Rescue Me

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2007 on FX



  • Quotes

    • Franco: You know, you were right, sweetheart. Seein' Alicia made me realize that I love you more, and you're the one that I'm meant to be with. And now that I got Keela--
      Natalie: More?
      Franco: Yeah.
      Natalie: More?
      Franco: Yeah, right. I-I love you more than ever.
      Natalie: So, you love me more.
      Franco: No, baby, I love you only.
      Natalie: But, I mean, like how close was it? Did I beat her by a half length or was it a photo finish?
      Franco: Nat, it's done. This is good news, please, just take the ring back.
      Natalie: No, you take it back and take all your shit with you while you're at it.
      Franco: Don't do this, Nat. You're the one who told me to go see her, okay? We just agreed that honest is the best policy, right?
      Natalie: No.
      Franco: Baby, don't.
      Natalie: No, I am not your baby anymore. I'm gonna take a long walk, be gone when I get back.

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