Rescue Me

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 05, 2005 on FX
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Tommy's fate in the firehouse depends on vote by the crew. Tommy reunites with his dad. Franco and Laura's relationship grows.

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  • A great, dark episode. (Spoilers)

    This was, of course, another great episode of Rescue Me. This show always delivers on their episodes, and this one is no exception. It was very pivotal; due to Sheila losing her and Tommy's baby. I think it's sad, yet it could be good for Tommy if he still wants to be with his wife. I'm glad that Franco and Laura are apparently going to be together now, since they seem like they like each other a lot. I definitely cannot wait to watch the next episode of this great series, and overall I give this episode, Balls, an 8 out of 10.moreless
  • Great episode indeed!

    This despite being a great episode was dark but in

    A good kind of way. Franco & Laura try to

    Get together as their relationship grows and meanwhile Tommy has to win back his job by a vote.

    Of course, you all know what happens in the end as he does.

    Without him, there would be no Rescue Me at all!
  • This was a terrifically dark episode.

    I am so impressed with the writers for this show. At the 40 minute mark I couldn't believe there was still a third of the show left to watch. There was just so much going on.

    Start with Sheila's emotional emergency. That's something that happens in relationships and ... I'd be [i]really[/i] interested in hearing a non-pregnant woman's perspective on this. What is Tommy meant to do about the breakup they had in her [i]dream[/i]? Yes, it seemed real, bad dreams seem real, but Tommy had to take a ferry for this? The only thing he's got is to reassure her that he hasn't broken up with her but he [i]will[/i] if she keeps making ridiculous demands upon him like this (not to mention all the stuff she was screaming at him as he was driving away).

    Skip to the end, where she's miscarried, but is going to keep on going like she's still pregnant, and you have got one emotionally twisted and deeply disturbed person.

    Tommy leaving his Staten Island exile was beautiful. That was definitely a situation one could [i]not[/i] build a television program around. I thought that was the coolest way for the writers to turn the entire stationhouse against Sully. Not that their views on gays or transvestitism are especially enlightened -- or, for that matter, in any way encouraged by me -- but c'mon, these guys aren't going to feel anything but betrayed in that situation.

    As Franco said in the face of Garrity's horrified self-reflection, "Sometimes things get bad for the little deer in the woods and it's not the victim's fault."

    Tommy's dad's storyline was just fun. His dad has opened up a lot from the grunting, monosyllabic person he was in Tommy's mother's home. He seems to be having a lust for life and good for him.

    I'm of course worried about where Teddy's character might be and what might've happened to him, but for right now, that can serve as background static to ...

    How dark is Mike's storyline getting? From verbal abuse over the telephone to stalking her to confronting her and beating up her boyfriend to [i]getting a gun[/i] and every plan he's got to violate the restraining order ...

    Mike's heart is taking him to a dark, dark place.

    And Franco and Laura is just gonna get freaky complicated, but they are very watchable people.

    I thought what Franco said to Tommy about how he'd idolized him when he was coming up in the house was some beautiful stuff. I really love the backstory and motivations they weave into the writing. This show is absolute beautiful and glorious art.

    Even with what Loo says to Laura. And his reasoning may or may not be sound. And she is probably right about not tolerating that kind of language, but she'd disobeyed a direct order, Loo *was* fumbling around in the dark looking for her, she'd compromised a search-and-rescue in a basement fire and in the heat of the moment, things *can* get said. He'd have been able to apologize and let it blow over, but Loo does have a resentment and an anger in him that's been there since just about the opening scenes of the series, so the conflict is a good one and is just going to make for some better and better storytelling.

    All of this and I never got around to mentioning the image of Christ unpinning himself from Tommy's bed. Those are some powerful images given not only Tommy's, but Denis Leary's Catholicism.

    This show is just about the best thing on television right now. Well freeqin' done.moreless
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Lee Tergesen


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Ed Sullivan (II)

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    • Laura: You call me "honey" one more time and I'm going to kick your nuts through the top of your head.

    • (After they had sex)
      Franco: Alright, so what does this mean?
      Laura: This meaning... (makes a motion to them with her fingers) This?
      Franco: Yeah. What does this mean?
      Laura (laughs): Oh, come on. You did not just ask me that. I'm just the girl here.
      Franco: Hey, well I wanna get things clear. We work together, things could get messy.
      Laura: Okay, let me do the math for you. (points to herself) Drunk and horny. (points to Franco) Perpetually horny.
      Franco: Yeah.
      Laura: Equals out (looks at her watch) 34 minutes of extremly hot, but meaningless sex. So do you want to discuss this more? (pulls her ankles up to her shoulders) Or do you want to go for the full hour?
      Franco: Talking is way overrated, I'm sorry. (kisses her)

    • John Sr.: Hey, it's not about the money, Tommy.
      Tommy: Well, then what's it about? Go ahead Dad and enlighten me.
      John Sr.: It's about the sex.
      Tommy: Oh, Christ.
      John Sr.: Now, let me tell you something my cock still functions and this broad thinks I'm funny and I get to bang her for free.

    • Lou: All the angels and saints.
      Franco: Holy shit.
      Mike: Is that Sully? (Sean checks, sees that it is, and jumps up and away from him instantly)
      Chief: Blessed screaming Jesus on a whole wheat goddamn cracker.
      Sean: Okay, I think I'm gonna puke.
      Sully: Wait, guys let me explain.
      Lou: Go ahead, man. We're all ears.
      Sully (laughs): Oh, who am I kiddin', right? I like to dress up like a chick, okay? I like to wear panties and high heels and... rough sex.

    • Lou: It's balls, Franco. It's all about balls. Tommy's got the biggest pair I've ever seen.

    • Tommy: This is the big emergency that you had me come over and help you with?
      Sheila: Yeah. An emotional emergency.
      Tommy: Do me a favor: Next time call the hormone hot line.
      (Paulie beeps the horn from in the truck)
      Sheila: Hey, retard! I got neighbors.
      Paulie: Sorry.
      Tommy (to Sheila): He really is retarded.
      Sheila: Really?
      Tommy: Yeah.
      Sheila (to Paulie): Sorry.
      Paulie: What?
      Tommy: Shut up. (to Sheila) You know, I have to go to work, I have to drop him off blah blah blah.
      Sheila: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I an inconvenience to you? Oh, yeah. I must be a big fat inconvenience to you. (Tommy starts walking towards his truck) Right? Unless of course you've got no place to go or you're lonely or you're looking for some place to park your cock.
      Tommy (walking away): Talk to you later.
      Sheila: Oh that's perfect. There's a picture I can't get enough of. You walking away. (Tommy gets in his truck) Hey, you have no responsibility here, too bad you're not married, you don't have to handle it right? You big pussy! (starts crying and Tommy starts his truck)
      Tommy: You got a girlfriend, Paulie? (Paulie shakes his head) I think I'm the retarded one.

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