Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 2006 on FX
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The crew faces more than accustomed when rescuing a man from his burning apartment; Sean has a request for Maggie's dad; Franco thinks his new girlfriend is hiding something from him; and Tommy realizes that his crew's future together may be in jeopardy.

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  • Hilarious!!!

    This is one hilarious episode. The part where Lou is writing down what is happening when Sean asks for Maggie's hand in marriage so that Tommy won't miss it is classic, I am glad that Lou is back and in full form! Also, the Sean misinterpretation of "batting for the other team" is a perfect example of why Sean wants to marry Maggie, he is stupid. The tommy and Sean dynamic is funny too, it is so indicative of the way Sean looks up to Tommy, it is almost like he is marrying Maggie just so that he can be Tommy's brother. Tommy is his idol, and leads the cast well. Tommy trying to keep the crew together is also an example of why Denis Leary leads the cast. He is the heart and soul of the firehouse. He even sticks up for Mike when he reveals his secret in an attempt to keep their crew fully intact. By far my favorite part of the episode and maybe the entire series up until this point is when all of the guys are high from the "smoke". That interaction is so funny, and I had to keep stopping the DVR because I was laughing so hard I kept missing parts. Sean posing for the parking meter, and Mike only putting "6" as his social security number, Franco wanting to listen to Reggae, Tommy and Lou talking about food, and who they would and wouldn't sleep with, and Tommy's reaction in the very beginning when he has dry mouth, and starts to drink the rain, is completely hilarious, along with the line about recalling his disbelief in God, because he sent Pizza when they were hungry. Also, the guy that was growing the "stuff", says he was growing Geraniums, and looked so funny trying to keep a straight face. This kind of writing is the reason I watch the show.moreless
  • Stack's not doing so well, Probie is outed, Jerry's losing Jeannie more and more, Nat's live-in isn't what Franco thinks, Lou's looking toward the southland and Tommy gets even more bad news. And Garrity's an idiot. But then we already knewmoreless

    Standout performance of the night was Garrity, edging out Mike just by a bit.

    Garrity asking for Tommy's dad's blessing to marry Mags. And that whole conversation -- him asking Garrity if he's really sure about this.

    Then [i]all[/i] of Garrity's touching of Tommy. Hilarious.

    But the biggest thing. Oh. My. G-d. Garrity confronting Mikey about "playing for the other team."

    Sean is such a [i]dumbass[/i]!

    The writing on that skite was beautiful -- "How come you never told me? I might've joined you!"

    Last week it looked like Chris came right out and told them. And prick that he was, if he'd talked to anyone a little quicker on the pickup, he pretty much did.

    But to parlay Sean's breathtaking density into an accidental outing ...

    That was some funnyass skite.

    The crew's reactions reassured me at first -- that they'd on some level or another just been assuming that Mikey was gay.

    Then when it became "[i]gay[/i] gay," I was a little taken aback.

    Jerry, however, who awhile ago didn't even want to hear about Sean getting blown by a preop, telling everyone to shut up and let Mikey speak ... that guy's grown a lot of class over the years. And also some respect for Mikey, I think.

    The guys really turned on him, tho. I mean, none of them have ever given Mikey a little smile. Or a series of smiles. Tho the show is real enough. I mean, everyone was horrified by Sully -- in fact, if you want to picture them mincing up and down on chairs clutching at their skirts screaming "Eek! A [i]f--[/i]!" the image isn't out of place.

    Mikey is still Mikey. And Tommy knew it. And his own ... uncomfortableness about Mikey's possibly ripping his clothes off with his eyes every 10 seconds aside, he knew how much he needed to keep the house together.

    Because from his perspective, it's all falling apart.

    But if Tommy hadn't been there to stand up for Mikey, how do you think that scene would've played out?

    Maybe Jerry would've reached out to him. But like his best friend, the little deer in the woods, was going to a scary place. Franco, the "that's a g-ddamn no" calendar poser couldn't deal.

    I wonder if Lou would've stood up for him.

    Lou is a big ball of bitter sometimes, and we know he absolutely loathes women. But he's probably the smartest guy in the house and he ...

    If Tommy wasn't there -- and even tho Tommy is -- Lou might be out of it himself. He might not have the emotion to invest in making sure Mikey feels comfortable staying in the group.

    And he was the one who who floated the bet -- "$10 bucks Mikey's hard."

    I don't know if a hug from Tommy will keep Mikey in the house -- in the family -- but it was a nice gesture. And really this is something that probably comes up occasionally with guys working together really closely with each other, and this show had the balls to discuss it.

    Sully was out. But Sully hadn't grabbed Stack and Sully had been all over everyone in the house while pretending to just be one of the guys. It took him in a dress to get Tommy back to the house, so yay. But Mikey's been a part of their lives for a good long time.

    I need to talk about Deb and Sheila. Sheila misses Jimmy -- a lot (and never mind Janet. How Sheila's gonna explain her [i]own[/i] pregnancy is beyond me -- especially when Tommy finds out it's his [not a spoiler; pure speculation -- but it's a natural progression of this storyline].) But she's distanced herself from the loss some and the money seems like it could be important.

    Deb is right at the dawn of her loss. And from her perspective, the widows have nothing. Because her husband is half a man, possibly at death's door, and he's her entire world. All they've got is a little bit of money.

    Even at $3.1 million.

    Which surprised me. And unsettled me. I wondered if that was all Sheila's or it was the entire account and she misread something. But even if it wasn't all hers (and it probably is), her portion would be a nice chunk of change.

    In other scenes ...

    It was nice of Karleen to absolve Jerry of his guilt over Rose. She did presume and intrude, but she meant well, and honestly it's something Jerry needed to hear. Remember Jeanne the way she was. Remember the way she looked at you with love. She's in a fog of confusion and you're getting her the best care you can. You're standing by her in sickness.

    Forsaking all others didn't necessarily include [i]yourself[/i], too.

    Some guys really need to be married. I get the sense that Jerry's one of those guys. The fact that he reached out to Rose for some support ... well, Bud may not approve, but I'm not judging.

    Nat's brother is a problem. He's unstable and he's insufficiently medicated and it's hard to get a read on him, but damn, taking care of him has to be a day-in, day-out job of work for her. And if he lashes out in some way, well ... he's a pretty big guy.

    I was just watching Tommy through this entire episode. Watching him try to hold it together. Just knowing the tiniest bit of what kind of pain and pressure is on him and waiting for the explosion.

    It didn't come.

    But I don't remember any music, either.

    Tommy finds out about Mikey maybe leaving last week ... crying jag. Not necessarily over him, specifically, but over his loss in general.

    Lou maybe leaving, Franco studying for that exam, Garrity's future in no way certain ...

    Tommy. Alone.

    Maybe with Sheila and maybe not (and what a homey scenario [i]that[/i] is -- Mr. and Mrs. Psycho-Slut).

    Him losing pieces of his family left and right. And Janet pregnant.


    That guy is heading for a very deep end.

    So dark and depressing. Let's just leave off with the image of Teddy gettin' some. :D

    All in all, tho ...

    ... damn' fine and powerful show.

    Good work as always, guys. :)moreless
  • Janet is knocked up

    Great episode, Cant beleave only 4 eps are left, But Janet is knocked up, There's a twist. And then Lou gets a nice new bike, Almost looks custom built, But they dont give you a good enough side glance to figure that out. They house finds out Mike had some male on male experiences, threatens to leave the house but then Tommy gives him a big hug and assures the house that hes fine.moreless
  • the probie reveals his secret. johnny gives tommy the news of janet\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s pregnency. garrity continues wedding plans. franco learns of his girlfriend\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s secret. very good episode, sort of a link to whats to come.moreless

    well i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d say theres evidence in this episode that garrity may in fact be the funniest character on the show. his density in this episode was probably at his highest. some important things were revealed in this episode other then the information of janet being pregnet which actually was sort of predictable. francos girlfriend\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s brother obviously has some problems but he seemed pretty violent which may lead to franco breaking up with the girl. i dont know how anyone would be able to deal with that. there was nothing wrong with this episode, i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d say the season has been doing very well and the story lines are very well balanced and well written. there are actually only 3 episodes left of the season, not 3 and then the season finale. i really only like to review episodes towards the end of the season but i thought i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d give my comments on this. i liked the part with franco and i thought the thing with garrity was funny... and the part with uncle teddy was amusing but maybe not completely necessary. can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t wait to see how things play out.moreless
  • Another episode that keeps me watching.

    This episode was great. The scene with Stack was heartbreaking. Tommy staying with him was very cool. I just have to say that Sean Garrity is amazing! His timing is perfect. When they were finishing up with the fire and he kept on saying Bong. That's such a funny word. I was cracking up. And then when Sean thought that the parking meter was taking his picture. Seems as thought the house is falling apart. Lou gets a motorcycle and is talking about Florida, and Garrity is going to marry maggie and that means he only has 3 1/2 month tops right? lol Franco is going for the Lt. exam. I loved when Tommy said to Garrity that he was going to opunch him in the face....hard.

    So many things happened. Sheila is pregnant. Probie talking about his gay moment. And where is Keela?moreless
Andrea Roth

Andrea Roth

Janet Gavin

Callie Thorne

Callie Thorne

Sheila Keefe (Season 2 - Recurring Previously)

Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata

Franco Rivera

Denis Leary

Denis Leary

Tommy Gavin

Jack McGee

Jack McGee

Chief Jerry Reilly

James McCaffrey

James McCaffrey

Jimmy Keefe

Alison Bartlett

Alison Bartlett

Deb Stackhouse

Guest Star

Matt Mulhern

Matt Mulhern

Lt. John Stackhouse

Guest Star

Sherri Saum

Sherri Saum


Guest Star

Charles Durning

Charles Durning

Tommy's Dad

Recurring Role

Dean Winters

Dean Winters

Johnny Gavin

Recurring Role

Lenny Clarke

Lenny Clarke

Uncle Teddy

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Franco and Rich begin to play checkers a red and black checker are switched and on the wrong sides of the board. Rich even moves the black checker first when he is playing the red checkers. It's fixed when the camera changes.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Sean: I uh…the thing is-- see my family, they raised me right... I think. I wanted to do this respectfully and so uh…that's why I'm here Mr. Gavin. To ask you most sincerely and most... some other word for um... your daughter, Maggie's hand in marriage.
      John Sr.: Are you retarded?
      (Over at the table, Maggie and Lou are listening)
      Maggie (whispers): I can't believe Tommy's missing this.
      Lou (whispers): I'm taking notes.
      (back to Sean and John Sr.)
      Sean: I mean, I had some reading comprehension problems in school and I had to take the SAT's like 11 times and I still didn't pass---
      John Sr.: What's the point of asking me for her hand in marriage when you've already asked her for it?
      Sean: That's a good point. That's a good point, Dad. Is it too early for me to call you that?
      John Sr.: I don't know, is it too early for me to call you asshole? (at the table Lou laughs and writes that down for the notes) You do realize that she is a blood-sucking, hell bitch.
      Maggie: What?!
      John Sr.: This is a private conversation.
      Maggie: You see these shoes? These are gonna go right up your ass old man.
      John Sr. (to Sean): You see how she talks to me? And I'm her father. Imagine what she'll say to you.
      Sean: I don't have to imagine.
      John Sr.: Now, you seem like a pretty nice kid, a little slow but nice. You see that door right over there? Use it and never look back.
      Maggie: That's it. You're not invited to the wedding. No invitation for you.
      John Sr.: Yeah, well what about the wedding after this one? Am I banned from that one too?

    • Johnny: I'm here because um...y'know, I didn't want you findin' out from somebody else. Janet's pregnant. It wasn't planned, y'know, it just happened. It is what it is and we're happy. Obviously we don't know what the sex of the child is yet, but look on the upside, Tommy, if--if it's a boy, then dad can stop with that whole male heir bullshit thing that he keeps talkin' about. Okay, Tommy?
      Tommy: Yo--You're askin' me if it's okay?
      Johnny: Yeah.
      Tommy (pause and stares at him): Congratulations.

    • Franco: I don't want him showerin' with us that's for sure. It's nothing personal, Mike. I just don't need you starin' at my hang down like it's an a la carte special at the Chez Homo.
      Sean: Yeah, and I don't wanna know about your new boyfriends, or your new clothes, or nights out at the disco, or Liza Minnelli, or ass toys. (Franco makes a face) It's off limits from now on.
      Mike: I'm not gay. I didn't do anything sexual to him. I'm totally into chicks, and I'm seein' this girl over the past coupla weeks--
      Franco: Yeah. A girl named Dave.
      Mike: Y'know, if this is how it's gonna be, if I can't make a little mistake in my personal life then maybe I should transfer.
      Tommy: Hey, hey, kid come here. Guys, better or worse, I think we all consider ourselves a family here, correct? Now whether, Mike's a fag. Sorry, Mike. Or not he's, he's part of that family, correct? I think y'know, as a firefighter he's been startin' to pull his own weight. Y'know and maybe he acts a little faggy from time to time. Sorry, Mike. But y'know, in the shit he's been learnin', he's been performin', y'know Johnny Stack would not be alive today if it wasn't for Mikey. Now, as far as it goes in the house, I trust the kid, y'know, I feel like if I'm stuck somewhere on the job, I feel like he's got me, y'know, he's got me-- covered. Come here kid. (they hug) I got no problem with this.
      Lou: Ten bucks says Mikey's hard.

    • Mike (explaining to the guys about why he what he did with Chris): Every morning I'd pass by the construction guys out there on my way to work and there was this one guy-- Chris and I noticed him a couple of times. And one day, when I was passin' by, he sorta like smiled at me.
      Sean: Okay, I think I'm gonna puke.
      Mike: Well, it freaked me out too. Every morning he'd gimme this like smile. And one day when I stepped out and he wasn't there--
      Lou: Did you check the end of your cock? (everyone laughs)
      Chief: Lou, let him talk. Go ahead, kid.
      Mike: And he was gone and I sorta liked missed him.
      Tommy: Alright, my balls just went up behind my lungs.
      Mike: I don't know how to describe the way I was feeling. Y'know, he was a nice guy... and-- and, we started talkin' and I guess I was like lonely or something and I moved into his place and it was great at first... then it got weird.
      Franco: And then it got weird, because I was wonderin' when that was gonna kick in.
      Mike: And he was into me that way, and that's when the blow jobs started... and it freaked me out at first. Yeah, and I knew it wasn't right for me--- he's gone, I'm not with him. I-I-I left, it's over, and that's the whole story.
      Sean: Bullshit, Mikey. What about the transfer?
      Mike: I filled the form out but I never turned it in did I?
      Sean: Oh, cut the shit, Mike, you already got your new house all picked out.
      Chief: How do you know that?
      Sean: Because he's playin' for their softball team.
      Mike: What?
      Sean: Yeah, your boyfriend Chris, he told me that you were battin' for the other team.

    • Sean: For your information Chris was just here. He told me everything.
      Mike: Chris was just here?
      Sean: That's right, I mean we're such good friends, I mean when were you gonna tell me about it?
      Mike: Never.
      Sean: Asshole.
      Mike: I was confused.
      Sean: Alright, well, now I'm confused too. Why didn't you just talk to me, maybe I'd have gone the same way.
      Mike: Get outta here.
      Sean: Yeah, bro. I like to keep it fresh. I like to try new things. Try new positions, switch hit. How could you go behind our backs and do this?
      Mike: Sean you gotta know the truth. It-- it was just Chris.
      Sean: Oh, don't pin this on him.
      Mike: But it was him. He gave me like a half a dozen blow jobs, and it was always him goin' down on me. I never kissed him or slept with him, it was just the blow jobs I swear. (Sean looks shocked and backs away)
      Sean: Okay, what're we talkin' about here?
      Mike: What Chris told you.
      Sean: All Chris told me was about this transfer order-- Holy shit.
      Mike: Sean, please just don't tell anybody. (Lou walks in)
      Sean: Mike's gay!
      Lou: Oh, hell I knew that.
      Mike: Chris talked to you too?
      Lou: Who's Chris?
      Sean: Chris is his lover man-- guy.
      Mike: I can explain, Lou. Just please don't let anybody else know.
      Franco (walks in): Know what?
      Lou: Mike's gay.
      Franco: Yeah tell me something I don't know. (looks up from his book) Oh, you mean gay, gay.

    • Chris: I'm sure there's a lotta things you don't know about Mike.
      Sean: Like what?
      Chris: Let's just say he's a big fan of Sex and the City.
      Sean: Yeah, well, me too.That's a great show. Y'know what I never understood? Why we never got to see Sarah Jessica Parker's tits. I mean Cythia Nixon, sure, Kim Cattrall, why not? Never Sarah Jessica Parker's.
      Chris: Alright, alright, let's just put it this way. He's battin' for both teams.

    • Tommy (talking to her about the crew maybe breaking up): You work with a bunch of guys, you laugh your asses off, blah, blah, blah, things click. And y'know...I"m expected to work with a bunch of college aged kids y'know who decide they wanna be "hero's" after 9-11. I'm not gonna get my ass melted off workin' with those guys who don't know what the hell they're doin'. Losin' Lou would be bad enough. But Franco...
      Sheila: What about Sean?
      Tommy: Sean's marrying Maggie. He's gonna be dead in 3 1/2 months tops anyway.

    • Tommy: What have I told you a million, zillion, kajillion goddamn times?
      Sheila: Uh… No?
      Tommy: About the car, okay?
      Sheila: Uh…
      Tommy: What do we do every 3,000 miles? (Sheila looks confused) Check the oil. Check the oil, check the oil.
      Sheila: Okay, I got it. Look I'm very busy, I've got lots of things, I've got lots of lists.
      Tommy: Well, on one of those lists put check the oil, okay? Do you want me to put one of those little sticker things in the window, y'know how when you go to the shop they put--
      Sheila: No, bossy, I got it.
      Tommy: I'm not being bossy, I'm just trying to help you have a safe vehicle to drive.

    • (Lou rides up on a bike)
      Tommy: So this is what the Terminator looks like without the steriods, huh?

    • (After Mike just hugged him, and Sean goes to hug him)
      Tommy: Do me a favor okay?
      Sean: What's that?
      Tommy: Stop touching me.
      Sean: What? Mike just touched you I saw him.
      Tommy: Mike got a special--y'know how the Pope gives out special dispensations sometimes? That's what Mike just got.
      Sean: Well, in real life you're gonna have to get used to the fact that we're gonna be bro's, bro.
      Tommy: Okay, you're not married to my sister yet.
      Sean: It's going to be happen soon. And even if I try not callin' you bro, so I'm gonna be giving you bro energy loud and clear.
      Tommy: Stop callin' me bro, if you call me bro one more time I'm gonna punch you in the face very hard.
      Sean: See, that kinda talk used to make me think you hated me but now I know that it's just sibling rivalry. (Sean puts his arm on Tommy's shoulder, Tommy pushes him off)

    • (Sean is inside of a house where a guy was growing tons of marjiuana, and it all went up in smoke. He's on the radio with the Chief)
      Sean: It smells like the inside of a bong in here. Bong, that's such a funny word.
      Chief: Garrity get your ass out here on the double.
      Sean: Chief?
      Chief: What?!
      Sean: Should I bring Mikey with me?
      Chief: Yes, goddamnit.
      Mike (laughing): Bong.
      Sean (laughs): Bong. (they both fall over)

    • (Trying to pick up a really tall guy)
      Tommy: Let's get him up and get him back to the circus.
      Lou: Or the Knicks.
      Tommy: Same thing.

    • Tommy: What the hell happened to my bunker gear? It looks like somebody washed it and it shrank. It looks all--
      Sean: That's mine...that's my new--
      Tommy: What?
      Sean: I mean, y'know Maggie, she didn't wanna take my name after we got married so I thought y'know I'd take hers--I'm gonna be Sean Garrity-Gavin.
      Tommy: You're shittin' me, right?
      Sean: No, no. Not at all. I mean, there's too many goddamn letters on the back plus there's that slashy-dashy thing...what's that called?
      Tommy: The hyphen.

    • Mike: You know how it is when someone is going down on you. You don't want to be rude.

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