Rescue Heroes

TELETOON (ended 2002)





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  • Whatever the crisis, the Rescue Heroes, with teamwork and perseverance, will be there!

    The Rescue Heroes are a team of ultra emergency experts who leap into all kinds of natural and man-made disasters, while they exemplify teamwork, perseverance and safety.

    The Rescue Heroes are a crack team of emergency response professionals who can be called to action in microseconds. They can quickly mobilize themselves in any part of the world and bring immediate help to people everywhere. When no other team can handle the job, it's time to bring in the Rescue Heroes.

    Based on the best-selling action figures from the Fisher Price division of Mattel, Rescue Heroes is an animated adventure show featuring a daring team of emergency response professionals ready and willing to race to trouble spots all over the world. Equipped with the latest information and cutting-edge technology, they put themselves in the "line of fire" to protect innocent civilians whose lives are in danger. Whatever the crisis, the Rescue Heroes, with teamwork and perseverance, will be there!

    This show isn't just for little kids. I watched this show last Summer 2004. The show was mildly interesting and truely underrated. I think more people should have gave Rescue Heroes a chance.
  • A show that should have been loved out more.

    It's about these team of heroes called Rescue Heroes who must stop any crises no matter what from happening. I remember watching this show in 2004 on Cartoon Network it was pretty cool but no one has ever seemed to give this show a chance for some reason it has great style and characters and voice acting but people have moved on to different things which seems sad which causes no one to things to discuss about a show. I see that this show only has 2 reviews and topics but I might make this show more discussible I give it a 8.4 out of 10.
  • The uncommon guilty pleasures of an adult...

    Back when I was in college, I watched this when it aired in the afternoons on the WB before I had to head for class. Even today, I like this show WAY too much, and I feel funny admitting that, as I'm a grown-up and this is a show meant for little kids *lol*. Maybe it's because I wish I had something that cool to watch when I was a kid, maybe it's because I like the characters and their message (although there are times where it can get a little ridiculous), maybe it shows enough good to keep me from losing faith in humanity *lol*...I'm not sure what it is. I was sad when it ended. I think this show might have gone on if they didn't narrow their appeal to one specific demographic: little kids who age out of the bracket as fast as they outgrow their shoes...and their attention spans? Faster still *lol*. I still believe that more people would give this show a chance if it wasn't so obviously targeted specifically towards little kids (you just can't help but feel silly watching a show you know is geared for preschoolers/kindergarteners, I know my (ex)husband sure makes fun of me about watching RH *lol*). I even wrote a couple of RH episodes myself...they sure are better than the some of the ones which made it to air *lol* But as far as cartoons go, this one definitely falls under the "brilliant but cancelled" category, IMO. I mean, hell, there's GOT to be a reason why the dvd's go for sucha crazy price on ebay *lol*.