Rescue Me

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2007 on FX
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Tommy plays hero in someone else's uniform, confusing the crew; Colleen finds a new reason to get upset with Tommy; Natalie asks Franco for a favor; a rift between Mike and Black Shawn nearly leads to blows; and Tommy makes a move on the chief's daughter. This does not please the chief.moreless

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  • A small improvement over the last couple of episodes.

    This episode while still was average at best, at least it wasn't season 4 average, which would mean it blows.

    The reason Tommy sneaks to fires using Jimmy's uniform is actually unclear to me. But nonetheless, it's quite funny.

    The thing with this show is that they drag things to long. Tommy's drinking problem? Come on, it's NOT EXISTING anymore! If he will drink anytime soon, he'll be. But you don't have to remind us every episode that he's sober for X weeks. WE GET IT.

    Another issue is that the show introduces too many new characters who basically ADD NOTHING. Remember Nona? The new Chief's daughter? This 2 minute lady? What's the point? Nothing.

    I liked the Colleen plot thread in this one, which is rare. Tommy destroying the guitar of the fake baby head guy, well, priceless. What I don't understand is, though, why isn't there any Sheila? For 3 seasons, she was probably used MORE than she was supposed to, but now, she's barely featured. The destruction of Mikey's character continues, he sure as hell seems to be a goner. Shawn, black Shawn, not even worth mentioning.

    Overall, there's not much to be said about this episode. It lacked drama, but it had a few funny moments. But the point is, it seemed to actually go somewhere, which is rare with Rescue Me nowadays.

    Some speculate that Tommy's dead, or that it's a dream, or whatever... I don't know. Even if that's the case, it doesn't change the fact that this season is weak.moreless
Terry Serpico

Terry Serpico

Cousin Eddie

Guest Star

Gina Gershon

Gina Gershon


Guest Star

Artie Lange

Artie Lange

Kenny's Cousin

Guest Star

Robert John Burke

Robert John Burke

Father Mickey Gavin

Recurring Role

Lenny Clarke

Lenny Clarke

Uncle Teddy

Recurring Role

Jerry Adler

Jerry Adler

Chief Feinberg

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Black Shawn: Listen, man, real talk, deep down, you hate Tommy Gavin.
      Mike: I do?
      Black Shawn: Yeah, because he's tought you everything you know about being a firefighter and the fact that he's had to save your sorry ass on more than one occation, but deep down, despite the fact that he's an ego-minical self-centered son of a bitch, you wanna be just like 'em. Yeah, you wanna be Tommy Gavin. You wanna be exactly what you hate, and that's some sad shit.
      Mike: Screw you, Probie! (they get into a fight)

    • Tommy (about Colleen): She kicked me in the shins, three times. Unbelievible.
      Kenny: Tom, quick suggestion.
      Tommy: Yeah.
      Kenny: If you wanna take steps to really, really improve your relationship with your daughter, not to mention your soon to be ex-wife, two words: shin guards.

    • Tommy: What are you kicking me for?
      Colleen: For sticking my nose in my own personal goddamn business.
      Tommy: I was trying to help you.
      Colleen: I was in love with him dad!
      Tommy: You were-- He's getting married to another chick, okay? He bought her a wedding ring, with your credit-- (Colleen kicks him again) Stop it! Ow!
      Colleen: He's not here anymore, and now I gotta go find someone else. (she kicks him again)

    • Kenny (about the girl at the bar, who looks like a skank): Little freak, huh?
      Cousin Mike: She's a real prize, man. Go talk to her.
      Sean: Yeah, well, I- I don't know. She's really pretty.
      Kenny: Anybody who claims to have a drinking problem has gotta pick up a broad in the bar and take her home and have drunken, uninhibated, naked bar sex.
      Mike: She's a total skank. (Kenny kicks him under the table) Ow.
      Cousin Mike: Watch how you talk about the lady.
      Sean: Yeah, what's the matter with you, huh? You wouldn't know a lady, if she sat on your face, jackass.

    • Mike (about Sean): What did I tell you? Total beer queer.
      Kenny: He's reached level 2 in record time, that's not a good sign.

    • Girl (about Tony, Colleen's boyfriend): You know, he can't even read music.
      Tommy: Really?
      Girl: Yeah. But, neither could John Lennon, by the way.
      Tommy: Yeah. (to himself) Where's Mark David Chapman when you need 'em?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: August 2, 2009 on AXN
      Finland: February 11, 2010 on Nelonen

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      Rock That Body by Andromeda
      New York by Superthriller
      100 Days by Mark Lanegan
      Happy Pills by Ken Korade
      Open Up by Grayson Wray


    • Girl: But, neither could John Lennon, by the way.
      Tommy: Yeah. (to himself) Where's Mark David Chapman when you need 'em?

      Mark David Chapman is the man who assassinated John Lennon on December 8, 1980 in New York City. Chapman shot Lennon four times in the back outside The Dakota apartment building, in the presence of Lennon's wife Yoko Ono and others. Chapman remained at the scene until arrested by police.