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  • If this is men at their "Best and Funniest" as others have described then forget it.

    I honestly have not seen such absolute rubbish on TV in a long long time. Between the constant blashpheming; swearing and soft porn, this show is either written by a wanna be porn director and/or a woman who is incredibly cynical about men. If this is typical NY firefighters then I will surely stay away from them. What a bunch of shallow, shallow men who carry on like a frat house and a lot of their interactions with women border on domestic abuse.

    Tommy is the most manipulative; worst parent who lacks integrity and morals that I've ever seen. I realise it's only a TV show, but this guy is neither likeable nor, I hope, based on any kind of reality (as a whole).

    I will not be wasting one more minute on this show and I'm disappointed that more people have not stood up and said something (esp. how they literally throw the women around in this show like a pornographic mills and boon). This really could have been a great show as it had a great storyline. How it's lasted seven seasons, let alone seven shows really shows me where we've got to as a society....
  • good show

    It started really good, humor and drama combined perfectlly, but after season 4, i had to fast forward all the scenes that sheila was in, I got sick and felt sorry that she was given such a low role, she didnt have the opportunity to show if she is a good actress, instead she showed nationwide what a good whore she is. I am pretty sure she got many calls from porn directors.
  • Holy Smokes!

    This is one of the show's I make all of my friends watch. Non-stop laughs paired with heartbreaking drama. Pure gold!

    If you like this: check out Denis Leary and Peter Tolan's Sirens.

    Just finished watching the series on Netflix and was in awe! It's about time somebody created a show for adults about real life. This is one series that I could absolutely watch over again. The cast was fantastic, could have been a next-door neighbor. Way to go Denis Leary-thumbs up to you. When can we expect something new? A new groupie has been created.
  • 1 of my all time favorite shows!

    From the awesome theme song through the series finale, I absolutely love this show! The characters are all well rounded from their personalities both on the job and in their personal lives. Tommy Gavin (the main character, Dennis Leary, who was also the creator, writer, and Executive Producer) is haunted by one of his brothers, Jimmy, who died in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centers (his only remains found was 1 finger, so when his ghost visits Tommy he has burns on his face & is missing that finger, which I think was incredible writing). Later on, Tommy is haunted by children and adults who he feels he should've been able to save (including his 6 year old son, Connor, who was killed by a drunk driver while riding his bike and later another brother, Johnny, who was a cop killed in the line of duty when a stake out goes wrong). Tommy and his fellow firefighters are hilarious, beyond fearless, sexy, angry, and bonded like brothers. His family is very large, complicated, and extremely emotionally charged (running the gambit from love, hate, mentally unstable, anger, betrayal, crazy, jealousy, denial, hopelessness, deep depression, arrogance, egotistic, guilt, victimized, and vulnerable) which stems from several of them having serious drinking problems and all the tragedies they have suffered. If you can afford to buy the box set of the entire show or watch it on Netflix or Hulu, do it and you will be ready for a marathon of amazing, dramatic, poignant, passionate, provoking, & extremely touching television viewing! I promise you will be satisfied!
  • not a fan

    I came to hate Denis Leary after watching a bunch of episodes in a row. This show could have been so much better-- it was cool in the beginning, but it became a repetitive, narcissistic vehicle for Leary's world view. The limited cycle that it revolves in-- Tommy gets angry, Tommy screws up, people who deserve better forgive him. Ugh, what a painful experience it is to watch Leary be unable to carry this role which requires that he convince us that this many people would admire Tommy Gavin or that these women who are way above his league would sleep with him.

    This is all because Leary insists on making this show be a bunch of vignettes of his comedy routine, without the humor. Major plot incongruities are introduced just to create a series of speech scenes where either Tommy strokes himself, or one of the secondary characters strokes him. The serious themes this show is built around (alcoholism, 9/11, the noble fire fighting profession) are exploited to prop up a character nobody would put up with-- a character that looks exactly how Denis Leary appears to himself as gazes in the mirror.

    What an ego maniac Leary has to be to not see how mediocre and self serving this show is. It just drips of the rewrites that he must demand at every turn to avoid bringing anything redeeming to the show that would distract from his personal masturbatory mission.
  • CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe if they didnt spend so much time saying the "GD" word and having sex with all of the girls they pass on the street, they could actually fight more fires! That's whats wrong with everyone now they dont have any respect for God or girls! GROW UP!!!!!
  • we take a look at the firefighter doing what they do best.


    i just started to watch rescue me on fox 8 in austraila. and i tell you what. at first i didnt think i would like it. but this show is great. its about a great of new york firefigthers and there daily lives. we see them go out and fight fires and also see there peronally lives. we see that they also have promblems and how they must cope with them and also come to grips with putting there lifts on the line and risking every thing to save the lives of others. this is one hot show and i can see why its been up for awards. this has been a great show i loved the way they hououred the firefighter of 9/11. never disapointed in any episode. will be missed

  • An excellent concept that rapidly descends into a quagmire of awful television.

    How this show is still running and has a 9.0 overall rating is completely beyond me, it's farcically bad. It starts so strongly and I was absolutely hooked by the first couple of episodes. We join an all-male crew of tough firemen not long after 9/11, they're traumatised by the horror they experienced, they've all lost friends and family and they're trapped in an unbearably macho world where even the slightest sign of emotion is an unforgiveable weakness, doing a job where lethal danger is a daily risk, the main character is even haunted by hallucinations of those he has lost or failed to save. What a fantastic premise I thought, this could be 'The Wire' with firemen I thought, a subtle, character-driven examination of life in the urban western world I thought. I was looking forward to several seasons exploring the traumas of 21st century life and the barriers to healing that we all erect around ourselves, potentially an incisive and even cathartic piece of television.

    What you get is a sub-Grey's Anatomy soap opera with no respect for characters, storylines or continuity. This show is utterly riddled with the cancer of modern 'for profit' television: the complete debasement of the original concept in order to wring every last raw, bleeding cent out of the show before discarding the tattered husk with the inevitable 2-part finale when the ratings drop below a predetermined level. It's a disease that corrupts the majority of TV shows but the extent to which 'Rescue Me' is infected is tragic. I watched the first 9 episodes and that was about all I could stand. To say this show is a Soap Opera is an understatement, the story arcs each character catapults along are up and down like rollercoasters where each climb and fall is more irrelevant and more irreverantly dealt with than the last. Here are just a few examples: One character assaults a man and puts him in the hospital, he's at risk of losing his job, but he finds a way to get off the hook, all of a sudden he's got a gambling problem, he had a debt to the mafia when I stopped watching. The main character's daughter is seeing a boy her father dissaproves of, then she's critically injured in a car wreck, then she's fine again, then her father tricks her into breaking up with the boy, then she's a lesbian, she was having relationship difficulties with her girlfriend when I stopped watching.
    The main character's father is emotionally distant, he's in a stagnant marriage devoid of communication, he leaves his wife and moves in with his brother and starts having sex with prostitutes, he uses his son to acquire drugs with which he kills a monkey then decides it's all too wild for him, he had moved back in with his wife and was sick of her again when I stopped watching.
    The new guy joins the crew, not long afterwards he carries an unconcious man out of a burning building, the man is so keen to thank the new guy that he tries to get him into a threesome with him and his girlfriend, the new guy refuses so the man and his girlfriend trick the new guy and rape him, then suddenly that's not happening any more but look now the new guy is going out with an older woman but uh-oh she has a hot daughter who seduces the new guy but the mother finds out so she throws him out so he naturally moves in with the man who raped him who had just started doing drugs and going psycho WHEN I. STOPPED. WATCHING.

    All that in the first 9 episodes!?! Every significant character has equally ridiculous story arcs flying off them in showers of quite pretty, but short lived and ultimately completely irrelevant, sparks. There are 5-show-a-week programmes with revolving door cast lists that have more respect for continuity of plot than this show. All of which is saying nothing of the 'per episode' one off storylines which often try to be 'amusing' and serve no purpose other than to fill up as much time as possible between the meager crumbs of relevant detail which advance the parts of the overarching plot that's actually interesting, all the while vomiting 'amusing' bile all over the original concept of the show. I need give no other example of this than the episode where the guys in the crew got into a penis-size competition which ended with one character removing a device from the genitals of another character with a high powered circular saw. I'm not too keen on the quality of the dialogue either but I think I've made my point. On the plus side most of the acting is ok, the male lead is far better than the show deserves, the music is good, what action there is is exciting.

    In conclusion this show is a prime example of the lament of modern television: if only it had been a miniseries. And how true that is of so many, many shows. If you took the original concept and told the writers they had 12 episodes to make their point and get out you just might end up making classic television, as it is this stuff is flimsy, disposable and unwatchable.
  • This show will be remembered for a long time,the idea and story shall stay (i can bet) in our heads and harts forever...

    This is the "one" for the history, and i`m gonna tell you why:although you can already sense it your self...
    For a long time i haven`t had seen such a true,sincere but harsh, bitter and fun,ruff and full of feelings realistic,i cant say just a t.v. show and yet i cant classify this "creation" I`m not from NY or US of A, but i can find my self and many REAL friends,relatives,enemies...and i mean,lets put aside quality in cinematic meaning and other technicalities,just that that closeness with i dare to say "us" is well enough to be one of the best "shows" in the history,mark my words.....
  • The Show I fell into and love it.

    While I was one day going through I came across this show through a review of another show so thought I would download the first series and see what everyone was talking about. This show is a different take on drama and fake reality as it's not something that has really been done before, I mean we have all seen shows about the emergency services but never about the fire service which we all rely on to keep us safe if we do silly things. This is an amazing insite to the fire services and the amazing work they do and the tough times they face. I believe anyone that is going to start to watching this show should start from the begining so they can fully understand the characters and the challenges they have over come.

    Amazing show but could always do with a little more tweaking
  • It got old, worth watching I guess

    Tommy Gavin is a NY firefighter he sees people who died in fires and his dead cousin and frequently talks to them because of post traumatic stress due to 9/11. Him and his wife are seperated because he has changed but he tries to keep her single and control his kids.I like the characters on this show but the story gets old after a while. There are some pretty funny moments but the majority of the show repeats itself.Tommy is always having problems seeing dead people ,seeing his kids, and keeping his wife from moving,the firefighters do the same things over and over.Tommy is always trying to quit alcohol and always gets mixed up with crazy women. My brother has all the season I only watched up to the third season but lost intrest it is decent show 6/10.
  • A television first. The introduction of 911 as a staged false flag event. Most important.

    To finally hear an open to air synopsis of PNAC 911 False flag, spoken from the scene of the crime itself - voices of first responders - rates as one of the great moments in television history. A terrible deception hidden behind the loaded dust clouds of the dead begins to unravel. Evidence fields struggling through the mines of obstruction will be aided by this three or four minutes of powerful television, by its working through and at the medium that gave most of us the message in the first place, at last giveing first glimmer of mainstream accountability. How did we miss it for so long. How do we deal with it now.
    This episode begins the task, and the actors producers and writers are to be congratulated for it.
  • The most irredeemable thing since typhoid fever.

    The saga of several violent, drunk, misogynist, racist idiots, and the job that they have. We wouldn't care a single thing about these people if they weren't in a dangerous job; yet somehow, just because they're firefighters, we're supposed to respect them. I'm sorry, I don't think like that. There is not one happy moment in any of the episodes I've seen so far, and I've seen most of them. I don't know why you're supposed to watch this show, unless your goal is to *not* enjoy yourself. They could probably make a much better show about the dog that hangs out at the station house.
  • This is the best show I have seen in a very long time. I would personally recommend that everyone tune in to catch next weeks episode. It should be up for an award this year. I am a new viewer and so glad that I tuned in.

    This is one of the most entertaining shows I have seen in a long time. Very today. Dennis Leary has the best delivery I have seen in a long time. Funny, & very true to life. I hope this show stays on the air for a long time to come.
    Last nite's show was especially funny, the dinner scene was the best, and the moment with his daughter at bed time, really touched my heart (even though he lied to her) but it all adds to the humor of the show.

    I will definetly be watching for a long time to come.
  • Needs to move outta 2001 and into 2009. All is ephemeral. What have you learned? Better story lines for the other actors. Shock value only goes so far.

    I hope Leary's character has moved on from all the angst & drumm. It has gotten old and boring.
    His female characters have not been allowed to grow beyond being one dimensional. They appear to exist for sexual pleasure and abuse. How is it that _only_ Leary's role allows venting grief and NOTHING from the other firemen/Emeg. personnel? Hey, Andrea Roth is untapped talent so far, give her more play.
    I'm Irish and went to Catholic schools too. Even Italians, classic grievers, move on.
    I vote for more humor and comedic familial situations.
    Bet you'd get more funding.
    Here's hoping it gets better.
  • The best 5 seasons of television ever

    Rescue me is the most creative show I have ever watched..have recommended it to all my friends and all who have watched have not been disappointed. The cast and crew work well minute they keep you laughing so hard that you are crying, the next minute you are crying from the sadness in Tommy Gavin's crazy drunken life. I hope that this show will stay with us for many years to come, and that we don't have to wait forever for season 6. A word about my favorite actor ever, Denis Leary. He is so creative and I enjoy being his fan.
  • Pretty interesting.

    This show is for those that like action and more action. I guess to be honest, I like this show for some of its decent acting and some of its reality. The storylines are okay, the comedy is decent, and the plots are average. I like the setting of the show and most of its characters. Sometimes it is very unpredictable and sometimes it is very predictable. One thing I do not like at all is the usual character conflicts. It is usually very predictable and also very boring. Overall, this is an okay show that holds my interest most of the time. Thank you.
  • The show is about Dennis Leary who plays a firefighter. As in his song he isn't a nice person to be around. His character is simmilar to Dr. Houses and he get's in trouble all the time. Not just physically, he is an alcoholic, but also mental.

    The show started after 9/11 and is one of the most emotional shows I know. Dennis Leary plays a part time drunk alcoholic that beats up himself and his family. the storyline is quite complex sometimes and you don't get the impression that it's to easy build. His brother get's together with his wife for example and later people kill him. Dennis want's to get revenge and so the story builds up. You should watch the show from the beginning, it's deep. There is a quiet anger inside the main character and you can feel that all the time. Like cigaretts and alcohol.
    Have fun
  • Powerful sedative.

    When I started watching this show I thought it was good and original because it had a different perspective and it crossed some lines. I watched season 1 , 2 , 3 and some episode of season 4 and I have enough of it. It's every week the same thing!. I mean come on ! It's all about what screws up Tommy does and they come and go with the same plots it's so boring. When they do realize that , they kill someone in what is supposed to be an unexpected and exciting plot turn which is not. I don't usually stop watching a show once I started but with this I will make an exception or maybe I will watch it when I can't sleep at night because it's a powerful sedative.
  • Denis Leary's production team has discovered the secret formula for firefighting drama.

    Thanks to television, civilians can now travel behind the firelines into a World rarely experienced by anyone but the chosen few. But recreating the life of the firefighter isn't a simple task. Of all the firefighting dramas ever produced, Denis Leary's "Rescue Me" is most like the real thing. He treats the firehouse for what it is, a family! Kooky at times, emotionally distraught at others, but always there for one another when they step off the rig to do battle. Rescue Me has humor, conflict and an identifiable antagonist, all of which are essential for making any successful drama.
  • A show of firemen post 9/11 in a rough world of drama and their dangerous career.

    When I first saw this show I was a bit confused, I wasn't sure if his brother was dead or not but after the episode it sank in. This show has humor, violence, drama, and plenty of plot and action to sink your teeth into. Dennis Leary plays an excellent role as an alcoholic firefighter and keeps me coming back for more. If it weren't for him the show would be lacking in a major way. The show however in season 4 it seemed to be declining in its content and story. I was quite disappointing compared to the earlier seasons, but i have high hopes for number 5.
  • Leary and Tolan reteam to make some of the best television out there.

    This show is so dark and really bleak and they re-claim the city from the first episode onwards. Never predictable, the characters you fall in love with are totally insane. Some of my favorite bits are when Tommy cusses out with references to his white Irish butt. Then there are those tolan/leary fetishes- young nuns, foot fetishes.. it just gets better and more cutting as the show goes on. There was nothing like their writing on tv when they started the Job. Lucky HBO for giving them money. Just watch the creators making these guys try things out and mess them up!
  • Rescue Me follows the life and lives of Tommy Gavin (Dennis Leary) and his crew. 9/11 Hardened and battling through divorce, alcoholism, sex addiction, and personal demons, Tommy is an extremely witty, cut-the-BS, headcase.

    The most masculine show on TV, hands down. If you are a real man, you will love this show. The screen play is brilliant and the actor chemistry is unparalleled. Dennis Leary, in a stroke of genius, has created a character in Tommy Gavin that is so layered and so complex that the subtexts more than likely fly right past the average viewer. This show holds no punches, and is not afraid of sacrificing realism for a smooth and followable plot, nor for Hollywood theatrics.
    The show is also a tribute to the firefighters who died in 9/11 and serves to unveil the true face of the cruel beast that is the livelihood of the real men and women in the NYFD.
    In my opinion, best show on the Tube.
  • This is a must see!

    Rescue Me is such an awesome dramedy about New York City firefighters post 9/11. Each firefighter has their own individual, unique storyline which is what really makes the show so special, how well crafted all of the characters' lives are. The show focuses on Tommy Gavin as he tries to make it work with Janet, their three children, psycho Sheila, his crazy family, and Tommy is trying to balance his job...

    There are so many issues that are among Tommy and the other firefighters.

    Sean and Mike are the silliest of the bunch, Franco is definitely the man whore but look at him and you'll see why. Lou and Chief Reilly have got some serious issues.

    Let's not forget Jimmy, Tommy's cousin who died in 9/11 and follows poor Tommy around.

    This is a must see!
  • I love this show!!

    Bye far this is my all time favorite show. I countdown till it comes back on. I got my whole family loving it.I didn't mean to find it when I first came across it. Now I have bought all the seasons. My husband took them to Iraq with him & the troops & everyone loves it. I couldn't ask for a better show. I have ADHD so it keeps me entertianed. I just wish it came on an hour ealier, when you gotta get up at 5am. 10 pm is really late, but hey that's what dvrs are for. Awesome! Love it!
  • Well done.

    I heard about this show and since I come from NY/NJ and from an Irish catholic family of firemen, of course, I'm watching this. It's authentic, it's gritty, not pretty, but then, you don't know firemen - they're running into burning buildings when everybody else is running out, and are a breed unto themselves, an essence that Leary and Co. have captured.

    So, if you ever have an opportunity to go to a 'wetdown' or a fundraiser (See Bayhead NJ crabfest in Aug. -" If you don't' come to our fundraiser, we ain't coming to your fire" )- you see real men, some of them boneheads, some of them rocket scientists, but always for real. This very edgy drama and esp. Leary's character shows the dark side, and his 'secret evil plan' instead of whitewashing every guy as a hero, as competent or even, sober. I love that the moral center keeps shifting underneath their feet, just as in real life. There's a million stories in the Naked City, and "Rescue Me" could tell them all.

    I've been waiting for a show like this to come along because I practically grew up in a firehouse, and I know so did a million other kids in America. And, for those people who don't know any firemen, go adopt one or better yet, go volunteer.
  • Denis Leary with whiskey and a fireman's suit. What more could you need?

    When Rescue Me first premiered, I was a bit...Leary. I have always loved and admired Denis Leary for his ballsy approach to stage comedy and his unapologetic way with words. But a TV show? Well I have been watching avidly ever since and I have not been disappointed yet. Every episode is charged with physical as well as emotional action. Characters evolve and we are constantly in the middle. Shot with gritty clarity and a bit of tongue in cheek, this is a show for anyone who ever wanted to say "F-it, I'm gonna call in sick and get drunk at 10am."
  • Very Realistic

    At first I thought this show was going to be about macho fire fighters fighting fire and drinking beer, which would have been ok for a few episodes by the way but this show is much deeper than that. They go into the 9/11 stress that fire fighters face who lost buddies in the tragic terrorist act and see how the survivors are dealing with it. They also go into how there dangerous job affects the family around them! I am impressed about how this show is very real life like, touching on all emotions. I would recommend this show to anyone!
  • Every episode this season so far is great.

    Very cool new show!
    Denis Leary is so sexy in such a very bad boy way. Funny, Funny show! These episodes dealing with alchoholism busted me up big time. Dealing with the truth about these subjects while making it sooooo funny! The delivery is so hyper kinetic that, that alone makes me laugh.
    Not particulary fond of Gina Gershon as his new lover. And I'm a huge Gina fan. Maybe because she seems like she's just posing in on her performances? It's not raw or gritty enough for an actress with such depth. She is playing a rather shallow girl and it just doesn't play a perfect 10 on her. Tho I love her anyways and it doesn't detract from it all. I hate Paris Hilton, but she'd been a better choice to play such a vacuous character. OK, that'd be reality TV.
    One of my favourite new shows this season. And he's even sexier when I see the creater/writer credits roll.
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