Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2006 on FX
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During a night out, Franco and Tommy meet two women. Tommy is finding himself bribing his daughter Colleen before she tells their mother about his indulgent treatment of her sister Katy. Jerry visits his wife Jeannie in her expensive nursing home and soon goes to Lou for financial help. Meanwhile John Sr. insists on having his 83rd birthday at a restaurant that no one else likes.moreless

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  • This one was a must see for anyone who loves this show.

    I found myself waiting for each frame with baited breath. it was fasinating to see the melt downs of so many people from so many different angles. Tommy'as discovery that is brother and his ex are banging, that his sister and Franco are banging... and then at the end Tommy banging his brothers head into a car window. I guess there is some poetic justice in that for him. However, there was something sad about the way in which Lou melted into such a deep depression that no one seems able to see it. I mean God they laughed at him and even the Vet who sewed up his hand laughed when he talked about bleeding too death. That did bother me just a little!!!moreless
  • Tommy's going through some rough times. I'm not gonna summerize it cause you need to just watch it!

    This is probably in my top 5 of All time TV episodes! Absolulty great. This show is funny and emotional! If you haven\\\'t watched every episode out yet... I suggest you jump aboard the Great television train! FX has the best shows next to The Sopranos! This is the best show out right now!!!!!!
  • And yea verily hath Tommy layeth down the smack.

    "Discovery" made for a //grand// opening.

    We got a nice exploration of how Sheila feels life is wronging her in every direction (but it was really cool that she'd hang out with Tommy's dad -- I loved how matter-of-factly he talked about needing someone looking after him). And Kenny's life is spiraling out of control. He looked like hell and I can't imagine what's happened to his personal hygiene. So his getting shot down by Susan Saradon was all the more painful. But he's going very dark. And Jerry can't tell something's up? I know he's got his own problems, but man, the way Kenny looked it's almost like jeez, guy, give him your spare change or something.

    And Tommy was almost resigned to the fact that Janet wasn't in his life just now. But for his brother -- who'd been the go-between, so now Tommy has no idea if he can trust [i]any[/i] information he's been getting about Janet ...

    Oh yeah.

    This was [i]so[/i] much worse than Roger (and cruel as it was, I was actually happy about most of the stuff he and Damien did to Roger). I felt bad when Tommy couldn't make a dent in the Mullet last season, but this season ...

    I mean, we've seen Tommy and Johnny fight before.

    And this was a [i]completely[/i] new level.

    What they did was incredibly dumb.

    But I'm really happy we have a season to watch what happens next.

    As for Sean and Mags, I think that's gonna get discovered quickly enough too, but this is why I hope it's a while yet:

    Mags is too damn funny.

    The way she says stuff to Garrity ("You look retahded!" etc.) is just [i]* snap *[/i]. And her account of what happened when she slept with Tommy's friend (which paints a really interesting picture of the inside of his head). Franco's right -- that girl is clinically messed up -- but she's such a shrew and Garrity doesn't even know enough to even be affected or frightened by it. Just like when he was shaggin' Nez.

    But again, Garrity's messing with her drink at Grandpa's 83rd birthday party showed far too much familiarity, and I loved Kenny at the party, just standing there listening to those two masters of deception Garrity and Johnny -- "Oh, this could get interesting after all."

    And I loved Susan Saradon, and her description of girls as opposed to women when talking with Franco. "They're just paper. The only sound they make is a little crinkle as you crumple them up and toss them aside."

    Much as Tommy discovered. She's hot and she's taut but there's no [i]there[/i] there. The more she said the dumber she seemed, and she said a [i]lot[/i]. :o

    His going for the tape was just classic. :D

    And much as I love Probie -- he's such a dork, and when he and Garrity are in a scene together you know you're about to witness the funniest of all stupidity -- I can see them nudging him out of the House so that Damien can be the Probie. And that being said, I loved Tommy's conversation with Franco about taking the lieutentent's exam ...

    Whoa ...

    I wonder if something even worse is gonna happen to Kenny. They wouldn't need another lieutentant ...

    Nah. Let that be a horrific surprise if it happens.

    [b]What's gonna happen next?[/b]

    With that massively huge reveal and Tommy beating the [i]crap[/i] outta Johnny (and possibly breaking Janet's arm), there's a lot of possibilities for this season.

    And in true "Rescue Me" fashion, I'd like to see Kenny steal all his ex-wife's stuff or burn her house down. Or track down Candi through her porn and beat the crap outta her.

    And I'd like to see Jerry kidnap his wife. He's getting desperate, and if Kenny's his lifeline they're [i]both[/i] gonna sink. If Jeanne escapes, that'd be a bad thing, too, but they're writing this one nicely for something interesting to happen.

    I'd like to see Teddy beat the murder rap through jury nullification.

    I'd like to see who all Colleen converts. :D

    And I'd like to see Franco make lieutenant. Everything he was saying about wanting a better life for Keisha showed he was a standup guy willing to do what it took.

    As for Tommy ...

    Oh, Tommy.

    I wanna see more ghosts, more fists and more demolition.

    Spiral that rage in [i]every direction[/i].


    And towards that end ...


    [i]Psst! Garrity's shaggin' ya sista![/i] :Dmoreless
  • Tommy finally finds out who is dating his ex-wife at Lou's 83rd birthday party.

    Ahh this episode was so nice. After all the fake happiness at the end of season 2 (of course cut short by Connor's death) it is nice to see Tommy completely real again.

    The birthday party was perfect. I really have to say I didn't know what Tommy was going to do, once again keeping in mind how he has stayed off the drinking. I wonder what he would have done if he had still been drinking actually. I have to also say I was cheering Tommy on. I mean you just don't date family's ex's! I mean most people wouldn't date their friends' ex's much less their own brother with his slew of problems! Ay ya yi, can't wait to see where the show goes next! His brother better not press charges.

    Also was it me or did anyone else see something more in Janet's eyes and she watched Tommy go (before tending to his annoying, horrible bad brother) ?moreless
  • Funny but realistic. This episode sums up why Rescue Me is great. The ending along with Lou\'s problems show how true the writers are to the characters and how well put-together each episode is.moreless

    I\'m not sure how the makers of Rescue Me are able to condense so many plotlines and characters into an hour-long episode while still fleshing them out to a satisfying degree every week, but they do. Tieing the Chief\'s situation with his wife to Lou\'s looming money problem gains sympathy for both characters while adding a little suspense to the season as to how both characters are going to end up in their respective calamities.

    Tommy\'s situation with his family seemed like it was going in the same direction as it did in previous seasons when he started spoiling and bribing the kids, but it took a strong turn at the end of the episode with his confrontation with his brother. At first I thought that the series might take the obvious road and drag this out for a few more episodes by making Tommy keep his mouth shut for the time being. The intensity of the moment lets the audience feel Tommy\'s sense of betrayal and disbelief.

    When Tom lept across the table, he proved that this show is as amazing as ever. The writers arent going to be untrue to the characters for the sake of dragging out the series.moreless
Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata

Franco Rivera

Denis Leary

Denis Leary

Tommy Gavin

Andrea Roth

Andrea Roth

Janet Gavin

Jack McGee

Jack McGee

Chief Jerry Reilly

John Scurti

John Scurti

Lt. Kenneth "Lou" Shea

Mike Lombardi

Mike Lombardi

Mike Silletti

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon


Guest Star

Alexa Havins

Alexa Havins

The Talker

Guest Star

Olivia Crocicchia

Olivia Crocicchia

Katy Gavin

Guest Star

Charles Durning

Charles Durning

Tommy's Dad

Recurring Role

Natalie Distler

Natalie Distler

Colleen Gavin

Recurring Role

Michael Zegen

Michael Zegen


Recurring Role

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    • Sheila: Hey, here comes the cake! (sings) Happy birthday...
      John Sr.: Shut your hole! Now, I'm warnin' each and everyone of ya right now, anyone who comes up with that happy birthday bullshit, I'm droppin' my pants and taking a leak on this cake and walk the hell outta here.

    • Colleen: Dad, when you want information you ask first then you offer the bribe. That's how it works, you did it the wrong way around this time.
      Tommy Duh. I was trying to be nice.
      Colleen: And oh, by the way, you're gonna have to gimme another hundred to keep me from tellin' Mom about you gettin' Katy sick.
      Tommy: Dream on. I'm not givin' you another dime.
      Colleen: Then I'm callin' her right now.
      Tommy: Go ahead. See if I care. (Colleen walks away, Tommy hears her dialing on the phone) Ugh! Alright. And you call yourself a Christian. (hands her the money) Unbelievable.

    • (Afer Colleen tells him that she's a born again Christian)
      Tommy: So what's the deal with these born again people?
      Colleen: Well, it means that I accept Jesus---
      Tommy: Yeah, yeah, I know all that. I'm talking about when it comes to (whispers) sex.
      Colleen: What?
      Tommy: When it comes to y'know (whispers) sex.
      Colleen: Oh, um, no sex until marriage.
      Tommy: Really? (Colleen nods) Cool I'm in.
      Colleen: But wait don't you wanna know about--
      Tommy: No, I'm good. One other thing, who's your mom datin'?
      Colleen: I can't tell you.
      Tommy: I'm pretty sure there's something in the Bible where Jesus says you should honor your father and your mother, and I think Jesus wants you to tell me who your mom is seein'.

    • Tommy: I thought the hot new thing at school was blow jobs?
      Colleen: Blow jobs were so last year, c'mon Dad, catch up.
      Katy: What's a blow job?
      Tommy: Uh, nothin', it's, uh, a hair cut...thing.

    • Sean: What do you got there, a drink?
      Maggie: Well, you know what they say, a little cocktail after a little cock. Not that your cock is little.
      Sean: Oh, that's very funny, because I was gonna start cryin'. Seriously, what is that?
      Maggie: It's a Manhattan. I'm going through a retro phase with booze.
      Sean: You know, my mother used to drink those, she used to lemme have the cherry. Ooh, can I have your cherry?
      Maggie: You know, you really look like a retard when you make that face.
      Sean: What? Sorry.
      Maggie: If you know me, I never put fruit in drinks. Cherries are for pies, slot machines and virgins. Do you see any of those around here?

    • Alicia: So you're intimidated.
      Franco: What? No.
      Alicia: The thought of being with a older woman who knows exactly what she wants and when she gets it, she knows how to keep it happy, that kinda scares you a little bit, huh?
      Franco: You know, I really gotta get back to my buddies.
      Alicia: Aren't you tired of girls? I mean, a guy like you, the way you look, I'm sure they're swarming over you like bees to a blossom, huh? (Franco kinda smiles) Yeah. But you're not really happy, are you? I mean, in bed of course, maybe, but afterwards when the you go to talk to them and they look at you with un-clouded eyes, you realize that they're just paper and the only sound they make is a crinkle when you ball them up and toss 'em aside. (Franco is silent) Don't you think you deserve a woman who is made of something a little more than paper?

    • Franco: You're awfully quiet over there, Lou. You got anythin' to add?
      Lou: Oh, don't worry, as soon as I think of somethin' equally idiotic, I'll chime right in.

    • (About Janet coming to John Sr's party)
      Tommy: I got no problem with it. Unless she brings her new boyfriend. (Sheila hands him the travel mug she bought) Then I'm gonna have to shove this Brokeback coffee-travel mug thing right up his goddamn ass.
      John Sr.: You know she's got a guy? (Tommy groans)
      Sheila: She didn't waste much time, did she? People call me a whore. (Tommy and John Sr. stare at her) Well, they do.

    • (About his birthday party)
      Sheila: It's going to be a disaster.
      John Sr.: What're you kiddin'? We're having Chink food and birthday cake. You can't have a disaster with that combination. If they woulda had Chink food and birthday cake at Normandy--World War II...over.

    • Sean: You know, she looks like my mom.
      Tommy: What did you say?
      Sean: That lady, she, she reminds me of my mom.
      Tommy: Shit.
      Jerry: Your mom is that hot?
      Sean: Oh yeah, oh yeah. I mean, hotter.
      Franco: Really? Your mom has that kind of face? Those lips? That kind of rack?
      Sean: Yeah, well, my mom's rack is a little bigger actually.
      Tommy: Where do you come off mentioning your mom and the word 'rack' in the same sentence?
      Sean: I'm just saying, my mom she's, she's got like a large set of... of uh, you know, she's really...
      Tommy: Enough! Jesus Christ!
      Sean: What?
      Tommy: Goddamnit... I was, I was gonna go over and talk to that chick! Let me correctify that. She's not a chick. In a room full of self-involved, young titless little chicks, she's a woman, okay? A real woman. Probably a very witty and wonderful woman...
      Franco: With a great rack.
      Tommy: The rack was secondary, okay? It doesn't matter now. But the point being, I can't go over there and talk to her now.
      Sean: But why, why not?
      Tommy: Because even if I went over to talk to her and got her to come home with me somehow, and got her to reveal the afore-mentioned great rack, all I would be thinking about is your mom's rack, and how great your mom's rack is. Not that I ever thought of your mom's rack before, but that's all I can think of now! Your mom's rack!
      Sean: Hey, whoa. You know what, my mom's married pal, okay? (Jerry laughs, and Tommy leaves) What?
      Franco: Forbidden fruit, ball face.
      Sean: You mean, like, melons?

    • Tommy: What is it?
      Sheila: It's a travel mug, so you can drink your coffee on your way to work. It's nice right?
      Tommy: Oh yeah, it's gorgeous. You should put a little screen on the side, so you can watch gay porn in between sips.

    • Colleen: Grandpa, did I tell you how much Jesus loves you?
      John Sr.: Yeah, but tell Jesus to lay off. I'm glad he loves me, but that's how rumors get started.

    • Mickey: This is where it happens. Most people who screw up in the program, this is the kind of thing that does it. You can go through all this trauma, pain, lose a kid, stay straight as an arrow. Then all of a sudden, there's a family get together, a birthday party. Bam. Perfect combination. Accessible booze, a little repressed hostility....
      Tommy: How do you handle it?
      Mickey: I smoke a ton of weed. (Tommy makes a face at him and Mickey leaves)
      Tommy: Asshole.

    • Lou: Now listen, the three of us guys gotta stick together, right? The three losers who couldn't get a date.
      Sean:... Right.
      Lou: You're seeing someone, right?
      Johnny: No, nuh-uh.
      Lou: You are, right?
      Sean: Yeah, yeah.. I mean.. nobody, nobody here. But I'm seeing someone who's, uh, someplace else... tonight. I gotta.. I gotta pee... I'll just... (walks away)
      Lou: I think he's dating somebody here. You?
      Johnny: I just said I wasn't dating anybody. Here or anyplace else.. Jesus Christ. (walks away)
      Lou: This is gonna be a lot more fun than I thought.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Tommy: I'm gonna shove this Brokeback coffee-travel mug thing right up his goddamn ass.

      Brokeback, refers to the movie, Brokeback Mountain. Starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie is about two cowboys who are married but fall in love with each other.

    • Episode Title: Discovery

      The title obviously refers to Tommy's discovery of the romantic relationship between Janet, his ex-wife, and Johnny, his brother. Tommy also finds out about Sean and Maggie's relationship too, when Sean takes a cherry out of Maggie's drink.