Rescue Me

Season 7 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 10, 2011 on FX

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  • When shows have fun, the audience does too. I don't know about you, but I smiled throughout this entire episode.


    So I pretty much only write reviews when I really get into an episode. This episode is no different. The general feel of this episode from wall to wall was just honest feel good insanity. So typically, the show is about the insane life of Tommy Gavin, the people around him, and how their over the top lives fit into a normal every day life. However, this episode took that idea and flipped it on its head and introduced the idea that the insane (instead of trying to be normal) act as such, or what Tommy called, liars, cheaters, drunks, and "stealers" (golden choice of words). Not to mention, there's something to be said about watching any family come together, just to survive.

    The episode was full of great lines from the peanut gallery as usual (Sean and his stinky girlfriend's lines were a tad off putting), but something about how the lines were delivered in this episode, just made me laugh harder, even at the start of the episode. Mike sliding in the comment about some guy named Doug at HQ he had "relations" with, and even the Godfather one liner thrown in, felt like they had some extra kick. And their comedic responses to situations, like Teddy's "I called the cops to even it up, because your boys are getting beaten up in there" comment were so smooth and convincing. Callie Thorne just delivers on every level of crazy too, from crazy widow, to crazy lover, to crazy aunt, to crazy sister/mother/friend. And to be honest, I just watched tonight's episode of Necessary Roughness, and let's just say, her role on Rescue Me might be more crucial to this show, than her role on Necessary Roughness is to that show (where clearly Nico steals the spotlight, different review).

    Again, the episode was about people coming together and the good/bad that comes out of it. The guys at the firehouse tracking down "Doug" came together, the FDNY/NYPD love/hate/war relationship spawned a brawl and some really amusing lines about the Loch, and the Gavins, especially Tommy, embracing the craziness of life together to create a lying cheating black mailing plan that would have Russian gangsters cringing and laughing. And with Sheila's last line, it brought it all back to the central theme of the series, cautious optimism with a hint of foreboding insanity, a perfect way to end the episode. In the end, it's hard not to have fun watching that episode, especially when the characters in it seem to be having fun too.

    PS I also LOVED the fact that as soon as the episode began, and Franco (the only negative Nancy in the firehouse) did his pout thing and walked off, he wasn't seen again for the rest of the episode. I assume some editing was part of the reason, but I think it was a great choice by the director to keep all the rain away from this episode's parade.