Rescue Heroes

TELETOON (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Rescue Heroes: The Movie

      A series of mysterious lightning storms wreak havoc worldwide as they spiral through the atmosphere toward Greenland. Once they collide, they will create one massive storm that will result in cataclysmic destruction. But Billy Blazes is poisoned on a mission and getting weaker by the moment, and Rocky Canyon is grounded for insubordination, making the team short-handed. The Rescue Heroes must find a cure to save Billy and solve the mystery of the storms in order to save the world in time.

    • Going with the Wind / A Bridge Too Frail

      Going with the Wind: When the Santa Ana winds travel across Catalina Island Perry Chute and Rip Rockefeller go after a stray hang-glider, Ariel Flyer and Rocky Canyon rescue a stray wind-surfer, and Gil Gripper helps two teenage boys aboard their catamaran.

      A Bridge Too Frail: A rockslide sets off a sequence of events near the El Chorro Gorge in Spain. Rocky Canyon is appointed team leader. His unorthodox decisions lead some of the other Rescue Heroes to question if he's the right man for the job.

    • Alone for the Holidays

      Rocky feels sorry for himself when he learns that he has drawn "Holiday Duty". A rescue encounter and an incredible journey with an Eskimo woman and her son will help him discover the true meaning of the holidays.

    • Not on This Planet / Tunnel Vision

      Not on This Planet: A group of boys and girls will get the ride of a lifetime when a spaceship they are studying accidentally lifts off and sends them into orbit. They will have to put aside their differences and work as a team in order to make it back to Earth.

      Tunnel Vision: When a semi-truck carrying explosive material explodes in an underwater tunnel, the Rescue Heroes are called into action.

    • Rock and a Hard Place / Cruise into Danger

      Rock and a Hard Place: A rock climber feels that he does not need any weather training. When he takes on a solo mountain climb, he gets caught in a deadly storm and Rocky must get to him before the elements do.

      Cruise into Danger: A ship encounters a deadly cyclone and other hazards while cruising the South Seas. A doubtful young man will realize that he has something important to contribute when faced with a deadly challenge.

    • Quake Me When It's Over

      Wendy is sent back in time to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and has to perform rescues without any modern equipment. This rescue will be special as her great-grandfather will be one of the people she rescues.

    • The Royal Rescue Hero / Foul Weather Friends

      The Royal Rescue Hero: After rescuing a woman, Rocky learns that she is a princess and must choose whether to stay a Rescue Hero or become a Royal Safety Commissioner.

      Foul Weather Friends: Two kids wander off into a forest where a hurricane takes place.

    • For Better or Curse / Bat's Life

      For Better or Curse: When the Rescue Heroes have to save an eccentric treasure hunter trapped in a sunken pirate's ship, Rocky is convinced that an ancient curse is making the rescue difficult.

      Bat's Life: When an oil drill accidentally pierces a salt vain in a seabed, seawater dissolves through and floods nearby stalactite caves, trapping a mother and daughter inside.

    • In the Driver's Seat

      A car crash and an explosion cause oil to run into a sewer, resulting in faucets and hoses shooting fire.

    • On Thin Ice / Peril in Peru

      On Thin Ice: After a massive snowfall, the Rescue Heroes must evacuate residents of a Seniors' Center before their building collapses. Later, Al Pine finds out that his niece and nephew have gone missing. He and his fellow teammates will have to face frigid weather in order to rescue the two teens.

      Peril in Peru: Ariel Flyer and Rock Miner must rescue a trapped archeologist in a booby-trapped tomb.

    • Up, Up and Uh-Oh / Fiery Differences

      Up, Up and Uh-Oh: Ariel Flyer's nemesis Avery Ator is at it again. He's back on the flight show circuit, but neglects to perform routine maintenance on his biplane before taking to the air. When his biplane's flaps gets struck during his show, Ariel and the other Rescue Heroes must come to the rescue.

      Fiery Differences: Two neighbors embroiled in an argument don't realize that their entire town could go up in flames if a forest fire hits a nearby gas station.

    • Blackout / Fire Down Under

      Blackout: When a city is plunged into darkness, Billy Blazes calls upon the Night Force. Billy, Jake Justice, Aiden Assist, and Sam Sparks descend into a subway system to rescue trapped passengers, while Willy Stop and Sergeant Siren help land a crippled plane onto a city street.

      Fire Down Under: A series of wildfires rage out of control in New South Wales, Australia, forcing people to evacuate their homes and threatening to destroy wildlife and their habitats. A veterinarian works feverishly to save her wildlife refuge.

    • Ultimate Ride / The Newest Rescue Hero

      Ultimate Ride: Jake isn't comfortable using the new ultimate robot vehicle. However, he is forced to use it when his motorcycle is damaged in an earthquake.

      The Newest Rescue Hero: Jack thinks he's doing Jill a favor when he gets her a spot on the Rescue Heroes.

    • Heroes
      Episode 1

      The Rescue Heroes are to give a speech; Billy Blazes sees a friend he met five years ago.

  • Season 2
  • Season 1