Rescue Me

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 26, 2005 on FX
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Tommy seeks the truth about Sheila while trying to get his kids back; Lou does not like the person he has saved through a bone marrow donation; Franco's addiction puts those he loves at risk; Sean's new girlfriend habitually dates firemen.

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  • Another superb and pivotal episode of Rescue Me. (Spoilers)

    I liked this episode of Rescue Me, mainly because almost everything that happened was very important to the story. I'm glad Tommy broke things off with Sheila, and I'm also glad he has his kids back; although I think it will get him in trouble in the long run. I don't like that Franco yelled at his daughter so much, and his addiction to pills got her to apparently overdose. I hope he changes the way he's acting so that the ones he loves don't get hurt again. I'm very excited to see what happens next, and overall I give this episode, Reunion, a 9 out of 10.moreless
  • More people spinning out of control

    Does anyone else have the feeling I got that at the end of the episode Tommy was having an internal debate about taking his kids back to his ex? Although that WOULD mean he's growing up and making reasonable choices and he's way more interesting as the tortured soul...

    ...and I saw that coming a mile away as we all did...I had a hunch something was going to go wrong with his daughter and the whole vicodin situation.

    Although Tommy is my favorite character, I've loved him for a long time, Lou is taking a strong second. He's wickedly funny but doesn't wait around for you to get it, or react.

    Can't wait until the next episode! The writing is strong and they sure aren't afraid to cross any line, or broach any subject. I find the LACK of political correctness very refreshing. I'm getting very tired of the powers that be vanilla-izing everything for our own good. Were that life was that tidy!moreless
  • Is Gavin in pain or is he just an &^*hole?

    Ok. Is Tommy in love with Sheila or what? Finding out her secret was really hard for him. I think that we get a little more insight into the complexity of his character and who is going to be in the future. Gavin is everywhere: he is a father, a lover, a firefighter, and more and he seems to be reaching for the edge of his sanity.

    Leary's acting, as always is moving and beleivable and seems to be getting better and better. The director is primo too.moreless
  • Outstanding storytelling.

    Jerry is getting hit from every direction. His wife's out of hand so he calls his son in and his son insists on *existing*.

    I'm willing to believe that there's something we don't know about Jerry and -- I've just never caught his name: Is it Pete? Is it Keith? Whatever it is, something really wrong happened that we don't know about, and I'm guessing it's probably tied up in how Jerry found out. There's so much pain between them and it's not some abstract thing. Jerry *can't* get OK with his son's sex life and the fact that he took his hand at the end of their conversation shocked the hell out of me, in that there are 2,000 years of Catholicism screaming at him not to.

    I loved how different the reactions were from the guys. When Mike brought up his son's orientation, Jerry landed on him like a ton of bricks -- "Don't you call him my gay son. He's just my son. When people ask about you I don't call you the *retarded* probie."

    Laura didn't get to do much in this one. Franco's probably at least somewhat antsy about that, and more about the pills. Addiction's a cold mutha. From one shot of Demerol I could see forming a habit, so handfuls of whatever he's taking is probably impossible to drag himself out of.

    His poor daughter, tho. I hope she's OK.

    Arsonists with firefighter fetishes. Gotta say -- this show isn't a-fear'd of going to some dark places. She seemed nice and I'd like to see something good happen to Garrity -- actually, screw Garrity: It's nice to see his love life as the comic relief for once. The probie can be happy with his Amazon for a while. Loo bustin' on him about her was funny, tho. :)

    Speaking of dark places: Sending your daughter in to kidnap your kids. That is ... wow. Tommy's once solid case against Janet is eroding like an AlkaSeltzer. And after that confrontation with Jimmy in the doctor's office -- I really loved how they highlighted the incorporeal nature of his experience with Jimmy, and of his attack. Jimmy seems to actually be Jimmy's ghost, too -- not just a hallucination -- because he had information Tommy didn't.

    Tommy's confrontation with Sheila was jaw-dropping. And her conflictedness -- the complicated emotions she has regarding Tommy -- was well-presented. She's honestly lost her mind and it'll be interesting to see where we go from there.

    Tommy's got a good energy with his kids. And while his hallucination of Christ may be against it, his hallucination of Mary Magdalene was for it, so maybe he'll be able to manage it.

    Unless I misunderstood where this was going, is Toomy going to be putting himself and his kids up at the station with Kenny? :o


    One last thing: Where are they *finding* the music for the closing sequences? It's always so perfect and it always seems so obscure. Whoever is adding that is elevating this from high drama to high art. Well chosen, well done.

    One hell of an episode. :)moreless
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