Rescue Me

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 16, 2005 on FX
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Tommy starts taking Janet's antidepressants. When Sean meddles in Franco and Laura's troubled relationship he makes things worse. After a gay visitor, the crew wonders about Mike's sexuality.

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  • This was a special episode, showing a different side of Tommy Gavin. (Spoilers)

    I really enjoyed this episode, and I thought it was interesting how different Tommy was. I'm glad he's managed to improve his life. It seems like everyone's life is going pretty well at the moment, and I'm glad everyone seems to be either in love, or falling in love. Sadly, I know it won't be this happy for too long; since tragedy seems to follow Tommy everywhere he goes. I hope Franco and Laura manage to stay together; and I also hope Tommy and Janet manage to keep their marriage together. Overall, I give this episode, Rebirth, a 9.5 out of 10.moreless
  • This was a great episode

    This was one of the funniest episodes i have ever seen. Steven Pasquale "Sean Garrity" was hilarious. Dennis Leary did a great job, it was soo funny when him and probie were dancing. However i would not recommend keeping toomy gavin on the antidepressants, it will kill the show to have him being nice all the time, Dennis leary is known for his vulgar humor so after this episode i think they should get rid of the drugs. I also don't like the idea of Franco falling in love i think him and laura were cute as hook ups but it wouldn;t fit his character to start falling in love with somebody, they should just keep him as the player of the show.moreless
  • I don't know what it is -- something just seems a little off when Tommy isn't completely on edge.

    I've never seen the "car dance" before. That was one of the funniest damn' things I've ever seen.

    Tommy on goofballs is wonderful for himself and Janet -- and I do think it's excellent for the kids, ultimately. It could hurt the show, however, for Tommy to completely lose his edge for any length of time.

    The worst realization for Lou, tho, is not that Candy's name is actually Danielle, but rather, that Tommy is the better wordsmith. When push comes to shove, Tommy's poetry achieved the goal of all self-respecting poetry, which is to make women fall in love with the poet.

    Only a fool writes for free, Twain said. The payoff in this case between Franco and Laura was ... //most// satisfactory.

    Had to be, Garrity sabotaging those two in //every// direction -- inadvertently or ... well ... //not//.

    I loved Franco dropping him in every other scene, to the point where he couldn't even come up with an excuse for himself and said, "Oh, just hit me."

    His best scene was him running after his car at the end, tho. They //know// it's your car, dumbass. That's why they're towing it.

    It was fun to see Tommy singlehandedly try to bring peace between the police and firefighters in that badly tacked on hockey game at the end. I guess what I'm saying is that it seemed -- to me -- to come out of nowhere. I couldn't remember them talking about it coming up.

    It'd have been fun to see Christ out on the ice with them. :)

    Which reminds me -- Tommy punches a cop in the face and messes up his hand for several episodes, but he falls through three floors and he gets up and walks away. That's ... resiliant. :o

    Even so, tho -- it was very cool to see that vibe between him and Janet -- even if both of them were strung out on antidepressants.

    //We should get some flowers for the house, maybe some ferns.// :D

    So ... the vet is absolutely out of the picture. Too bad. She was very easy to look at. Probie the confident-in-his-manhood f*g hag. Delicious. That's going to open a few storylines, I don't doubt.

    Great episode -- even if Jerry did slip to the back burner somewhat in this one.moreless
  • Franco wants to write poerty to tell laura how he feels, the person who helps him is not who he thought. Mike has a gay visitor and the crew wonders if hes ga himself, Tommy is a new man after taking Janets anti-depresenst. Lou and Candy go a step furthurmoreless

    Great Episode, they are really pushing the limit and with the new sex drives everyone on the show has im sure the last few episodes with be packed with drama. Father Murphy is in some serious trouble. Teddy is sure to drop dean by the season finale and JAnet and Tommy are going to be closer than ever
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Ramon Rodriguez

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Christopher Youngsman

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    • Lou (about Janet): She's either the world's greatest actress or she's on drugs.
      Tommy: What I can't be funny?
      Lou: Not to her. Not in years. Unless of course it's a brain tumor. But you wanna know somethin' with all the shit that's gone down between the two of ya in the last five years let alone for her to be laughin' at your jokes, it's gotta be a tumor the size of a goddamn grapefruit.
      Tommy: I don't think it's a tumor, okay?
      Lou: Well, then we have option number three.
      Tommy: Which is what?
      Lou: Goof balls.
      Tommy: Goof balls?
      Lou: Pills. They have pills for everything now. Stop smoking, pay attention, blah blah blah. I bet my right nut that she's one of those brand new, I hate my husband, I hate my life, my vagina hurts, please just take it all away that kinda thing. Take two a day and not only is your asshole husband funny but you might wanna bang his lying, deceitful, cheatin' little brains out. No offense, Tommy.
      Tommy: None taken.

    • (after Lou bet 500 bucks that the FDNY would win the hockey game and they aren't winning)
      Lou: What the hell was that?!
      Chief: Don't worry. He's just playing head games here, don't sweat anything.
      Sean: I'm gonna lose my 25 bucks. Jesus. Unbelieveable. (Lou pulls out a lighter and lights Sean's pants on fire, then Sean sees it screams and falls over)

    • (while playing hockey)
      Tommy: Hey, didn't you hear my prayer in the locker room? I said no fighting. No go sit on the bench for three shifts and ruminate about what you just did, okay?
      Mungo: I would but I don't know what ruminate means.
      Tommy: Well, ask one of the fellas on the bench.

    • Lou: Around here, we got the probie, he controls all the homo retard crap, okay? Garrity covers all the stupid retard bullshit. Franco is our pussy man. You control all the drinkin' and the fire hero worship crap. Poetry is my territory, you're musclin' in on my turf.
      Tommy: You need to take some kinda chill pill because you're very upset--
      Lou: Lemme ask you somethin' else. Where were the tits?
      Tommy: Where were the tits?
      Lou: All week long in the poem! (mocking him) It's gotta have tits. Gotta love tits. It needs tits, it needs tits. 14 goddamn lines, not one tit.
      Tommy: It was implied.
      Lou: Oh, it was implied?
      Tommy: Yes, in subtext.
      Lou: It was subtext. Subtext, my ass. What are you Walt goddamn Whitman all of a sudden? The Tommy Gavin I know would never write that poem. The Tommy Gavin I know would never write that poem to seduce his own piece of ass let alone his buddy's. You wanna know something? This, the fall you just took, the dancing, the singing, the cleaning, the la-la-la, what the hell are you on?

    • Sean: I've been consintrating like really hard on what I wanted to tell you right now.
      Laura (looking at her watch): Okay, you have 60 seconds.
      Sean: Okay, wow, great, shit. Um...
      Laura: 55.
      Sean: Wait, I'm not good under this kinda pressure. Really, I need some--okay, Franco is...
      Laura: 50.
      Sean: He's really, really, uh...
      Laura: 45 seconds.
      Sean: Jesus, uh, he's...
      Laura: Cut to the chase.
      Sean: I'm gonna. Wait, what do you mean?
      Laura: 40 seconds. The important part.
      Sean: It's all important. That's what I'm saying it's all really important... what I have to tell you.
      Laura (nodding): 35 seconds.
      Sean: Okay. Wow, that's a really nice watch.
      Laura: Thank you. 30 seconds.
      Sean: Where'd you get that?
      Laura: Franco gave it to me. You're blowing this, big time.
      Sean: There you go that's the answer right there.
      Laura: Where's the answer?
      Sean: The watch.
      Laura: The watch says 20 seconds.
      Sean: So, Franco gives you this really nice watch, what is that? A Rolex?
      Laura: No. It's a Fossil.
      Sean: Oh, so what does that mean, it's really old?
      Laura: It means you have 10 seconds. It's a designer name. It's hip, it's cool.
      Sean: So, Franco gives you this really cool, hip, watch. I mean that's cuttin' to the chase right there. All he gave the damn waitess was a stupid necklace.
      Laura: He gave her a necklace?
      Sean: No, no. Wait, how many more seconds do I have?
      Laura: I don't know. (throws her watch on the ground and stomps on it) Because I broke my watch. (walks away)
      Sean: Yeah, well, who's fault is that?

    • Guy: Hey, Angelo.
      Tommy: Hey.
      Mickey: Angelo?
      Tommy: What? I was at a meetin' up in little Italy yesterday. It was a tough crowd, I needed all the help I could get.

    • Franco (after he hits Sean again): You told Laura about the waitress?
      Sean: No, no. Of course not. (pauses) Yes, but it was an accident, it just slipped out.

    • Sean: The nurse was just about getting the pills.
      Laura: Really?
      Sean: Yeah. He was addicted, I mean come on, think about it.
      Laura: Oh, shit, Sean. What if I overreacted?
      Sean: This is what I'm sayin'.
      Laura: Oh, shit.
      Sean: I mean the nurse was totally meaningless, it was nothing, it was nothing like the waitress. The nurse didn't even have his home phone number.
      Laura: What waitress?
      Sean: Huh?
      Laura: You said waitress. "It was nothing like the waitress."
      Sean: I was talking about the nurse, I meant the nurse.
      (They start talking over each other)
      Laura (angry, and steps closer to him, he bites his nails): What waitress, Sean?
      Sean: Could we, uh, talk about something else please?

    • Sean: Laura, seriously, I was wrong.
      Laura: Franco didn't sleep with the nurse?
      Sean: Well, no. Of course he slept with the nurse.
      Laura: Okay, I don't wanna hear anymore.
      Sean: Laura, the truth is that I was-- I was jealous. I was jealous because you and I had that thingy.
      Laura: We flirted. We were going to go on a date but didn't. How is that a thing?

    • Franco: It's not a thingy, Sean! It's a step. And you're supposed to make amens for your own personal bullshit not mine! Tellin' Laura I was bangin the nurse, that's one thing. Tellin' the whole crew that I was bangin' Laura, Sean, that's like a whole new level of retardation. That is like the special Olympics of substance abuse.
      Sean: Well, I was drunk.

    • Tommy (Franco wants to write Laura a poem): No, no, listen to me, listen to me. I don't care who we're talkin' about-- young chick, old chick, in-between chick, Cindy Crawford on her best damn day-- they all think their ass is fat, okay? We love the ass. We all think the ass is like a festival of fun. It's a place to go, choke-full of stuff we can to do, but to them, the ass is death. Gravity and death and hard goddamn times. Stay away from the ass, okay? Go with the tits. Tits, eyelashes, eyes. All right? That's it. (Lou looks at him) What?
      Lou: You right a poem about tits she's gonna rip it up and shove it down your throat. Chicks wanna hear about emotions, they wanna hear about remorse, they wanna hear I'm sorry's up the goddamn ying-yang.
      Tommy: So you write a poem that says I'm sorry, blah blah blah. I regret bing bang boom. And then you throw in a hey, I like your nice beautiful tits. (Lou stares at him) What?
      Lou: Emotions.
      Tommy: Tits.
      Lou: Remorse.
      Tommy: Melons.
      Lou: I'm sorry.
      Tommy: Gazungas.
      Lou: I love you.
      Tommy: Double peaches of pleasure.

    • Franco (after Sean messed up talking to Laura again): Sean!
      Sean: Wait, no, just wait -- No, hold on second. Let me explain...
      Franco: What? Explain!
      Sean: All right, never mind. Just hit me. (Franco hits him)

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