Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 2006 on FX



  • Quotes

    • (After Mike just hugged him, and Sean goes to hug him)
      Tommy: Do me a favor okay?
      Sean: What's that?
      Tommy: Stop touching me.
      Sean: What? Mike just touched you I saw him.
      Tommy: Mike got a special--y'know how the Pope gives out special dispensations sometimes? That's what Mike just got.
      Sean: Well, in real life you're gonna have to get used to the fact that we're gonna be bro's, bro.
      Tommy: Okay, you're not married to my sister yet.
      Sean: It's going to be happen soon. And even if I try not callin' you bro, so I'm gonna be giving you bro energy loud and clear.
      Tommy: Stop callin' me bro, if you call me bro one more time I'm gonna punch you in the face very hard.
      Sean: See, that kinda talk used to make me think you hated me but now I know that it's just sibling rivalry. (Sean puts his arm on Tommy's shoulder, Tommy pushes him off)

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