Rescue Me

Season 5 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2009 on FX
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An exotic woman comes by and that sparks mixed emotions in the house. Tommy deals with possible explusion from the FDNY and a new sponsorship role in AA.

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  • good but not great

    I started watching this show through DVDs and just started watching it on TV a couple years ago. I can't think of any episode that I would consider bad. "French" was a good enough episode, but it lacked something and I'm not sure what. Although it had it's funny parts, such as the guys and their bar, the pace was a little slower than normal. It was almost as if this episode was a filler.

    I was especially hoping there would be more emphasis on Mick's meltdown from the previous episode or more emphasis on Tommy's Section 8 review... It seemed like the writers had been leading up to this Section 8 so much (even last season!) that when it was actually addressed, it was just glossed over.

    Here's hoping that tonight's episode will be a bit better...moreless
  • Tommy heads off to his section 8 review via his ex's, the new bar and a heroic rescue.

    As a new viewer of this series I would have to say that it - and it's quirky characters - are beginning to grow on me....after just two episodes. I amnot crazy about the language or the sexual situations. THAT is what kept me away from it for four seasons. But I am finding that I love the relationship between Tommy and his cousin. They seem to be strong supporters and antagonists of one another....just like a 'real' family. The 'test' in the bar was great after his cousin's public fall off the wagon in the last episode. Tommy's relationship with his ex...and hers with her new beau (played by a hard scrabble looking Michael J. Fox)...are hysterical. Tommy seems to have accepted that she has moved on to someone really, really, really, REALLY good for her (and scratch the last really...hee). And the rallying of the guys in the firehouse to clean up the bar and to support Tommy are delightfully funny and sweet. Black Shawn's desire - and fear - to come clean with Tommy about his relationship with Colleen was endearing. The look on Tommy's face when he realized he had passed muster at the section 8 review, even if it was a revenge move on the part of the examiner, was classic. Just classic.

    But the things I find most affecting are the 'work' scenes. Tommy's heroic rescue of the woman trapped in the car - without regard for anything except doing his 'job' - created a picture of respect for anyone in that profession. Even more for the NYC fire fighters were the recountings of what they went through on 9/11. I thought maybe the writer thing would be over done. How many times do we have to hear about it? However, Lou's affecting recounting of the things they would do for the families, such as creating a 'body' on the stretcher when only a finger had been found, was profound and definitely haunting. (John Scurti is definitely my current favorite.) And THAT is the sort of thing that will draw me as a permanent viewer.moreless
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Gina Gershon


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Karina Lombard

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Terry Serpico

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    • Tommy: You know guys, I'm sure you're aware, if this doesn't go my way, which I'm sure it won't, they're gonna put me on immediate light duty and the odds are that I'm not gonna be comin' back to the firehouse. I just wanted to say--
      Mike, Sean, Franco (same time): Nah, nah, Tommy. We feel that same way. It's been an honor working with you.
      Tommy: Lemme just get this out of the way, and say it outloud, as firefighters, it's like a football team, y'know our pluses and minuses balanced out and we made a great team, we really did. And I felt really safe working with you guys, and you saved my ass many times and vise virsa. But... you know, I felt blessed, and the other thing that I wanted to say... (they all tell him he doesn't have to) Lemme just say this stuff, very quickly because it needs to be said, in case the guy that comes in and stands in my shoes doesn't put it out on the table, I'll do it for him. Number 1, you're a moron. (points to Sean) Don't argue with me, because you proved it in spades when you married my goddamn sister, okay? (Mike laughs) What are you laughin' about? Because if he's a moron, you're the king of the morons. Don't gimme the look... Do me a favor, spell 'moron'.
      Mike: Okay, spell what? (Franco laughs)
      Tommy: Franco, I really, wished you weren't the guy who laughed the hardest at that because, if you took one idota of energy that you spend everyday chasin' pussy and you put into somethin' good, like I don't know, helpin' man kind, I'm pretty sure at this point we'da stitched up the whole in the ozone layers, there'd be no more wars, and this party would be in a bar by owned by you and the planet Neptune. (to Black Shawn) You, can't really say too much about you, because I don't know well enough and it wouldn't be fair to judge you. But, life's unfair, so lemme get it out of the way, you probably suck, too. (points to Lou) And this, my best friend, who is not only a loser with women and a giant slob, but a goddamn lush. (Lou nods) Case closed. So what does that say about me? Good luck, guys. See 'ya later.

    • Tommy (about Dwight): Cripled and crazy, unbelievable!
      Janet: This is the reason why you can't just come over without calling first.
      Tommy: Yeah, 'cause he's out of his mind.
      Janet: No, 'cause four minutes earlier and you would've walked in on us having sex.
      Tommy: Who?
      Janet: Dwight and me.
      Tommy: Ha-Having what kinda sex?
      Janet: Sex. Sex, sex!
      Tommy: Like, regular...
      Janet: With his penis, okay? His penis gets hard at random times so we have sex when that happens. And since he doesn't have full sensation, it lasts a really, really, really long time.

    • Dwight: Come back here, I'm gonna kick your ass!
      Tommy: You're gonna kick my ass? What do you want me to lay down on the floor so you can drive over my ass?
      Dwight: That's a start!

    • Dwight (after challenging Tommy to a fight): He's gettin' cold feet.
      Tommy: I'm not gettin'-- Hey, at least I can feel mine.
      Dwight: Ha! You are a prick!

    • Needles: You on tomorrow?
      Tommy: No. I'm helping the Three Stooges with the bar and then I got that thing.
      Needles: Oh, that section 8 bullshit. Freinburgh can't wait that dirty prick. You know he's already got some guy picked out to take your place on the crew?
      Tommy: So I hear.
      Needles: I'm gonna miss 'ya.
      Tommy: Oh thanks for the bode of confidence.
      Needles: I'm a realist.
      Tommy: Oh, that's nice.

    • Tommy (about his dad): Teddy, his was 82, okay--
      Teddy: What are you puttin' time limits on people now? Shut your mouth. Just because it's okay for you, doesn't mean it's goddamn okay for the rest of us.
      Tommy: Who says it's okay for me?
      Teddy: I seen 'ya, I seen 'ya at the funeral. I'm up there cryin' my eyes out like a bitch and you're sitting there like a goddamn stone. And then all that shit you said the other night after we watched the movies? You make me sick just to look at you. You're glad he's gone, you're glad because now you don't have to look at the kind of man that you'd never be.

    • Franco: Hot date, Lou?
      Kenny: You know I never discuss female thermodynamics.

    • Sean: I'm sorry, you bought a lezbo bar? What are you crazy?
      Mike: Well, it was a lezbo bar a long time ago.
      Sean: Well, Mike, the whole reason we're doin' this, the whole reason we're buyin' this bar is because of the pussy vibe.
      Mike: And to make money, dude.
      Franco: No, Sean-o's right, it's because of the pussy.
      Sean: Yeah, and now you stuck us with a place that possibly has the wrong pussy vibe...
      Black Shawn: Is there any pussy vibe that's wrong?
      Mike: And you know what? The realtor said that years ago this whole building was a gynocologist's office.
      Sean: Okay, now, I gotta rethink the whole pussy vibe thing. Maybe it was a gyncologist's office longer than it was a lezbo bar. Which then, the good pussy vibe might conteract the bad.
      Kenny: I've waited my whole life for this. We're actually having a discussion about pussy fung-shway.

    • Tommy: We did have a kid in the old neighborhood, Bobby Morgan, claimed he jacked off 17 times in one 24 hour period.
      Sean: No way.
      Franco: 17 times, is that even possible?
      Tommy: Well, even more amazing than that, it was a school day.
      Sean: Shit, 17 times.
      Tommy: Yeah, he said the last time, it pretty much just came out air.
      Sean: So his cock farted? I mean, come on, if it comes out air, it's a fart.

    • Kenny: Thomas, you're just in time for another in a series of gripping exchanges and deep thought and personal wisdom.
      Tommy: What are we talkin' about?
      Kenny: Today's topic is the most number of times they've masterbated in one day.
      Franco: Yeah, I'm 7, Sean's 4. Lou?
      Kenny: 3.
      Sean: Just 3?
      Kenny: Well, it's only 8:30, the day's young. I'd go for 4, but I'm doing food prep.
      Sean: Well, yeah, but it takes a little longer now, I mean, the older you get... don't you need more time in between... you know...
      Kenny: Ejaculations?
      Sean: Well, I mean, that's if you get technical, I was gonna say jizzes.

    • Black Shawn: I'm just waitin' for Tommy, I gotta talk to him.
      Needles: Oh, about bangin' his daughter?
      Black Shawn: What the hell! Who told you? ... Lou!
      Needles: Lou's bangin' her, too?
      Black Shawn: That's some bullshit, I cannot believe he told you. It's supposed to be top secret!
      Needles: I heard it from Neills.
      Black Shawn: Neills knows?
      Needles: What are you so suprised about? People hear juicy gossip, they're gonna spread it around. This is a firehouse, you take away the rig, the gear and the testerone, it's nothing but a goddamn sorority in here.

    • Tommy (after Mickey slaps him): What was that for?
      Mickey: Nothin', it just felt so good the first time.

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