Rescue Me

Season 7 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2011 on FX

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  • Good health to one and all!

    Is it just me, or do the women in this show do a terrible job depicting tears?? They have all proven themselves to be credible actors on many occasions but that whole 'cycling' crying session was horribly done...albeit a good set up to the best part of this episode. Ahhh...the return of Maura Tierney as 'Kelly.' They found one another again in the vagina aisle' of the local pharmacy. Kelly rescues Tommy from being kicked out of the store for being a pervert and guides him to the care and keeping of the women in his life. But alas, Kelly is now in treatment for breast cancer. It is her wondering about her 'legacy' that helps Tommy come to touching terms with being involved in a public tribute to Jimmy. Elsewhere the guys in the station are helping Lou through a series of physical tests that he is sure to fail...and thus lose his job as a fire fighter. It was funny to watch them work through remembering who was taking which test for him. And a little discomforting to see him toss their efforts aside for a Snickers bar. I'd much rather watch the dynamics of the fire fighting 'brothers' than Tommy's extensive extended family. And they ARE brothers in every sense of the word. That could be seen in Shawn's inclusion of their presence when asking for Colleen's hand....and their delight in watching him flaunt Tommy's denial by accepting her proposal. And at last, there was a fire to fight. Another highlight....watching them do their job. The music behind the scene was a perfect choice. One final word about Tierney's appearance. One would think that Leary was exploiting her own health issues by giving Kelly the same horrible disease to battle. Instead (because I am a staunch Maura fan and follower), I know that the story line was initiated and carried out with Tierney's blessing. This was HER window of chance to tell the 'real' story of fighting breast cancer. I hope that her work with this arc has a happy ending....and that people are able to see it for what it is.