Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2006 on FX



  • Quotes

    • Janet: Why didn't you listen to me?
      Tommy: When?
      Janet: Six years ago when I asked you to spend more time with the kids, to spend more time at home, to spend more time with me. All you had to do was to listen to me! All that was required was that you hear the words!
      Tommy: I heard the words, okay. I quit drinking, I quit my third job, I was home every Saturday.
      Janet: No, you were always playing softball every Saturday during the summer. All winter you played hockey, all spring, all fall, and the only reason that you quit drinking was because Lou said to you that the chief said something to him---
      Tommy: That wasn't the only reason.
      Janet: --- not because of me! Not because of the kids! Goddamnit, Tommy! (she grabs his coat and shakes him and starts hitting him) All you had to do was listen!
      Tommy (pinning her against the wall): Goddamnit, stop! (talking through gritted teeth) Are you gonna tell me that simply because I didn't listen well enough that you have ruined my life so far beyond what I could ever imagine. And that's why, because I didn't listen hard enough, and that's why, you're sucking my brother's cock? (she grabs his balls hard, and Tommy is still pinning her to the wall)
      Janet: Goddamnit, Tommy, he was there when I needed someone I was scared shitless -- I just buried my only son. (Janet grabs him harder)
      Tommy: So did I.
      Janet: And what did you need, Tommy? (Janet grabs him harder)
      Tommy: Ah, Goddamnit! What did I need--
      Janet: You know, I needed you! The old you. I needed someone to hold me in my bed at night when I cried. I needed someone to help me after I was done helping the girls wipe away their tears. But, the old you? He was gone. He's buried, with all of your lost brothers and you know what? You can tell all of your lost brothers to go to hell because we're here, and they're not.