Rescue Me

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2007 on FX
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Janet has given birth to a baby boy---whom she fears prefers Tommy to her. But Tommy has a bigger problem: He's suspected of starting the beach-house fire. Meanwhile, Jerry's son asks him to be his best man at his commitment ceremony; Richie wants Franco to marry Natalie; Lou and Theresa get distracted in church; and the volunteer firefighter (Jennifer Esposito) who rescued Tommy from the beach house takes an interest in him---and isn't shy about letting him know.moreless

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  • It's back!!

    I loved this episode. Definately one of my favorite Rescue Me episodes. One reason is because I couldn't wait for the show to come back and another is because it was great to see how everyone has evolved since last season. Tommy is facing jail time due to the beach house fire, Janet had a baby boy, Jerry is trying to come back to the station as the full time Chief, Mike is struggling with his sexuality and his mother's failing health, Lou is still dating the ex-nun, Franco is starting to settle down with Natalie, and Sean and Maggie are experiencing "marrital bliss"---yeah right to that one. After nine months they are already about to call it quits. I really think this was a good episode. It moved a little slow in the beginning of the episode, but overal, Babyface was great.moreless
  • A great start to season four.

    This is the first episode that I've ever absolutely loved Rescue Me. I have always thought that it was a great show, but I've never thought that it was the best TV show ever either. I really feel like the writing for the show is so much better now. This episode was really cool. The whole sequence where the guys are in the big fire was so good and very well done. The only thing that I thought could have made the episode better was if they could have featured Mike more in the episode. He was so funny in his scenes for this episode. All in all, this was a really great episode, and I think that season four is off to a great start.moreless
  • The unusual scene in the burning building knocked me out.

    The scene in the burning building was an 11! The fact that the firefighters were there to rescue cats and then unexpectedly thrust into extreme danger provided a nice twist of dark humor. The choice of "Dance This Mess Around" to score the scene was absurd but also perfect in that the tension and release of the first two minutes of that song were perfectly keyed to the tempo of the visuals. The crowning touch was having the silhouetted head of a cat enter the frame as the men slid down the tilted plane of the collapsing floor into the flames. Wow! Bizarre!

    I liked the rest of the show but that particular scene has really stuck with me this past week.moreless
  • Another awesome episode in the series and a great start to the 4th season.

    What an awesome start to the 4th season! The show is still as funny and well written as it was in all the previous seasons. The drama, the comedy and the action are off to a great start in the season premiere. Very few shows can bring it all (drama, comedy and action) as strongly as this one and even fewer bring it all quite as good. The season starts off with a few things to get everyone intrigued. First you have whether they will find Tommy guilty of starting the fire. Second, is that Tommy's son or his brother's son? Will this be answered or just left alone for the sake of the family? Third, will the chief make it back to the station or will something in his health stand in the way? Will Franco marry his girlfriend or will she fall to the wayside as have all the others? Is Probie gay or bi? I love this show!moreless
  • Rescue Me delivers (as always) in it's first installment of the 4th season.

    This was another solid episode. Richie and Franco seem to be friends, but how ill Franco deal with the pressure of marrying Nat? Lou and the nun crack me up. While a little off color, it was still funny to see them bump the organ while "doing it", and get all embarrassed. And is Janet just giving up on the Gavin family? It doesn't seem like she cares about much anymore since Johnny died. With all the stuff she's pulled, it's no wonder the baby hates her. Sean Garrity is just as stupid as ever, but that doesn't prevent his character from being funny as all get out. Maggie has full control of that relationship. lol.

    Now onto Tommy. Being investigated for arson is never a good thing, but when I saw the last 10 minutes of RM, I almost screamed. I can't believe Sheila is still alive, and furthermore, I can't believe her and Tommy are committing insurance fraud. Or at least that's what it looks like. In other news, who is this mysterious woman who saved Tommy's life? Why is she the "bully type"

    In conclusion, I'm going to keep my but glued to my seat every Wed. night, because this is a show that you can't miss!moreless
Andrea Roth

Andrea Roth

Janet Gavin

Callie Thorne

Callie Thorne

Sheila Keefe (Season 2 - Recurring Previously)

Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata

Franco Rivera

Denis Leary

Denis Leary

Tommy Gavin

Jack McGee

Jack McGee

Chief Jerry Reilly

John Scurti

John Scurti

Lt. Kenneth "Lou" Shea

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Tommy and Janet are talking about Colleen having sex with her boyfriend, they mention two pieces of information: that Colleen is 18 and that Tommy got Janet pregnant in the 70's. If the last season took place five years after 9/11, it's safe to say that this one takes place in 2007. That means that Tommy has to have got Janet pregnant at least in 1988, so it's actually in the 80's.

    • When Tommy's on his way to work, a movie poster for the film, "Number 23" can be seen in the background. This places the filming early 2007.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Katy: Are you gonna go to jail, Dad?
      Tommy: No. Who said that I'm gonna go to jail?
      Katy: Well, mom, cousin Eddie, Father O'brien, all the kids at school...

    • Tommy: Okay, Colleen, sex with the boyfriend, in the car in front of the house. How about that, huh? The neighbors could've seen--
      Janet: So did we. So did we.
      Tommy: Honey, she's a kid, she just turned 18... you know...
      Janet: You got me pregnant when I was 17.
      Tommy: Okay, that was--
      Janet: In your truck, while we were drinking, and on pot.
      Tommy: It was the 70's, okay?

    • Tommy (about Tony, Collen's boyfriend): I mean, what's this guy doing, signin'... you know...
      Colleen: Tits?
      Tommy: Breasts.
      Colleen: Boobs.
      Tommy: Whatever.
      Colleen: He's a musician.
      Tommy: Are you... Are you... That-- That you ... ugh ... That's just --- What instrument does he play?
      Colleen: He's the lead singer.
      Tommy: He's not a musician, okay? The four guys up on stage with him are the musicians. Jesus Christ -- Lead singer, those are the guys who wear all the make-up and do all the drugs, and -- and sleep with all the chicks. How old's this guy?
      Colleen: Twenty-six.
      Tommy: Jesus-- Twenty six year old-- you know how old that is in rock 'n roll years? It's like seventy, okay? He's like the Clint Eastwood of rock 'n roll.

    • Tommy: Lemme tell 'ya somethin' missy, you're not foolin' anybody, okay? Oh, yeah, I smelled the pot when you walked in, okay? Yeah, yeah, and I can smell the sex. Pot and sex, it's -- it's--
      Colleen: Okay, Dad, okay. Reality check time, okay, Dad? Yes, I have sex.
      Tommy: Shh!
      Colleen: Yeah, you heard me. I just had sex with Tony, in his car, right after I just smoked a big fat joint.
      Tommy: Very funny. (Colleen covers her mouth) What? (Colleen throws up on the floor) Jesus Christ.
      Colleen: Oh, yeah, the pot made me forget, but I also drink now. Tonight I had vodka, beer and peppermint schnapps. ... A lot of peppermint schnapps. (turns around towards the bathroom)
      Tommy: Hey, hey, I am telling your mother!
      Colleen: Earth to Dad, she already knows.

    • Katy (after Colleen puked up peppermint schnapps in the hallway): It smells like Christmas out here.
      Tommy: It's not Christmas, honey. (hearing Colleen throwing up) Happy holidays.

    • Theresa (while having sex in a chruch): Oh, god, oh god!
      Lou: Oh, yeah, that's it, just keep saying that, this way if we get caught I could always say that there was prair involved. (she pulls him back down to her and they start kissing again) I can't, I can't. Theresa I can't do this, I'm sorry. We need to stop I was raised a catholic for god's sake.
      Theresa: So, I was a nun. (they start going back at it)

    • Janet: This baby hates me.
      Tommy: Honey, he's a baby, he doesn't even know what hate is.
      Janet: He's a Gavin. He was born to hate. You know, come to think of it, I think he's all Gavin. Half Johnny, half you.

    • Maggie: You're throwing away the porn?
      Sean: Okay, look, Maggie, a lotta wives-- they would be thrilled if their husbands were throwing away their porn they would see it as a mature and committed act, and -- and I thnk that you should see this as a real positive thing.
      Maggie: You know, that's all fine and good, Sean, only it's my porn.
      Sean: Yeah, but you don't need it anymore 'cause 'ya got me.
      Maggie (laughs): Put the box down.
      Sean: C'mon, Maggie I just wanna be married for two seconds without--
      Maggie: No, now! (he gets scared and puts the box down instantly) You see this box? This box is your friend, it might even be your best friend because it is the only thing breathing life into our relationship right now.
      Sean: Maggie, we've been married nine months. What are you talkin' about breathin' life into the relationship?
      Maggie: Everyone needs breath, everyone needs a spark, Sean!
      Sean: Okay, and the spark is watching some girl get double teamed by guys with cocks the size of telephone poles?
      Maggie: See, now you understand.
      Sean: No, I don't understand. I don't understand, Maggie, and I don't think you understand that I might have a problem with this. You know, that this might make me feel... inferior.
      Maggie: Oh, but Sean you have nothing to feel inferior about.
      Sean: Really?
      Maggie: Well.... except for the fact that your cock isn't as big as a telephone pole. But, that's--
      Sean: That's okay, I'm going to work. You go look at your porn.
      Maggie: Sean--- Sean, you don't want your cock that big. Your life would be terrible, you would not be able to buy pants.

    • Rich: I got a girl. Her name is Barbra. I met her at the center.
      Franco: Well, does she work there or is she, uh, you know, one of your people.
      Rich: Retards.
      Franco: Yeah.
      Rich: She has down's symdrome, she partically deaf.... She's in a wheelchair, but she's got the sweetest ass.
      Franco: Yeah, but if she's in a wheelchair, how can you see it?
      Rich (laughs): I stand her up sometimes.

    • Tommy: Do you have any idea what time it is?
      Colleen: 3 a.m.
      Tommy: It is? Jesus Christ.
      Colleen: 3:16 to be exact.
      Tommy: I told you 12, and I meant midnight, not noon time.

    • Tommy: So you want me to lie?
      Eddie: Yeah, through your goddamn teeth I want you to lie.
      Tommy: Well, I can't do that.
      Eddie: You-- You can't (starts laughing)
      Tommy: What's so funny?
      Eddie: You can't lie?
      Tommy: Look, I can lie to my wife, my kids, the guys at work, the guys at headquarters, cops, yeah I can do that kinda lyin'. That's like triple-A ball, you know? But these are lawyers, this is major league pitching here to these guys, I'm good but I'm not that good.

    • Tommy (to Sean): Hey, you're votin' for that hockey rink or I'm buyin' Maggie more porn.

    • Lou: I got two brand new back boards, NBA style. I got floor paint, I got a brand new box of balls, the whole nine yards.
      Tommy: For what?
      Lou: The b-ball court that we're puttin' in the basement.
      Tommy: I thought that we were puttin' a street hockey court in the basement.
      Lou: Nope. Nixed, New York nixed.
      Tommy: Since when?
      Lou: Uh, since last night.
      Tommy: Wh-- what do you mean 'since last night'?
      Lou: We took a vote, by e-mail.
      Tommy: You-- I don't do e-mail, you can't take a vote by e-mail. What's this you take a vote and I'm not included? What's that about?
      Lou: Look, we the crew, uh, decided that matters concerning his house in the future should only be voted on by guys who are actually gonna be here in the future.
      Tommy: W-wh- wah?
      Lou: You know, word on the street is that you're going to jail.
      Tommy: Well, I don't know what street that is but that's the wrong street because I'm not going to jail.

    • Lou: 'Mustkets' and 'Ingets' sounds like someone's been playing scrabble with rainman again.
      Franco: Yeah, he had a lotta T's.

    • Lou: I mean, c'mon where are these cats?
      Franco: What're you askin' me for?
      Lou: C'mon, Franco, the one time that we actually need you to find pussy.

    • Tommy (about Colleen, drinking, smoking pot and having sex): When were you planning on telling me about this?
      Janet: I was gonna drop the sex bomb on you awhile ago but this whole plutonic living arrangement thing has been going so well.
      Tommy: Yeah.
      Janet: Yeah. And you always take the word 'sex' as an invitation, so I didn't wanna risk it. As for the pot and booze, check her birth certificate, her last name's Gavin. G'night.
      Tommy: So that wasn't an invitation?
      Janet: Oh, my god, get out of here.

    • Tommy: Colleen is smoking pot!
      Janet: I know.
      Tommy: You know? What do you mean 'you know'?
      Janet: And it's good pot, not the cheap shit we used to get.
      Tommy: Great, great. That's a great attitdude. You know, I told you years ago, that pot is a gateway drug--- So she comes home tonight, not only is she high, she's drunk. Drunk. Yeah, shitfaced. Puked. Yeah.
      Janet: Was she driving?
      Tommy: No, I think her 50 year old boyfriend was handling the driving responsiblities.
      Janet: He's 26. And that's good, that's good.
      Tommy: Why's that good?
      Janet: Because he doesn't drink.
      Tommy: Okay. I'm pretty sure she's bangin' this guy.
      Janet: I know. She's on the pill.
      Tommy: You put her on the pill? In-insane. Just totally-- ... You-- you got the whole toolbox goin' here, booze, penises, ... I-- I can't believe that I'm finally the moral compass in this family.

    • Colleen (about her lesbian phase): Dad, that was so six months ago. I'm through with girls, girls are crazy. It was just a phase I was going through.
      Tommy: Your grandmother thought that me and your mom were just a phase, and look at us!

  • NOTES (3)