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TELETOON (ended 2002)





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  • The uncommon guilty pleasures of an adult...

    Back when I was in college, I watched this when it aired in the afternoons on the WB before I had to head for class. Even today, I like this show WAY too much, and I feel funny admitting that, as I'm a grown-up and this is a show meant for little kids *lol*. Maybe it's because I wish I had something that cool to watch when I was a kid, maybe it's because I like the characters and their message (although there are times where it can get a little ridiculous), maybe it shows enough good to keep me from losing faith in humanity *lol*...I'm not sure what it is. I was sad when it ended. I think this show might have gone on if they didn't narrow their appeal to one specific demographic: little kids who age out of the bracket as fast as they outgrow their shoes...and their attention spans? Faster still *lol*. I still believe that more people would give this show a chance if it wasn't so obviously targeted specifically towards little kids (you just can't help but feel silly watching a show you know is geared for preschoolers/kindergarteners, I know my (ex)husband sure makes fun of me about watching RH *lol*). I even wrote a couple of RH episodes myself...they sure are better than the some of the ones which made it to air *lol* But as far as cartoons go, this one definitely falls under the "brilliant but cancelled" category, IMO. I mean, hell, there's GOT to be a reason why the dvd's go for sucha crazy price on ebay *lol*.
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