Rescue Me

Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 29, 2007 on FX
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Tommy goes on another memorable date with Beth for the sake of the crew; Black Shawn proves himself in an unexpected arena; Franco realizes what he's really lost while Latrina shows she knows how to keep Lou happy; Dad gives Tommy some insight into his childhood.
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  • Season 4 has, once and for all, proved to be the very worst season of Rescue Me. "Cycle" was horrible.

    This episode was just as disconnected as most of the episodes of the season, however, at least, most episodes had 1 or 2 scenes that were either funny or "spectacular". This one? None, nada, null.

    One aspect of the show that made it somewhat unique in the beginning, is actually started to be more than annoying. Tommy's visions/dreams... It's not such a shock or surprise anymore. You can tell if it's a dream sequence or not anytime. Also, lately, these visions have no meaning. I am still waiting for an explanation of "Solo". Why did all ghosts leave Tommy? Because he didn't kill the baby? Sorry, but that's a ridicilious explanation.

    Pretty much, after the dream sequence ends(which is about 2 minutes long) the episode starts to trade water. Nothing happens, not even one single piece of character development.

    It's quite funny, that, the main characters apart from Tommy are hardly even FEATURED lately. Where's Janet? Good question. I thought it would be interesting to explore her new relationship.

    Sheila? She almost got the same amount of screentime as Tommy for the first 3 seasons, now, she's lucky to have 2 or 3 minutes, which is only weird because her character has so much potential...

    Instead, we have 3 minute action lady, who's the 2nd most useless character next to Nona. The comedy part of the show is lacking too. It feels as if it's building up to something, but... it's been like that for episodes now. What an opportunity missed with Lou there.. and Franco.

    Whatever. It's really sad seeing this show spiralling(cycling?) down the toilet so rapidly.moreless
  • Another episode to fill another hour of television...

    I can see that there are those episodes that slow down in order for more story developement, but come on now, two weeks. Man, this better lead to one crazy season finale in two weeks. Someone got to get hurt or killed or something...LOL

    I really like this show since its inception four years ago, and I hope that they start picking up the pace. I mean when Tommy used to get beat up and left on the streets, or when Cheif Riley beat up the gay character, now those were some episodes. Two weeks Rescue Me, what you got for me....moreless

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    • Teddy (as they are making a list of people they've hurt with their drinking): You're shittin' me, right?
      Maggie: What?
      Teddy: My name's not in your top three?
      Maggie: Excuse me. How have I hurt you with my drinkin'? Give me one for instance.
      Teddy: I had to leave the firehouse to come get you from that club from downtown. You puked all over the inside of my Cordova.
      Maggie: You know, I was 14 years old and that was the first time I ever drank!
      Teddy: All the more reason why I should be number one.
      Maggie: Am I on your list?
      Teddy: For what?
      Maggie: Christmas, '86. You grabbed my left tit, Teddy!
      Teddy: First of all, it was a slight graze. Second of all, I drank half a bowl of eggnog that night, through a straw! Third of all, most important of all, I would never, ever do such a thing. (they all snicker, Elle glares)

    • Sean: Hey, guys, I'm dyin', whoo! I can barely keep my eyes open, I got hammered last night. Those Long Island Iced Teas really do a number on 'ya, you know? Brutal. (Tommy and Kenny go to walk away) Hey, you wanna know how many I had? Two... and a half. Yeah, you know, it was hardcore, you know where I woke up this morning? My couch. It's pretty goddamn embarassing, you know? I think I might have a problem.
      Tommy: I have been waiting for this momemnt for a long, long time. (hands him a pamplet)
      Sean: What's that?
      Tommy: It's a little thing we like to call the 20 questions. It's from alcohlics anoymous, it's kinda like a booze exam if you'd like to take it.
      Sean: Okay. (reads questions from it) 'Is drinking making your homelife unhappy?' It's mostly her drinking, so no. 'Do you drink because your shy with other people?' No. 'Is drinking affecting your reputation?' No. No. No. No. Why are you supposed to have yes' for this? Because if it's no's I'm gonna ace this thing.
      Tommy: Lou.
      Kenny: One time in the not so distant future my cousin Mike and I are gonna take out drinking. And if we notice you like to drink and get drunk and drink to excess, and if you pass the Shea cousin's drinking exam, then you will be called an alcoholic.
      Sean: Why's that?
      Kenny: Because we're all alcoholics, functioning yes, but blazin' alchie's all the same.

    • Tommy (about taking the Chief's daughter on a date): What if she gets interested?
      Kenny: Well, then you give her the whole: 'Look, I'm a mess, you're so great, and I can't give you what you need. So, I'm gonna have to do the horrible thing and walk away and think about you for the rest of my life, especially when I masturbate.'
      Tommy: Yeah the famous Lou end to the relationship line.

    • Colleen (about Wyatt): He kept me up all night last night, and I couldn't find a babysitter so I had to miss Tony's gig.
      Tommy: Yeah, well, welcome to babyland. This is what it's like. You're finally learning, you're not ready, okay?
      Colleen: My own kid will be completely different.
      Tommy: Oh, really? How's that?
      Colleen: 'Cause I will actually be in love with my own baby.
      Tommy: Oh, right, right. Love. I forgot, you're an expert on love.
      Colleen: Like you know. Like you're an expert on that.
      Tommy: I do know. I am an expert on love. I know enough to tell you this, you the two of yous, what's his name?
      Colleen: Tony.
      Tommy: Tony, okay? You think you're in love but one of these days, the two of 'ya, are gonna wake up and one of 'ya's, maybe both of 'ya's at the same time are gonna look at the other and say, 'you know what, I'm outta here.' You know, you're 18 years old, he's your first boyfriend.
      Colleen: Okay, well, you met mom in high school and she was 16.
      Tommy: Okay, you know what? We... we didn't start having sex until, you know, later.
      Colleen: She was pregnant with me before she even graduated.
      Tommy: Right. We fell in love, and then we had sex, that's-- that's how it happened. It was real love. It wasn't this, y'know, Fake Babyhead, lead singer, rock and roll love. What? Listen to me, I know what I'm talkin' about. I wasn't the lead singer in a band, okay? I had a real job.
      Colleen: Okay, so um, how do you go from sleeping with mom one second, to sleeping with Aunt Sheila the next?
      Tommy: Okay, it was a lot more complicated than that.
      Colleen: No, it's not. Tell me, okay? Explain that part of love to me.
      Tommy: First of all, I wasn't sleeping with your mom one second than Aunt Sheila the next.
      Colleen: Of course not.

    • Tommy (about the Jetta): You got any keys?
      Impound Guy: Yeah. (hands him a screwdriver)
      Tommy: You're kiddin' me.
      Impound Guy: Well, look on the bright side, if you lose it, there's 200 just like it at TruValue.

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