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Submission Guidelines

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    1. Summaries-- Try to make them as complete as possible. Do NOT keep trying to fix errors one at a time in the summary in an attempt to move up in the rankings. It's not going to work. You should be able to fix them all at one time. Also, do not just submit a Production Code just to get points either. Adding a URL for your submission if it is before it airs, is also a big help to me.

    2. Recaps-- Please try to include most of the things that happened on the show. You'd be surprised at what you think is not important. Many times it turns out that is important for upcoming episodes.
    3. Allusions: If you are going to use them as quotes, that's fine. Please be sure to place underneath what it is alluding to and if you have a source you can put in your comment box that would be great.

    Vincent Van Gogh:
    Gideon: Calm down, I'm not ready to start chopping off any ears yet.

    Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) was an extremely important artist of the 19th century. He was very good friends with another famous painter, Paul Gauguin. In 1888, after having a fight with Gauguin, Van Gogh returned home and took a razor to his own ear and cut downward so that the lower part of his left ear was gone. He then went and gave it to a prostitute.

    I've noticed others like to do them this, and these are also acceptible.

    Bold the reference (ie. Haley's Comet), and then put a : after it. Then write a brief sentence or two on who mentioned it, and what it is, like so:

    Haley's Comet: Sam and Will discuss Craig's love of Haley's Comet, which is perhaps the best known comet in the world. It is visible to us without aid of a telescope every 76 years, and was last near Earth in 1986. Haley's Comet will be back in 2061.

    4. Quotes: There can be such a thing as too many quotes per episode. Try to just include the ones that are funny or are important to the story line or future episodes, if you are doing an older episode.

    Most quotes should look like this...

    Sophie: (chooses a credit card from Paisley’s hands) Claudette (picks another card) Madelyn.
    Madelyn: Yes
    Sophie: (picks a third card) Too bad (sarcastically) I really wanted the miles.
    Paisley: (shocked) Guess this one’s on me.
    Sophie: Thanks.

    5. Notes: Things to include here: Someone not in the episode, someone's first appearance, someone's last appearance, any music, any nominations that episode received. If it happened ON the show, it does not go here, that is trivia.

    6. Trivia: Any goofs you may notice or some odd trivia about something that happened in that episode is appropriate here. This is NOT to be used for someone that happened behind the scenes of the episode. If you saw if on the air for the episode, it goes here.

    7. Guest Stars: Try not to submit guest stars from imdb.com as they are often wrong and if you are going to submit them before the show airs, please include a url where you got the information. Also, do not submit guest stars one at a time for an episode. It's called gaming the system and it's not going to work.

    Reasons You Might Get Rejected
    You didn't bother to spell check.
    You don't listen to repeated warnings.
    You didn't format your submission at all.
    You didn't format your submission correctly.
    Trailing returns at the end of your submission.
    You submitted to wrong area (Trivia vs. Notes).
    You forgot that show titles go in italics.
    You forgot that episode titles go in quotation marks.
    You forgot that scripted lines do not get italicized, bolded, or put in quotation marks.
    You forgot that the names of character in the quotes section should be bolded.
    Your quote is filler in the episode.
    Your quote lacks appropriate context.

    If you have any questions about something you want to submit, but don't know how to do it, just PM me. I'm usually on most of the day.

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