Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 2006 on FX



  • Quotes

    • Sean: I uh…the thing is-- see my family, they raised me right... I think. I wanted to do this respectfully and so uh…that's why I'm here Mr. Gavin. To ask you most sincerely and most... some other word for um... your daughter, Maggie's hand in marriage.
      John Sr.: Are you retarded?
      (Over at the table, Maggie and Lou are listening)
      Maggie (whispers): I can't believe Tommy's missing this.
      Lou (whispers): I'm taking notes.
      (back to Sean and John Sr.)
      Sean: I mean, I had some reading comprehension problems in school and I had to take the SAT's like 11 times and I still didn't pass---
      John Sr.: What's the point of asking me for her hand in marriage when you've already asked her for it?
      Sean: That's a good point. That's a good point, Dad. Is it too early for me to call you that?
      John Sr.: I don't know, is it too early for me to call you asshole? (at the table Lou laughs and writes that down for the notes) You do realize that she is a blood-sucking, hell bitch.
      Maggie: What?!
      John Sr.: This is a private conversation.
      Maggie: You see these shoes? These are gonna go right up your ass old man.
      John Sr. (to Sean): You see how she talks to me? And I'm her father. Imagine what she'll say to you.
      Sean: I don't have to imagine.
      John Sr.: Now, you seem like a pretty nice kid, a little slow but nice. You see that door right over there? Use it and never look back.
      Maggie: That's it. You're not invited to the wedding. No invitation for you.
      John Sr.: Yeah, well what about the wedding after this one? Am I banned from that one too?