Rescue Me

Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2007 on FX



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Just before Mike makes the first goal for the FDNY in the hockey match, the game clock reads 8:22. However, when it is shown again 13 seconds later, it reads 10:00.

  • Quotes

    • Tommy (on the phone): Listen, you gotta give me a second chance here, okay?
      Nona: I need a man to handle me the way I handled you last night, okay?
      Tommy: Okay, you know what, I was planning on doing plenty of man handling but when we got inside that truck, you were like a crazed animal, you grabbed me, you ripped my shirt open, I- I just kinda-- I was just following in your wake, you know? You were throwing me around like I was a rag doll, treating me like I was some kind of sex toy. At that one point when you flung me from the back seat of the truck to the front seat, I-- I mean, my neck almost snapped in half. I really--
      Nona: Look, Tommy, I don't wanna hear about death and feelings and penis problems. Look, I wanna be used, I wanna be ignored, I wanna be taken for granted.
      Tommy: There are no penis problems, okay? And I'm telling you something, when it comes to using and ignoring those are like two of my best things. And takin' chicks for granted? I'm the king of takin' chicks for granted. I mean, ask my wife, ask Sheila, okay? She'll tell 'ya.
      Nona: Ugh. Good bye, Tommy. (hangs up)

    • Tommy: Just because his hair's jet black, doesn't mean he's definietly Johnny's kid, right?
      Janet: Who's is he, then?
      Tommy: You tell me.
      Janet: Look, just go to hell.

    • Tommy: It's not you, okay? It's uh... It's uh, I've been, uh, since around the time that you pulled me out of that fire, I was having the same problem with this chick I was seein' then.
      Nona: Oh, good.
      Tommy: And it's just become this whole mental thing, I just-- I mean, normally, I'm tellin' 'ya a strong breeze could get me hard.
      Nona: Oh, good. Let's open the window, then.

    • Kenny: I love you Teresa. You're really important to me, you know, but the way things have been going... I mean, anything that we do with our clothes on, it-- it just feels like filler until we get into bed. ... Or into the shower, or on top of the kitchen table, or... in the alley behind the building. I just-- I think we owe it to each other to put the sex on hold, and lets see what we really have. And to safeguard against the very real possibility that without a breather, my dick's gonna snap off like a twig.
      Teresa: I love you, too, honey.

    • Mike: Yeah, but you can't stay in the house without me.
      Sean: Alright, Mike, well I'm not going to the game. What do you want me to do? Walk the streets until you come home?
      Mike: Pretty much.

    • Tommy (on the phone): Okay, but here's the thing: My wife--
      Nona: Oh, here we go.
      Tommy: No, no, no. It's... She's been hinting this whole time about us kinda getting back together again and--
      Nona: Oh, this is making me so hot, Tommy.
      Tommy: I, just-- But hear me out. Hear me out. This is good news, actually, it great news, actually. Well, it's shitty news for-- for me and her, and-- and the kids, and-- the baby, but uh, it's-- it's over, it's done. So... uh... you know, I am free and clear, huh. No more marriage. How about that?
      Nona: How about what? Huh? What do you want me to say? Congratulations?
      Tommy: Uh, no what I'm saying is that-- you know, I'm- I'm ready, I'm ready to... rock and uh... and uh... roll. I'm ready to have some... really great, hot, streamy... well, you know, s-sex and some dinner, too. You know...
      Nona: I don't know.
      Tommy: Well, Nona, the reason I'm calling is that I'm back to the old me. An- And you don't even know th-that me, but this is the one you're talkin' to him. I'm here. I'm back. ... Hello?
      Nona: Okay. Listen to me. No more bullshit, okay? We eat, we drink, we screw. And that's it, you got it?
      Tommy: Got it.
      Nona: Tomorrow night, I'll pick you up. 7:30.
      Tommy: Yes, sir.
      Nona: W-what?
      Tommy: I... I said uh...
      Nona: Yeah, I heard what you said. Don't say it again.
      Tommy: Okay, I'm sorry.
      Nona: Goodbye.
      Tommy (hangs up, to himself): Shit, she makes me nervous.

    • Franco (after they are told they can't have anything with sexual, racial or religious, or ethnic themes in their lockers): Look, now I don't know about you guys, but I need naked chick pictures in my locker, alright? You know, I come back from a job and I'm thinking about rubbing one out in the shower. Looking at an American flag ain't gonna grease the rails, you know what I mean? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the American flag, but I'm used to saluting it, not jerkin' off to it.
      Sean: Whoa, wait a second. You're jerkin' off in this shower here?
      Franco: Sometimes.
      Tommy: I'm buyin' flip flops, like six pairs.

    • Sean (about Jerry's ashes): You know, what if it's not really the Chief in there?
      Kenny: You know, the kid's got a point. I mean, it's ashes, for all we know it could be Anna Nicole Smith.
      Tommy: Well, does silicone burn?
      Kenny: Not in that quantity.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: June 14, 2009 on AXN
      Finland: December 10, 2009 on Nelonen

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