Rescue Me

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 11, 2004 on FX
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A "friendly" date between Tommy and the widow of his dead cousin takes a unexpected turn when she makes a move on Tommy. Franco's ex-girlfriend shows up at the firehouse and claims he's the father of her five-year-old daughter, turning his life upside down.

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  • This is a very special episode character development episode with outstanding, emotional, and very strong acting by Denis Leary. (Spoilers)

    Rescue Me continues to impress me as the episodes get better and better. It didn't surprise me very much, when the widow of Tommy's dead cousin made a move on him. Mainly, because I could see that she was attracted to him in previous episodes. I'm looking forward to seeing where their relationship goes now, and to see how Tommy handles the situation. The end of the episode is where this one really shines though. Tommy's daughter is in an automobile accident, causing him to, of course, have a very strong emotional reaction. The best scene of the episode was when Tommy was at the Church talking about what he thought about God, and how if his daughter died, he would want to know why God did it. This scene led to a great climax, having Tommy kneel down and pray for his daughter. Overall, I give this episode, DNA, a 9.5 out of 10.moreless
  • Franco's ex-girlfriend comes back to look for him. Tommy's daughter has a terrible turn while Chief Riley gets reprimanded by division for his assault on a gay man.

    This show really has die hard fans. These characters are hard to relate, unlikable and at times pathetic.

    Tommy himself whose the main character is self-destructive and a jerk. Franco is a sexist pig and the Chief himself is a homophobic maniac.

    Anyhow, it's not surprising then a lot of bad things end up happening to the characters through each episode. Tommy's daughter gets hurt while Tommy and his ex-wife start blaming each. Riley gets suspended for a definite time and gets a hearing about the attack on a gay man.

    In a way, it's like a dysfunctional show with firefighters as the subplot. FX is really great at this stuff as a guilty pleasure.moreless
  • I love this show already!

    Though it has been on for a few weeks at the time

    I love this show already and makes me appreciate both

    Of my brother and brother in laws as firefighters

    Great writing and acting in this show is really good but also just making it look real, btw it is shot in NYC!

    Just love this show and praise it for being very real!
  • Some of the most powerful television I've ever seen.

    For me, this entire episode comes down to Colleen in the hospital and Tommy in the church.

    We're really still getting to meet Tommy Gavin. As of this episode, we've seen the troubles he's had at home, seeing dead people, watching his wife pursue a new relationship while he does as well, his struggles with alcoholism in the face of outrageous destruction. And a nascent tryst with his cousin's widow which he's trying to keep his cousin -- his dead firefighting cousin -- from discovering.

    We know he's Catholic, and we know he loves his kids and that he still has love for their mother. But up until now, his faith has seemed a little ... unexplored.

    It's shaken to its foundations when he sees his little girl in a neck brace on a gurney.

    The opening lyrics of Tyrone Wells' song .. oh heck, it's a short song. Here it is:


    [i]When all is said and done

    And I'm looking back upon this race I've run

    And when my heart gives in.

    I know you will be beside me precious friend

    It's just the same from the beginning to the end

    When all is said and done.

    If I lose my way

    And I wander down this open road for days

    And if the sun should fall

    And the dancing we once did becomes a crawl

    Let the memories move like shadows on the wall

    If I lose my way.

    When I'm coming home

    And I walk across the bridge of death alone

    I will fix my eyes

    On the One that's waiting on the other side

    It's my old friend with countless others there beside

    When I'm coming home[/i]


    That lyric comes on the heels of one of the most heartfelt demands for healing born of struggle I've seen on television. A father in pain for his daughter's hurt demanding answers from G-d, from his priest, from his faith, and is not in any satisfactory way answered. But because he is himself, a "ghost magnet" or whatever, and his entourage of spirits ... grows by one ...

    I need a moment.

    She's so ... scared. Her face registers such confusion, "What am I doing here?" And so lost. And she's so beautiful, it's just ...

    Dammit, Leary -- with that scene and that song, the show ripped the heart from my chest and stomped on it and shoved it back in. Many viewings, many months now after the initial shock, I return to that scene and I can't watch it without choking up.

    It's exactly the same set of emotional cues that follow Janet into the hospital room in S2, the way she moves, the way her body speaks and cramps with pain as she moves to cradle her dead son when all hope is lost.

    And yet, somehow I can reconcile myself to Connor's death and her loss. Tommy's rage is a huge factor in that, and I know he's going to avenge it.

    Colleen's death, however, seeing her soul among the souls, seeing Tommy break, I cannot make myself OK with. And seeing her vanish does not comfort. My heart shatters for Tommy Gavin in that moment, and it takes a little while to pull it together.

    That scene is art. It's nothing short of tear-making, soul-shredding art and it's a gross injustice that this show is so consistently passed over for Emmy recognition.

    And this episode makes that injustice a travesty.

    Really beautiful storytelling, people. Beautiful.moreless
  • A lot of messed up stuff

    Tommy, Tommy, Tommy… How could he kiss Jimmys widow? I so didn’t want him to kiss her.

    So, Franco’s a dad? Actually he looks like he would be a good father. I understood his anger when Nez told him, I guess any one would react like he did. She only tells him after five years? Why? It doesn’t make any sense.

    When Geneva invited him to do a 3 way with them, I was actually surprised with “new Mikes” response. On one hand I thought he would accept it, because lets face it, he’s a guy; on the other hand, he is a little fragile. Lol And it did look like Geneva’s fiance was gay lol By the way he was acting…

    This episode did have a lot of …hmm… can I say sex? Well it did lol But all in all, a good episode.

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Patricia Velasquez


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Susan A. Ashton


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Father Mickey Gavin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Tommy and Sheila are first shown having dinner, her wine glass goes from being in her hand to being on the table when she tells him Damian bought an iPod.

    • Goof: The scratch marks on Sean's neck are gone after Franco comes back inside to talk with Sean after having words with Nez and discovering he's the father of Keela.

    • Goof: Sheila's wine glass mysteriously fills up with wine after she downs it and no one refills it.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Janet: Tommy, I can't get any answers in there.
      Tommy: You know what? (grabs her arm and pushes her against the building, and pins her there) Hey, what did I tell you, huh? What did I tell you?
      Janet: Get the hell off of me!
      Tommy: I told you to get your priorities straight, huh. Get your shit together. You wanted to be in charge of the kids, and what happened? She's lying in a hospital bed while you're trying to get laid with you loser goddamn boyfriend! (they shove each other and he finally lets her go)
      Janet: And where have you been?!
      Tommy: Where was I? At work! Paying your goddamn bills!
      Janet: Tommy, this isn't about our bullshit. This is about our little girl in there.
      Tommy: Don't tell me.
      Janet: Goddamn you, Tommy.
      Tommy: It's on your head!

    • Tommy: You remember that blonde that we met at the Bubble Bar last month? You were with me, right?
      Franco: Yeah, yeah. The one you banged that night?
      Tommy: Actually, I've been banging her ever since, but I don't know her name.
      Franco: Damn. How're you pulling that off?
      Tommy: Well, it's like a late night booty-call. Not a lot of conversation, you know?
      Franco: Yeah, those are the best.
      Tommy: Well, I gotta come up with a name soon, man.
      Franco: Yeah. You know what? You could do that thing where you introduce her to somebody. You say the other person's name but not hers, and then she has to say "Hi, I'm..." Fill in the blank.
      Tommy: Never gonna work.
      Franco: Why not?
      Tommy: Because I never take this chick out in public.
      Franco: Ah, yeah.
      Tommy: See?
      Franco: Yeah, you got yourself a real goddamn dilemma there.
      Tommy: Yeah, broads. It's not enough that you're bangin' 'em like crazy, now you gotta know their names.

    • (About Damian)
      Sheila: And get this, he bought an iPod.
      Tommy: Oh, Christ. He bought a car?

    • (On the phone)
      Colleen: Dad it's me. There's a--
      Tommy: No.
      Colleen: But you don't even know--
      Tommy: No.
      Colleen: Can I just tell you what--
      Tommy (talking over her): No, no, no. If it's a place you're not going. If it's a thing you're not getting it. If it's an animal, vegetable or mineral, absolutely not. Actually vegetables are good for you so take that off of the list.

    • Father Mickey: Tom, I, uh, I don't know what you want me to say.
      Tommy: Mick... I want you to say that it's all... it's bullshit. You know? There is no plan, there is no map. There's no golden ring at the end of the ride. It's just... bullshit. You know? (sighs) I want you to take away the hope, man, that's the thing that's killing me. You know,it's just... it's like, uh... I'm just hanging here, man. Hope is making me think I can fix my marriage, you know? The day of Jimmy's funeral... you stood up on that altar and you said, "Sometimes we don't know why God does the things that he does." But I'm telling you... Mick... if he takes my little girl tonight... I'm going to want to know why.
      Father Mickey: That's why you got to hold on to the hope, Tom. 'Cause in the end, that's all we got left.

    • Lou: Wait a minute, you passed on a three way? Was she hot?
      Mike: Way hot.
      Lou: What're you nuts?
      Mike: Lou, I would have to had sex in front of another guy.
      Lou: So block him out.
      Mike: But what if I get hit with friendly fire?
      Lou: Well, make sure you're done first and then get the hell out of the way. Jesus, it's true what they say: Three-ways, like youth, are wasted on the young.

    • Andrew: Oh, God, I cannot wait until my fiancée gets here. I got to tell her this.
      Mike: Fiancée?
      Andrew: Mmmhmm.
      Mike: Oh, man, I was way off.
      Andrew: She's great, too. Her name's Geneva.
      Mike: Like the salami?
      Andrew: Uh, no, uh that's Genoa. Uh, like, like the city Geneva.

    • Mike: Look, Andrew, before we go any further I think there's something you need to know about me.
      Andrew: Okay.
      Mike: I'm just going to come right out and say it. (he pauses) I'm not homo... sexual.
      Andrew: Well neither am I.

    • Lou: Sounds like this guy's got a Savior complex.
      Mike: What's that?
      Lou: Well, you saved his life. He feels indebted to you. It happens to all of us. One time, I save this old broad, she just had to thank me. So get this. She puts me in her will.
      Mike: Wow. What happened?
      Lou: Nothing. Waiting for her to die.

    • (On the phone, Franco is in a club with two girls by him)
      Franco: So, it's, uh, it's Nancy or Lauren, huh? I don't know, man, she didn't look like a Nancy to me. I'd go with Lauren.
      Tommy: I kinda secretly was hoping she was a Nancy.
      Franco: Why's that?
      Tommy: 'Cause Nancy's give better head.
      Franco: Oh, you've researched that?
      Tommy: Uh, basing it on the two Nancy's that I've known.
      Franco: So, uh, you been with a Lauren?
      Tommy: Uh, one.
      Franco: Oh, yeah? And the head was uh...
      Tommy: Look, there's no such thing as bad head, it's just a matter of degrees.
      Franco: Yeah, agreed. (to the girls next to him) Uh, girls what're you're names?
      Heather: Heather.
      Brittney: Brittney.
      Franco (to Tommy): What about Heather and Brittney? Where do those two names fall on the chart?
      Tommy: Heather and Brittney I'd say... top 3.
      Franco: Oh, yeah. It's my night.

    • Sean: Hey, Franco. Some chick named Nez is here to see you.
      Franco: Nez. Are you sure?
      Sean: Yeah. Why, who is she?
      Franco: Ex-girlfriend. The greatest piece of ass I've ever had. In bed, she's in the Hall of Fame. Out of bed she's a nightmare. She's nuts, you know? Loco. She stabbed me once. Technically, twice.
      Sean: Technically?
      Franco: Yeah. The second time was with a pencil. It didn't really break the skin. I couldn't really press charges without lookin' like a pussy. You know, one time she beat the living shit out of me?
      Sean: Oh, come on. She's a chick, bro.
      Franco: Yeah, not when she's high she ain't. Touch of tequila, dollop of blow, she's the Jolly Green goddamn Giant.

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