Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2006 on FX

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  • good episode

    Tommy was in a very awkward situation. Pesonally, I think I would have froze. Especially after janet opened her coat up. Even though Tommy brings these things on to himself, you still have to feel bad for the guy. I don't know, maybe he and Sheila are perfect for each other.

    It's good to see the probie getting some respect from the guys. He is a good fire fighter, pulling stack out, and probably saving his life. He brings a little dumb luck too. Scoring fifteen grand for the guys by betting on the wrong horse. That was awesome.

    Garrity is going to marry Tommy's sister. The man on the street is right..."poor bastard". Garrity knows she has issues, he knows she's been married three other times, and never once has she said "I love you". If this relationship even makes it to the alter, I say they're divorced in two weeks.

    Franco's photographer is interested, but its just a matter of time before the other dame comes back with his kid. The chief got lucky with that horse bet, he needed that. I dont think the "new Lou" will last long, unless he hooks up with the yoga instructor "epiphany". Farting in her face doesn't help, but that was hilarious.