Rescue Me

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2007 on FX



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    • Tommy (to Mike): You gotta look on the bright side. At least your mom died before you did, y'know, that's a natural course of events, y'know. Know what I'm sayin'? Parents are supposed to die before their kids, that was one of the things that was so screwed up about 9/11, y'know? All these guys... doin' the right thing, and dyin', parents havin' to bury 'em. It's not right. Besides, I'm sure your mom was a pain in the ass half the time anyways, half the time she probably called 'ya, you probably looked at your phone, and left it to go to voicemail, right? Because you didn't wanna talk to her. ... As much as I love my wife, same thing, man. Sometimes, y'know, we seperate, arrange a schedule so y'know, we didn't have to see each other, except in passing at a couple weeks at a time, and then you see 'em for a coupla hours and you start to get all those great feelings back... and a couple days later, you hate 'em again. But at least she died before you did, 'cause I'll tell 'ya what, there's nothin' worse than burying your kid. I did it, y'know? ... I remember after 9/11, when the found Jimmy, what was it like, 3 weeks later? They-- they pulled his body out, after the funeral we were havin' a party or whatever, and my Aunt Bridy, his mother was havin' a rough time, and my cousin Norrine, his sister was tryin' to help her along, and she said y'know, ma the only thing that's gonna help this go away is time. I'll never forget when my Aunt Bridy said, she said 'I'm 77 years old, I don't have enough time.' It's the truth. I could live to be 106, I'm not gonna get over Connor. And he was a real pain in the ass that morning, he was ridin' that bike, in between cars, I was tryin' to fix the truck... but I got two healthy kids... and of all I've said about my wife, she's been a great mother, y'know? There's a lot to be said for that, y'know? A lot.

    • Franco: You know, you were right, sweetheart. Seein' Alicia made me realize that I love you more, and you're the one that I'm meant to be with. And now that I got Keela--
      Natalie: More?
      Franco: Yeah.
      Natalie: More?
      Franco: Yeah, right. I-I love you more than ever.
      Natalie: So, you love me more.
      Franco: No, baby, I love you only.
      Natalie: But, I mean, like how close was it? Did I beat her by a half length or was it a photo finish?
      Franco: Nat, it's done. This is good news, please, just take the ring back.
      Natalie: No, you take it back and take all your shit with you while you're at it.
      Franco: Don't do this, Nat. You're the one who told me to go see her, okay? We just agreed that honest is the best policy, right?
      Natalie: No.
      Franco: Baby, don't.
      Natalie: No, I am not your baby anymore. I'm gonna take a long walk, be gone when I get back.

    • Teddy: So, what are you people tryin' to say?
      Tommy: You gotta get off the sauce, Teddy. You gotta quit drinkin'.
      Teddy: This is comin' from you? Look at this place, look at your life! Does being sober make your life any easier?
      Tommy: Not really, but--
      Teddy: Well, there you go.
      Tommy: Hey, it's a process. It's a one day at a time type of thing. You do one day at a time, then two days, then turn days into weeks, and weeks into months, and gradually, slowly, it goes from being shitty, to being good, to eventually, being uh... great, right?
      Mickey: Right, great.
      Eddie: So, what do you say, Teddy, you gonna get some help?
      Teddy: Uh, no.

    • Eddie: Teddy doesn't wanna go to rehab, but he does wanna get better. Mick, you still gonna take him to meetings?
      Mickey: Yeah, sure.
      Maggie: I mean, shit, we got enough drunks in this room, to start our own meetings. (we see John Sr. drinking a glass of whiskey)
      Tommy: ... That's not a bad idea.
      Mickey: There's no reason we can't.
      Tommy: No, right?
      Mickey: Sure.
      Eddie: I'm not a drunk. (Maggie laughs)
      Tommy: Yeah, okay. We could do it Monday, Wednesday...
      Eddie: Except I'm not a drunk!
      John Sr.: This from a guy who drank a bottle of brandy, and drove his car into his landromat.
      Eddie: Hey, that was three years ago, and it was snowing.
      Tommy: Yeah, it was the weather.

    • Teddy (as Maggie is pouring out her vodka): I am very disappointed in you, young lady. Very disappointed.
      Maggie: This was my intervention.
      Teddy: Oh, I'm sorry, but I love the show. (takes the bottle from her, and drinks it)

    • Mickey: We just want you to know, that everybody is in this room because we love you. And feel like you're slippin' away. And so, you know, if you just take a moment, we've all written down some things and we'd like you to just listen with an open mind... to--
      Maggie: Wait, is this like one of those invention thingys?
      Mickey: Yeah.
      Maggie: I'll do it.
      Tommy: You'll do it?
      Maggie: Yeah. I'm tired of this shit. Waking up god knows, with god knows who, havin' done god knows what, feelin' like an atomic bomb went off inside my skull. I'm finished. Box me up and ship me to rehab.
      Mickey: Okay!

    • Sean (after Maggie agrees to go to rehab, they didn't even say anything): I have a stack of notebooks here, I didn't even get to say my piece.
      John Sr.: I'm with the kid, I have grievences to air.
      Maggie: Oh, blow it out your ass, old man. I am not gonna give you the satisfaction.

    • Maggie (walking into her intervention, not knowing): Okay, who died? Dad's here, so I'm guessin'... Teddy?
      Mickey: Uh, Teddy's fine, Mags. We're uh... we're here to talk about your problem.
      Maggie: My problem? Which one?
      Mickey: The drinking.
      Maggie (sighs/scoffs): This is gonna be really fun.

    • Valerie (after she orgasms during sex, she can't be touched for a while, Tommy didn't come): Come back in like an hour, you can come back in a half hour, and maybe I can blow you. But nothing more than that. I swear to God, I can't be touched for like an hour, sometimes two.

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