Rescue 911 - Season 5

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Snowmobile Sister Plunge; 911 Don't Answer the Door; Scissors Save; Heat Stroke Hiker
    Girl pinned underwater by snowmobile (March 6, 1993. Rome, New York); Woman in rural cabin attacked by intruder (March 21, 1992. Scarborough, Maine); Boy accidentally stabs himself with scissors (August 13, 1992. Cincinnati, Ohio); Woman has heat stroke while hiking in desert (July 7, 1990. Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Episode 525
    Episode 525
    Episode 27
    Snowboarder loses control and flies over hillside (January 11, 1992. Peru, Vermont); Girl falls and cuts her neck and chest on a broken glass (December 28. Dana Point, California); College art student gets plaster mask stuck to face (April 16, 1992. Lincoln, Nebraska); Car hits pickup with girl riding in truck bed (August 18, 1993. Ontario, California)moreless
  • 911 Son in the Spa; Speed Dial Burn Save; Kapiolani Children's Hospital Doctor; Garage Door Daughter
    Toddler drowns in hot tub (September 9, 1993. Laguna Niguel, California); Mother trips and spills hot grease on her 2-year-old daughter (June 17, 1993. Hingham, Massachusetts); Boy injured in an ATV accident is treated at the Kapiolani Medical Center For Women And Children (February 1994. Waianae, Hawaii); Girl pinned by garage door goes into cardiac arrest (March 15, 1991. Tarzana, California)moreless
  • African Crocodile Attack; Austin Cop Collision; 911 Out on a Limb; Hockey Havoc
    Boy and father attacked by crocodile (May 1, 1986. Zimbabwe, Africa); Cop crashes into tree while pursuing speeding car (April 2, 1993. Austin, Texas); Boy and mother stuck in tree (October 16, 1993. Millville Pennsylvania); Ice hockey player collides with another player and receives a severe head injury (March 14, 1992. Plattsburgh, New York)moreless
  • Episode 522
    Episode 522
    Episode 24
    Two boys electrocuted at pool (May 30, 1993. Pembroke Pines, Florida); Fireman falls through ceiling into burning house (August 30, 1993. Tulsa, Oklahoma); Dog chokes on ball (September 7, 1993. Presque Isle, Maine); Boy sustains head injury from ATV accident (August 16, 1989. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Animal Rescues Edition
    Suspect stabs police dog (March 8, 1993. Modesto, California); Pig trapped in burning house (October 14, 1993. The Dalles, Oregon); A poodle and a horse are treated at a U.C. Davis animal medical center (July 30, 1993. Davis, California); Stray puppy trapped in storm drain (July 27, 1993. Corpus Christi, Texas)moreless
  • Potpourri Fire Save; 911 Pea Heimlich; Rollerblade Rescue; Butane Huffing
    Man unconscious in burning house (December 13, 1992. Rogers, Arkansas); Four-year-old boy chokes on peas (August 23, 1993. Calgary, Alberta, Canada); Water truck runs over boy on rollerblades (July 20, 1992. Corona, California); Teenager collapses after inhaling butane (April 11, 1992. Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  • Mud Trap Rescue; Surfboard Save; Barracuda Barrage; Pool Neighbor Save
    Girl trapped under car in muddy ditch (April 5, 1992. Mobile, Alabama); Teenager hits his head while diving into a lake and becomes paralyzed (March 4, 1990. Lake Jewel, Florida); Woman bitten by barracuda (July 9, 1993. Islamorada, Florida); Neighbor performs CPR on a toddler who drowned in a swimming pool (August 16, 1993. Burlington, Vermont)moreless
  • Humorous Rescues
    Humorous Rescues
    Episode 20
    This episode featured a compilation of some of more humorous rescues from the first four seasons of Rescue 911: From Episode 312: Boy gets tongue stuck in freezer (August 9, 1990. Altoona, Pennsylvania); From Episode 227: Bystanders try to save a raccoon with its head stuck in a tree limb (November 17, 1990. Shreveport, Louisiana); From Episode 310: Burglar trapped in restaurant calls 911 (July 11, 1991. Los Angeles, California); From Episode 112: Husband must deliver wife's baby (September 3, 1989. Huntington Beach, California); From Episode 403: Boy stuck in laundry chute (May 3, 1992. Columbia, South Carolina)moreless
  • Episode 518
    Episode 518
    Episode 19
    Boy collapses in gym class (October 29, 1992. Nyack, New York); Documentary of a Norwegian family who donated their daughters organs after she died in a car accident (beginning on July 5, 1993. Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Convertible Crash; Idaho Trauma Docu; Special Olympian Hero; Grandma's Breech Baby
    Driver loses control on Interstate highway and gets her car stuck under a moving semi truck (June 28, 1991. Valdosta, Georgia); A young girl injured in a bike accident is flown to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (September 3, 1993. Idaho Falls, Idaho); Man with Down syndrome gets help when his brother has an allergic recation to bee stings (August 7, 1993. Ivoryton, Connecticut); Teenage girl goes into premature labor at home (August 3, 1993. Springfield, Tennessee)moreless
  • Send in the Clowns; Boy Scout Treehouse Save; Boxcar Boy; A Work of Art
    Clown has heart attack (April 21, 1993. Portland, Maine); Teenager falls from treehouse (August 28, 1993 Jackson, Mississippi); Boy falls in boxcar while playing on top of train (September 17, 1993. Indianapolis, Indiana); Baby chokes on apple (October 31, 1990. Odessa, Texas)
  • Kid Heroes
    Kid Heroes
    Episode 16
    This was a compilation of segments about kid heroes from previous seasons.
  • San Diego Boat Blast; 911 Suicide Son Save; Police Dog Down; Mystery Dispatch
    Mother trapped on burning boat after it explodes (June 21, 1991. San Diego, California); Teenager shoots himself after a fight with his dad (March 11, 1993. Helendale, California); Domestic violence suspect shoots police dog (February 25, 1992. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada); Dispatcher chokes on candy while alone in office (September 11, 1990. Mathews, Virginia)moreless
  • Waverunner Down; Paragliding Peril; Cop's Son Shooting; Baby on Board
    Teenagers on wave runners collide (August 13, 1992. Lewiston, Idaho); Paraglider crashes into cliff and gets stuck (June 29, 1993. Torrey Pines, California); Toddler accidentally shot while playing with his dad's gun (June 23, 1991. Edgewood, Maryland); Cop pulls over a speeding van to find the driver is a woman in labor (September 6, 1993. Conway, Arkansas)moreless
  • Uncertified Scuba Diver; Louisville Docu II; 911 5-Year-Old Home Alone; Double Family Rescue
    Uncertified scuba Diver runs out of air (Seattle, Washington); A stabbing victim and a father and son injured in a motorcycle accident are treated at the University of Louisville Hospital and Kosair Children's Hospital (August 13, 1993. Louisville, Kentucky); Kindergartner calls 911 when she returns home and her parents are not there (January 15, 1993. Owosso, Michigan); Paramedics come across an injured man who is the grandfather of a patient they are transporting to the hospital (June 12, 1992. Shelbyville, Tennessee)moreless
  • Wrong Number Rescue; Dr.'s Hay Crush; Christmas Tree Inferno; Chimney Trapped Crook
    Girls, after dialing the wrong number, call an elderly man with chest pains on New Years Eve (December 31, 1992. Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania); Farmer/Doctor has a hay bail fall on him (July 15, 1992. Wichita, Kansas); A toddler is burned in a Christmas tree fire (December 19, 1991, Wichita, Kansas); Intruder gets stuck in the chimney (January 4, 1993. Oceanside, California)moreless
  • Snomos Thru Ice; Acadian Air Docu; 911 Business Suit Intruder; Firefighter Heart Attack
    Snowmobiler falls through thin ice (December 19, 1992. Minnetrista, Minnesota); Members of the Acadian Air Med service pick up a victim of a speedboat accident and a child burned by hot grease (Baton Rouge, Louisiana); Sisters at home alone report intruder (December 22, 1992. Lexington, North Carolina); Firefighter has heart attack (July 26, 1991. Kilgore, Texas)moreless
  • Mother's Day Flood; Endometriosis Mom; Canteen Tongue; Louisville Docu-Jared
    Two women in camper stranded in flooded river (May 9, 1993. Gainesville, Texas); Girl calls 911 for ailing mother with endometriosis (February 7, 1992. South Bend, Indiana); Boy gets tongue stuck in canteen (June 16, 1993. Union, Maine); A boy who fell from a barn roof is treated at Kosair Children's Hospital (August 13, 1993. Louisville, Kentucky)moreless
  • 200 Lives Saved
    200 Lives Saved
    Episode 9
    Christmas tree catches fire, trapping family in basement (December 20, 1992. Dover-Foxcroft, Maine); Toddler impaled through throat with toothbrush (January 12, 1993. Germantown, Maryland); Girl stops runaway car when her mother collapses at the wheel (July 1, 1993. Sacramento, California); First grader saves his friend who chokes on candy (February 22, 1993. Arcola, Mississippi)moreless
  • ATV 5-Year-Old; 911 Knoxville Intruder; Tool Box Tumble; Bone Marrow Transplant
    Boy drives ATV over embankment (July 1, 1992. Holland, Ohio); Woman at home alone reports intruders (December 30, 1991. Knoxville, Tennessee); Boy pinned by tool box (March 24, 1993. Hamlet, Indiana); Child diagnosed with aplastic anemia needs bone marrow transplant (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  • Bumper Baby; Dallas Cop Down
    Missing girl is discovered clinging to the back of a moving truck (March 28, 1993. Walconda, Illinois); Cop shot while on patrol (November 13, 1991. Dallas, Texas)
  • Anniversary Rafting Horror; Hayloft Hanging Hazard; 911 Peanut Heimlich; Motorcop Down
    Raft capsizes in strong rapids (May 1992. Riggins, Idaho); Girl accidentally hangs herself on rope swing (March 1, 1993. Athol, Idaho); Toddler chokes on peanuts (January 1, 1993. Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada); Motorcycle cop crashes while pursuing speeding car (June 1, 1991. Reno, Nevada)
  • Australian Balloon Save; Have Gun Will Discharge; Pinellas EMS Docu
    Strong winds sweep hot air balloon out to sea (October 2, 1990. Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia); Man returns to his rural home during a burglary and gets shot (January 21, 1992. Somerset, Kentucky); EMS workers treat a beagle hit by a motorcycle and a motorcyclist who was hit by a car (January 22, 1993. Pinellas County, Florida)moreless
  • Quechee Gorge Rescue; Asphalt Trap; Carbon Monoxide Family; Where's My Wife
    Man falls into gorge (June 29, 1992. White River Junction, Vermont); Dump truck carrying hot asphalt overturns on occupied car (April 23, 1990. Grafton, West Virginia); When a toddler falls ill, responding firefighters discover a family has been poisoned by carbon monoxide (November 4, 1992. Colorado Springs, Colorado); Man finds wife near her wrecked car (June 23, 1992. Napoleon, Indiana)moreless
  • New Daddy Crash; Applebee's Hostage Crisis; Bella's Little Buddy; San Diego Child Docu
    Crash victim trapped in burning car while his wife goes into labor (March 21, 1991. Clackamas County, Oregon); Robber takes restaurant employees hostage (March 5, 1992. Greenville, North Carolina); Dog alerts neighbors when toddler falls in river (July 6, 1992. Colorado River); A victim of a motorcycle accident is a treated at a San Diego hospital (January 26, 1992. San Diego, California)moreless
  • Train vs. Teens; 911 Lightning Husband; Cat Burglar; Penny Choke
    Teens in car hit by train (November 11, 1991. Seymour, Iowa); Man struck by lightning (September 5, 1991. Lakeside, California); Man discovers a bobcat in his house (March 25, 1993. San Clemente, California); Child chokes on penny (October 1990. Northlake, Illinois)
  • Swarm Save; Convenience Store Hero; Breakout Beagle; 911 Nurse's Bathtub Baby
    Truck crash frees 10 million bees (June 4, 1990. Douglas, Georgia); Suicidal woman takes hostages so police will shoot her (July 21, 1992. Beaumont, Texas); Dog trapped in dryer vent (Christmas Holidays. Tualatin, Oregon); Mother finds her baby girl face down in the bathtub (June 10, 1991. Walla Walla, Washington)
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