Rescue Me

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 22, 2007 on FX
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The Gavin family AA group's first meeting doesn't go exactly as planned. Tommy bribes Colleen for information on Janet. Franco learns the truth about Natalie from Richie while Lou contemplates revenge on Cousin Mike.
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  • I think this is one of those plot development episodes...

    The action was slowing down and we get to learn more about the Gavin household. I think it is that far in the season where the story line has to slow down just a tad in order for the side stories to develope.

    From the knowing about Tommy's past fear of heights, Sean trying to become an alcoholic, Mike going to get himself a mom and daughter act, Coleen getting a new car to further the story line of Janet, Lou pondering to get even with his cousin, and finally to Franco getting to spy on his 'ex's' new boyfriend. Now lets kick it in gear...moreless
  • Tommy is always playing both ends and in the middle.He wants his uncle to quit drinking while he still struggles with alcoholism himself. He has lost his family is bribing Colleen with a car to tell him where his wife and other children are.moreless

    Thought this was a good episode watching Tommy struggle with his faith. He wants to believe in something so he decides to go to church and of course his cell phone rings and he goes into the confessional.He is trying to do the right things but ends up in the wrong place. Then there is Franco who puked his guts out to propose and then she ditches him. I like the fact the the brother comes to Franco and tells him he likes him better than the new guy.

    Poor Mike is lonely and needs loving and Tommy is trying to help him too.

    Underlying plot; Tommy is willing and able to help others but unable to help himselfmoreless

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    • John Sr.: As far as I'm concered, God was your mother. The way she raised you kids, the love she showed you. The way she helped you overcome all the stuff that scared the shit outta 'ya. The height thing, the bee thing, your mother was a saint.
      Tommy: What heights thing? I'm not afraid of heights. What are you talkin' about? I'm a goddamn fireman for christ's sake, I'm up on the ladder, up in the bucket every other goddamn day.
      John Sr.: No, not now, thanks to her. Christ, she couldn't even put you in a highchair. But she cured 'ya, she took you up on the roof, held you over the side, and tickled you with her nose, the next thing you know, you were begging her to throw you up in the air.
      Tommy: What was the bee thing?
      John Sr.: You're deathly afraid of them. You used to wear a wool hat in the summer so they wouldn't bite you on the head. I don't think you ever got over that. There's one now.
      Tommy (startles and looks around): Where?
      John Sr. (laughs): Gotcha.

    • John Sr. (on the phone): Listen, I need to talk to 'ya.
      Tommy: Well, go ahead, talk away, I got nothin' but time right now. What?
      John Sr.: Nah, nah, nah. I mean in person, face-to-face.
      Tommy: Why?
      John Sr.: Because I'm your goddamn father, that's why. Meet me at Hammerheads.
      Tommy: The bar?
      John Sr.: No, the synagogue, asshole.

    • Tommy (on the phone): Hey, how 'ya doin'?
      Mike: The knee's still really sore, but I feel better, a lot better.
      Tommy: Yeah? What are you doin'?
      Mike (eating ice cream): Uh, nothin'. Ju-- Just chillin'.
      Tommy: Doin' what?
      Mike: Nothin'.
      Tommy: You're mopin', aren't 'ya?
      Mike: No, I'm not mopin'.
      Tommy: You're havin' a giant mope-fest over there, aren't 'ya?
      Mike: No, I- I was just readin'.
      Tommy: You're reading? That guarentees me that you're mopin'. Here's what I want you to do, when they were bringin' me down off the fire escape, the other night by your place, I noticed down the block there's like a bar/cafe thing. I want you to put away the ice cream, yeah, yeah, I know you're eating ice cream, yeah. That which guartees again, moping. I want you to put on somethin' nice, go down there and meet somebody, alright? Preferablly a girl.

    • Janet: So what did you have to buy Colleen to get this address out of her?
      Tommy: Hi. A new car. (Janet goes to say something) Wait, if you seen the shit box she was taken the goddamn baby--
      Janet: Hey, language.
      Tommy: Sorry.
      Janet: I don't want you here, okay? This is a fresh start for me and I don't need this bullshit--
      Tommy: Language!

    • Sean: Hey, check it out, look what Shawn found.
      Black Shawn: Antique lamp, totally untouched by the fire or smoke.
      Franco: Pretty cool, huh?
      Kenny: Hand it over, you mugs. (they hand it to him) Alright, three things, okay? This is private propery, which means it belongs to someone, which means it has memories and emotions attached to it, it could possibly be a family heirloom. Second, taking private property from the scene of the fire, damaged or not, okay? Is against department regulations.
      Franco: What's the third thing, Lou?
      Kenny: It looks like it's a reading lamp from a bedside table, which means there's probably another one exactly like it lying around, if you could find that and bring it directly to me, I'd apperciate it. (they all turn to go look for it) Thank you.
      Tommy: You know what, that's gonna go real nice with that head board that you got out of the furniture warehouse fire last year.
      Kenny: It's the fun side of being a boss.

    • Kenny (discussing whether or not he should have sex with his cousin Mike's girlfriend as revenge for his cousin having sex with Teresea): There's only one problem: She's black.
      Tommy: Are we talkin' Halle Berry black, or Jennifer Hudson black?
      Kenny: Aretha Franklin black.
      Tommy: Holy shit.
      Kenny: Now, not to say I have anything against black women, I think they happen to be very, very beautiful, it's not a racial thing at all.
      Tommy: No, no, no. Nobody's talkin' about nobody's skin color or anything. Lemme ask you this, can she sing?
      Kenny: How the hell do I know?
      Tommy: Well, I'm just askin' because sometimes a talent in one area can overcome or take the edge off a lack of talent in the other area.
      Kenny: Did I also mention that she's fat?
      Tommy: Oh, she's fat? How fat?
      Kenny: I mean, she'd have to be able to sing, dance, paint, and figure skate just to take the edge off, and even then there'd be a lot of edge left.
      Tommy: Okay, you know what? You'd have to be psycologically damaged, or maybe have a dent in your head to even think about possibly having sex with somebody under those perticular circumstances.
      Kenny: You think?
      Tommy: Yeah, I think so.
      Kenny: ... I'm thinkin' the sooner the better.
      Tommy: Yeah, maybe tomorrow, just to get right back him.

    • Kenny (about a firefighter): Did he have more skin grafts done?
      Tommy: Yeah, and I think on the last one, they took a piece of his rear end and attached to his face.
      Kenny: So when he says, 'Kiss my ass'...
      Tommy: Yeah, he really means it.

    • Tommy (about the Volkswagen Jetta): What's the big deal, they got air bags or somethin' in there?
      Needles: There's airbags all around in there. It's like Mariah Carey meets Anna Nicole Smith. They should put a nipple on the inside of each door and be done with it.

    • Tommy (about Colleen's car): Jesus, what did you buy this car from Cheech and Chong?

    • Tommy: Alright, I'll make you a deal. If you promise not to drive the baby in this car anymore, I'll give you a brand new credit card. How about that?
      Colleen: For what?
      Tommy: For not driving the baby. And you give me-- uh, tell me where mom is. And... um... 'cause I need to talk to her, and you let me have the baby a couple days a week, without her knowing about it.
      Colleen: I don't think so.
      Tommy (pulls out a credit card): Alright? How about that? You can charge as much as you want--
      Colleen: My name's already on here, Dad.
      Tommy: Yeah, because I was anticipating... I was thinkin' ahead, alright?
      Colleen: No deal. You're gonna give this to me anyway.

    • Tommy: Alright, if you promise not to drive the baby in the car anymore, and the other stuff, I'll give you a brand new car. Ah, not brand new, but something better than this.
      Colleen: Now we're talking. (she gets out of the car)
      Tommy: Alright. So, mom wise...
      Colleen: I want a Porsche.
      Tommy: You are such a goddamn Gavin, it's not even funny. I am not getting you a Porsche, okay?
      Colleen: Okay, a BMW then. I'll tell you who she's sleeping with.
      Tommy: Okay, just a little info, who's she's sleeping with now is worth, maybe-- maybe at the outside, like a 5 or a 6 year old Jeep Cherokee. Unless, she's sleeping with someone I know or y'know, a female relative, then maybe you get a used BMW. (Colleen sighs) Yeah, that's what I thought. Jeep Cherokee. Spill.
      Colleen: She's sleeping with her new boss, who owns a real estate company. His name's Bob.
      Tommy: Such a cliche. Short, bald, fat Jewish guy, right? (Colleen shakes her head 'no') How old is he?
      Colleen: 33.
      Tommy: Okay, listen, that card um... you can charge as much as you want, but I want you to use it for what you need, alright? Need would mean, anything for the baby, whatever you-- birth control, would be on the need list. Not stuff that you want, stuff that you want, y'know, would be pretty much anything that your boyfriend says he needs, alright?
      Colleen: Okay.
      Tommy: Okay. I love you.
      Colleen: I love you, too. Bye.

    • Mickey: Alright, guys, the truth of the matter is, if you don't believe in some higher power, trusting something higher than yourself, you're gonna wind up counting days. You know, believe me, I was a priest, okay? And I find more god in these rooms, even this room than I ever did working for the church, y'know? Y'know, the ablitiy to share your sins with other sinners, that's what's gonna get you through. Even, let's say, two minutes after we walk out of this apartment Tommy goes into the kitchen and opens up a kitchen cabinet and finds a brand spankin' new bottle of Maker's Mark, if he has faith and trust, he won't drink it.
      Teddy: Holy shit.
      Mickey: What?
      Teddy: There's a bottle of Maker's Mark in one of these cabinets? (Elle smacks him) Ow! Goddamn it!

    • Maggie: If you don't believe in god, how can you even romotely hope to stay sober, huh?
      Teddy: Well, Tommy hasn't had a drink in like, what?
      Tommy: 11 months, four weeks and two days.
      Eddie: 243 minutes, 12 seconds.
      Teddy: You're really tryin' to tell me that God is helpin' him keep sover, I don't think so. Sorry, sweetheart.
      Maggie: He's white-knuckling it. (Tommy gives her a look) Sorry, Tom, it's true. If you can't find your way to some faith based solution here, you're doomed to fail.

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