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***SPOILER*** Last Episode thoughts and views.

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    [1]Sep 9, 2011
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    So what did you think of the end of REscue me? I thought it was a fitting end, but was unhappy to see Lou go bye-bye, although somebody had to bite the bullet....

    Nice way to bring it full circle, from the beginnings of the show when Tommy was talking to his dead brother to the end, where he is conversing with his dead friend. Also, I can't remember for sure, but I swear I remember a similar "probie" class in the first episode, and they ended with one as well. Nice symmetry.

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    [2]Sep 10, 2011
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    A fitting ending to a great show. I do agree that they could have done without killing Lou. Form this season started with what seemed more of the same and I was a bit disappointed but midway the season it turned into the best season ever. I will miss this show a lot.
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    [3]Sep 11, 2011
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    I enjoyed it as well, but was confused by the opening scene, with Lou giving the eulogy and the 5 caskets. What/who is that about? Was that supposed to be the 9/11 eulogy for their fallen fire house members or some what?
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    [4]Sep 13, 2011
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    A little disappointed we only get 9 episodes.
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    [5]Sep 17, 2011
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    The opening sequence of the final episode was Tommy's dream...we were led to believe based on previews of this episode from last week, as well as by its very beginning, that Lou was the survivor and the rest of the gang perished...alas, not the case, as ultimately it was Lou speaking to Tommy with regards to what a fitting sendoff/funeral would be for his best friend.

    Overall, I very much enjoyed the episode, the perfect combination of humor and respect to the fallen---I mean, seriously, who could imagine these guys acting any other way than this? To get too maudlin would have them contemplate too closely their own potential demise...and no one really wants to do that, especially with what they had just been through.

    No, this final episode touched all the right notes. Well done.

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    [6]Oct 1, 2011
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    Yaspaa wrote:
    A little disappointed we only get 9 episodes.

    The final season was split into 2 small seasons so the final 9 were actually just the end of the season started last year.

    I liked the finale even though I wish they never made a finale and the show stayed on the air. I'm glad they kept Tommy alive but I wish he'd have taken a supervisory or desk job to finish the show so he could finally be a good father to the new baby. I actually thought he was going to be a instructor at the Fire Academy but they kept him in his same job and moved Franco up to Lieutenant.

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    [7]Oct 28, 2011
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    They are broadcasting the entire series on FX in the wee hours. I saw ep 1 and was confused for a while. It started out with the exact scene of Tommy 'talking' to the new probies right up to him driving away. It all made sense when instead of talking to Lou he talked to his dead cousin.

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    [8]Mar 13, 2012
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    I preferred the "dream" ending, it was that right emotional end to a decent show. The funny thing about this show is its centered around macho guys who arent supposed to show their feelings, but that is what this show is most about, cathartic release of emotions. When the episode opened, with Lou walking down with the five caskets, and giving a resounding speech about what heroes the guys were , that was it. Thats how the show should have ended, the speech, the crowds reaction, and a fade to black and then maybe a paragraph of white text on a black background commemorating the 9/11 firefighters. That would have been an end, a decisive finale with closure.

    Now though, with the ending they gave, its just more of the same old bullshit, just with out Lou. We know Tommy didnt change, and in the end, Janet even gives him an out and tells him to get back on the truck. What was the point of it all then? The character never learns from his mistakes, and keeps messing everything up.

    The playground scene was ridiculous BTW. If that is how real children's playgrounds are in New York, I'm just glad I'm not out there, because I would have had a similar explosion as Tommy. Really? Forcing kids to share? That doesn't teach them to share, just makes them resent the other kids. Jeez.

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