heart attack while scuba diving (September 7, 1987. Florida Keys); Girl calls 911 when her diabetic father goes into insulin shock (July 29, 1990. El Cajon, California)
  • Denver Chopper
    Denver Chopper
    Episode 39
    News reporters in helicopter pursue armed robbery suspect (February 9, 1988. Denver, Colorado)
  • Fernie's Heart; Daughter in a Tree
    Five-year-old boy receives heart transplant (1988. Loma Linda, California); Girl stuck in tree (October 31, 1991. Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Balloon Save; 911 Rusty Burglar
    Boy trapped in runaway hot-air balloon (January 7, 1990. Colorado Springs, Colorado); Burglar trapped in restaurant calls 911 (July 11, 1991. Los Angeles, California)
  • 911 Fatal Attraction; Philly Docu
    Woman shot by ex-husband (June 16, 1989); Residential hotel fire (July 1, 1990. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • Go-Kart Girl; Freeway the Fawn
    Girl on go-kart stuck by truck (March 4, 1988. Lilburn, Georgia); Pregnant deer hit by car (May 19, 1991. San Diego, California)
  • 911 Bathtub Baby; Lightning Lads
    Mother must do CPR when her baby drowns in the bathtub (August 30, 1988. Layton, Utah); Boys struck by lightning (July 24, 1987. Gulfport, Mississippi)
  • Felon Follow; Cannon-Ball Kid
    Couple leads police to bank robbers, then a shootout ensues (December 4, 1989. Knoxville, Tennessee); Teenager dives into shallow pool and becomes paralyzed (May 1991. Greenville, South Carolina)
  • Regatta Rescue; 911 New York Fire
    Man trapped on sinking sailboat (December 2, 1990. Sanford, Florida); Man trapped in house fire (July 15, 1990. Spencerport, New York)
  • CHP Burning Car; Austin Docu
    Officer and civilian try to save occupants of burning car (May 30, 1990. Santa Ana, California); Crisis intervention team responds to domestic violence call (September 23, 1990. Austin, Texas)
  • 911 Stalker Save; 911 Firecracker Explosion
    Obsessed stalker attempts to abduct a woman from her house (May 17, 1990. Menlo Park, California); M-80 firecracker explodes in boy's hand (October 30, 1991. Fresno, California)
  • White Eagle Impalement; Ando the Dog
    Crash victim impaled by fence post (January 3, 1991. Maple Valley, Washington); Deputy and dog wounded in shootout (September 19, 1988. Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Motel Toddler Plunge; Bike Boy
    Toddler falls three stories into lake (October 13, 1989. Hot Springs, Arkansas); Car hits teen cyclist (April 16, 1990. Ohio)
  • Daytona; Hotdog Heimlich
    Paramedic hit by race car (February 11, 1990. Daytona, Florida); Babysitter tries to save choking toddler (June 16, 1990. Loveland, Ohio)
  • 911 Child Asthma; Houston Trauma Docu
    Dispatcher instructs parents how to do CPR when their son has an asthma attack (March 1, 1990. Omaha, Nebraska); A stabbing victim and a baby injured in a car accident are treated at Ben Taub Trauma Center (Houston, Texas)
  • University Pipe Bomb; 911 My Baby Drowned
    Pipe bomb is discovered under a vehicle behind college dorm (May 18, 1991. Lawrence, Kansas); Baby drowns in swimming pool (October 3, 1991. Merlin, Oregon)
  • Fire-Ant Trauma; Spiderman Rescue
    Baby attacked by fire ants (April 7, 1991. Macon, Georgia); Woman trapped in burning apartment (January 8, 1991. South River, New Jersey)
  • Chocolate-Chip Rescue; 911 He's Not an Officer
    Teenager's airway closes when she has an allergic reaction (November 27, 1989. Cape Elizabeth, Maine); A woman calls 911 on her car phone when a police impostor tries to pull her over (September 3, 1991. Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
  • Box-Canyon Rescue; Garage-Door Kid
    Girl falls from 100-foot cliff into canyon (February 14, 1991. Mount Shasta, California); Boy pinned under garage door goes into respiratory arrest (September 25, 1984. Scottsbluff, Nebraska)
  • N.Y. Double Roof Rescue (2); Rocky Racoon
    Firefighters attempt to rescue two men trapped on the twelfth floor of a burning building (May 14, 1991. New York, New York) [Part 2]; Bystanders try to save a raccoon with its head stuck in a tree limb (November 17, 1990. Shreveport, Louisiana)
  • Walkie Talkie Rescue; N.Y. Double Roof Rescue (1)
    Boy gets lost in woods while seeking help for his grandfather who fell off a cliff (July 24, 1990. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada); Firefighters attempt to rescue two men trapped on the twelfth floor of a burning building (May 14, 1991. New York, New York) [Part 1]
  • Texas Pool Tot; 911 Bank Rob Recovery
    Parents must do CPR on their baby after she drowns in a swimming pool (July 28, 1990. Keller, Texas); Man with car phone tails bank robber (April 11, 1990. Miami, Florida)
  • Carriage Mishap; Stop Drop II
    Runaway carriage drags man (January 27, 1991. Township, Pennsylvania); Boy's clothes catch fire when he pours gasoline on fire (February 12, 1990. Aurora, Illinois)
  • Phoenix Flood; 911 Baby Sitter Prowler
    Occupants of truck stranded on flooded road (August 15, 1990. Phoenix, Arizona); Babysitter calls 911 when strangers try to break in (January 14, 1989. Beaverton, Oregon)
  • Sis Burn Car Save; Children's Docu
    Woman trapped in burning car (April 26, 1990. Osage City, Kansas); A boy injured in a motorcycle accident is treated at Children's National Medical Center (Washington, D.C.)
  • 911 Gun Shop; Gas Leak Baby
    Man shot over seven times (January 17, 1989. Fresno, California); Mother overcome by gas fumes (July 9, 1990. Sherman, Texas)
  • 911 Under the Bed; Landing Gear
    Woman hides from intruders (September. Los Angeles, California); Plane with stuck landing gear (March 12, 1985. St. Augustine, Florida)
  • Teen Gun Explosion; French Parasailing
    Two teenagers injured when shotgun backfires (September 23, 1989. Newberg, Oregon); Paraglider's parachute catches on crane (Chamonix, France)
  • 911 Spider Bite; Runaway Train
    Elderly woman goes into shock after being bitten by a black widow spider (June 2, 1990. Las Vegas, Nevada); Truck loses breaks on mountain road (January 14, 1984. Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • Back-Seat Baby; Truck vs. Train
    Man must deliver wife's baby in the back seat of their car (May 3, 1990. Lake Charles, Louisiana); Man in truck struck by train (Memorial Day Weekend 1991. Onalaska, Wisconsin)
  • Log-Pinned Baby; Best-Buddy Rescue
    Van rear-ends log truck (October 23, 1990. Russellville, Arkansas); Boy accidentally hangs himself (February 24, 1991. Ruston, Louisiana)
  • Firefighter Heart Attack; Mattress Mayhem
    Chief firefighter suffers a heart attack (May 21, 1990. New Canaan, Connecticut); Woman at home alone pinned against wall by sofa screams for help (February 11, 1990. Beaverton, Oregon)
  • 911 Suicide Gun Save; Yellow Jacket Attack
    Dispatcher tries to convince a suicidal man with a shotgun not to kill himself (August 16. Seattle, Washington); Man has allergic reaction to yellow jacket stings (August 20, 1989. Norristown, Pennsylvania)
  • Heart-Attack Crash; Brother Hostage
    A car crashes into an ambulance transporting a heart attack patient to the hospital (July 20, 1989. South Bend, Indiana); Man holds his brothers hostage (November 10, 1989. Newington, Connecticut)
  • 911-Dialing Dog; Loma Linda Docu
    Dog being strangled by phone cord calls 911 (July 19, 1990. Ridgecrest, California); Heart transplant on a newborn baby (1987. Vancouver, Canada/Loma Linda, California)
  • Pacoima Cliff Safe; American River
    Three teenagers stranded on cliff (November 20, 1988. Pacoima, California); Prospector trapped underwater by boulder (Red River, California)
  • River-Tubing Rescue; Mailman Save
    Tubing accident leaves a teenager submerged in frigid water for twenty minutes (July 26, 1989. Chico, California); Mailman attempts to stop runaway car carrying toddler (December 18, 1985. Redlands, California)
  • Sinking Sisters; Subway Save
    Toddlers trapped in sinking car (November 30, 1990. Conroe, Texas); Man lies unconcious on subway tracks (September 7, 1987. New York, New York)
  • Wing Walker; 5-Year-Old Saves Mom
    Wing walker dangles beneath plane (June 15, 1991. Portland, Oregon); Girl calls 911 when her mother has chest pains (May 26, 1991. Dearborn Heights, Michigan)
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