Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2006 on FX

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  • Life is just a kick to the jaw.

    I\'m actually wondering if he wasn\'t trying to deflect some stuff when he was talking to Probie, shrugging off the Connor and Johnny/Janet thing. Maybe he does actually give a crap that Probie\'s leaving, tho.

    Two episodes with no visualizations of Connor. And an episode titled \"Hell\" coming up.

    For this one, \"Karate,\" we open with an old friend, John Stackhouse, getting hurt in a fire and a hockey game when the waves of uncontrollable sorrow come washing over Tommy. A second person, Collins (who I don\'t know how he\'s connected to Tommy at all except maybe through Johnny, but that\'s interesting as well -- Tommy beats the crap out of a cop and a cop is the one who comes to see if he\'s ok) mentions survivor\'s guilt and -- not knowing maybe everything going on in Tommy\'s life -- puts what Tommy\'s feeling in a larger context of loss.

    Stack\'s getting seriously hurt and the emotions from 9/11 come shooting back.

    Y\'know what? Tommy\'s got immunity for the rest of the season, and possibly his life. I\'m in no position to judge someone whose son is killed and so far as I can tell hasn\'t seen his daughters in weeks. That crack the cop made about Janet was seriously out of line.

    He\'s .. it\'s too much. Connor, Janet, Stack (not Stack himself so much as what he represents -- how fragile life is, how dangerous the job is), Jimmy .. life\'s been this unrelenting assault upon Tommy and no one could judge him if he drove the wagon crashing through a liquor store window.

    What\'s so interesting about this character is that he doesn\'t. He\'s got some strength he\'s drawing on to keep him sober and I\'m having trouble identifying it.

    Maybe it\'s the guys. Maybe that\'s why it\'s even registering that Probie might be leaving.

    There may have been a tear in there for him -- especially after Probie made the grab and got Stack out. All the guys patting his neck at the end, that had to feel really cool to him.

    But damn, now everyone\'s [i]hugging[/i]! Garrity started feeling him up all over the place after he accidentally proposed to Maggie (who is just plain nuts and is gonna get him killed) and then Probie hugging him. I mean, the last time Garrity hugged Tommy in the kitchen there (after the wrong horse won) I thought he was gonna toss him through a wall -- that whole \"Get AWAY from me!\" vibe.

    And Roomie has a name. Chris. But I don\'t know if he deserves one. He\'s ripping on Probie for not being gay enough (g-d, what a wacky funhouse mirror got installed at the door of [i]that[/i] apartment, huh? He leaves the apartment and by everyone\'s standards at work he\'s a code violation, and he comes home and he\'s not gay enough) -- and meantime Chris has random guys wandering in and out.

    Chris needs to get over himself. Probie\'s his [i]roommate[/i]. It\'s not like they\'re married or even dating, so all of Chris\' snitty fussiness and \"Where\'ve you been?\" and \"When are you coming home?\" etc. etc. etc. is presuming a [i]lot[/i]. When did they promise to be exclusive? Hell, when did Probie promise to be gay?

    GO LOU!

    This was instructive. Lou\'s had too much go too wrong for too long and he sees Candi get hers, it gave him the strength to get himself back on track. What it took, and what it did. Great music over that scene, too. I should watch that scene with the sound off and I\'d probably see what Tommy did -- all of a sudden, Lou\'s giving a crap about his appearance and ... manscaping. The music was all in Lou\'s head, but yeah. Instructive.

    Because that\'s how it\'s gotta happen for Tommy. Nothing especially good\'s likely to happen for him. His son\'s murder was already pretty much as avenged as it could be, and his happiness can\'t be tied to what Janet decides to do with her life. Stuff is probably gonna just keep being a drear shade of slate grey so what\'s gotta happen?

    He just needs the strength to face it. To get past it. To get over it. And that\'s not meant to sound callous because he\'s gotta develop that inner strength. But he will.

    It really is one of the things I love about this show is that it doesn\'t insist everyone be OK all of a sudden because c\'mon, it\'s been like 44 minutes already and the advertisers want to try sell us a car and they need us to be in a good mood. The show allows the characters to really be in miserable pain for as long as they need to be, and I think that\'s cool.

    And since I\'ve been asking about her, it was nice to see Rose, and I don\'t like how Jerry handled it, but man is that guy dealing with some serious guilt issues. I don\'t like how she handled it either, tho. Instead of being pissed at him, she could send a check for $5,000 to where Jeanne\'s staying and tell them -- to tell him, not to tell him, who cares. The fact is that whether it was her [i]fault[/i] or not, she did lose him some money that he had to do some really distasteful groveling to get and at this point it isn\'t charity.

    And give him some space to get OK with himself again. Even tho Jeannie just isn\'t Jeannie anymore, he\'s still married and he\'s still trying to do right by her in his own way.

    How much story to they pack into these shows? Between Lou going to the gym -- y\'know, huge monumental props to John Scurti in this episode. The man is [i]fearless[/i]. Not just with the wind-breaking and the yoga (which was hilarious), but for achieving the lotus position. Damn! -- and Franco hooking up with Nat (I really wanted to know her reaction to Keila\'s room -- her face was a little hard to read) -- and Garrity dancing attendance on Tommy, waiting for him to be OK with the whole \"I\'m marrying your sister\" thing -- we have Angela.

    She wants it fast, she doesn\'t want it fast, that\'s too fast -- damn, women need marquees on their foreheads. :) Her scene with Janet was really cool, tho. And the ex-boyfriend just happened to be there too. I loved Tommy\'s explaining Janet stops by occasionally to pick up some things (Janet opens her coat) like a dress, maybe.

    Janet blamed him for that, for making her feel ridiculous, but it\'s a fact that she didn\'t have to open her coat. She could\'ve just withdrawn. And Tommy in the middle. But the whole last five minutes of the show was French farce, but with the smack to the jaw (he really goes barefoot in NYC?) it was French farce worthy of this show.

    I loved it. I loved it all. From the fire to the hockey game to the gym to the out-of-control death dash to the track to Tommy\'s apartment, I whole story kicked [i]so[/i] much ass.

    Well done, people. Well. Freeqin\'. Done. :)
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