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Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2006 on FX
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Episode Summary

While Tommy and Johnny have another encounter, Janet and Angie re-establish their acquaintance. Meanwhile, Sheila is unhappy when she sees Tommy and Angie together. Maggie wants to get back together with Sean. Mike hooks up with a woman at a bar, making his roommate, Chris, jealous. Franco finds out about Jerry's second job at the pub, and the money in the no-smoking jar goes missing.moreless

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  • I mean painful as in "DAMN! That was f**ked up!"

    When I saw the end of Zombies with Sheila totally freaking out, I knew I was going to love this episode. I love revenge stuff. This was absolutely CLASSIC. Sheila has truely lost it and her weeping monologue at the conclusion was heartwrenching and just plain freaky at the same time. The scenes with Tommy and his daughter and the consuler were truely inspired I thought. Tommy, fobbing off his feelings on his kid trying to get the shrink to give him a perscription cure for survivors guilt just really represented to me what the show was all about. I liked this ep a lot.moreless
  • Tommy finally gets the come-uppance that everyone's been talking about.

    I don't really get it, to be quite honest. I read all this stuff about how upset people were about Tommy's spousal rape scene and everything. But after this episode - that's twice I've seen a guy get raped in this show and I can predict with some accuracy that we won't be hearing any voices of dissent. Regardless - I've got some mixed emotions on Tommy getting raped, but I am happy that this might be the beginnings of Tommy hitting bottom again.

    Question: why did we have to hear about Franco losing his daughter in the recap at the beginning? Did that come up, even once, throughout this episode? Stuff like that, background that has no direct bearing on the plot of that particular episode, should be left for the hardcores of the show, not just trickled around so any Joe Shmoe can just jump on board and think they know everything.

    All in all, this episode delivered on all the fronts I expect from Rescue Me. It had some good depravity, some excellent family bickering, some good slapstick, a little bit of sex and some ironic jokes about lementing one's release from prison.moreless
  • OK. I'm not certain where the title of the show comes from unless it's from what Sheila does in the last few minutes of it. Because for some reason it leaves me unsatisfied.moreless

    Birdie needs a broken nose. OK, maybe Jerry never told him what he needed the money for, but on some level he's really getting off on shoving him around. Which is by way of being a complete jerk. Would he treat his grandfather like that? Would he treat [i]any random human being[/i] like that? The bar is never empty, and he's doing well enough to pay people -- especially when they're bustin' their hump. He deserved worse than having his ride jacked. Way worse.

    I'm interested in knowing what happened with Rose after Bud left. And what's going on with the Chief generally. Especially after he stood up to the porn police with that most excellent rant. Nice.

    And who knew that Lou could do something even more horrifying than what the chief suggested with the potato chips? Takin' the girls out to a slasher flick and then dumping the dinner bill on them? OMG.

    I guess the title could refer to what happened at the urinals. Damn did Johnny have that coming. And it's amazing he didn't see it from a million miles away. Hell, it's incredible to me on some level that he didn't do it [i]himself[/i].

    But I think we have to give the point to Janet. She really pulled the wind out of Angela's dress.

    And why not? She is, after all, a Gavin.

    I enjoyed Tommy sneaking the info about why "Colleen" was "crying all the time" from the psychologist. That was cool.

    And Probie suggesting they could just take the money back. After all, they've got cancer.

    Yes, you jerk. //They've got cancer.// It was a lovely gesture. And Perrolli deserves a lovely gesture right back. That was //their// money. What an ass.

    Speaking of ass ...

    How much [i]happened[/i] in this eppy? There's like a zillion things to comment on.

    Teddy exchanging the naughty phonepix with his fiancee.

    Roomie confronting Probie about seeing someone else -- getting upset that he's meeting a woman? Hell, he'd been with women exclusively (for all we know) before moving in. It's interesting that this woman has had to turn "a lot of guys" around, too. She sounds like she gets into a lot of near-miss relationships.

    Well, everyone needs a hobby, I suppose.

    And along with Garrity making the most sense in the world as to why he shouldn't be with Mags -- and in the same breath, just about, deciding the string of assault charges and internal injuries are gonna be worth it -- BAM! He's pepper-sprayed! I loved that stumble-bumming around the station like they'd rearranged it or something. What a yutz! Great physical comedy outta him.

    The focus has gotta be Sheila, who is narcissistic to the point of solipsism (but frankly, who on this show [i]isn't[/i]?) can't see past her own corneas, and assumes that she'd even crossed either Tommy or Angela's [i]mind[/i] in their little liaison.

    And in her defense, it's not like they've never done it before, and she's taking what comfort she can in physical intimacy if she can't achieve an emotional connection, but MY G-D, woman. Drugging Tommy and [i]taking[/i] him? At least Janet allowed him [i]some[/i] say in the matter. You cooked him a nice dinner, you had a nice little talk (especially after he was out cold) ... you could've just seduced him. But to leave him in that wreckage, with the lingering assumption that it was his fault (vodka on his mouth and in his lap) -- I mean, it's not like Tommy hasn't taken a baseball bat to his home before. It's not like he's incapable of this level of destruction.

    And all because you miss Jimmy.

    Well, babe, any gigolo can track down the gear. Hasn't Tommy been through enough?

    From her perspecitve, no. Because Janet's left him and she sees him as her exclusive property. So she's lashing out at Angela as well, assuming on some insane level that Angela was trying to hurt [i]her[/i]. Wake [i]up[/i], Sheil! Angela -- [i]Johnny's ex[/i] -- and Tommy -- [i]Janet's ex[/i] -- are trying to hurt Johnny and Janet.

    You're not even on the radar.

    No, that hostess dialed the wrong one and now Tommy's gotta wonder if his survivor's guilt destroyed his apartment.

    Can't wait 'til they short [i]that[/i] triangle and Tommy finds out what Sheila's done.

    Can't imagine it's gonna please him in any way.

    Good episode, not great. Nice convo bewteen Tommy and Franco about Keila at the beginning -- can't wait 'til they bring that back into play. But there's so many storylines out there for them to return to now -- Jerry and Rose, Keila and Alicia, Damien heading to Probie school, etc. etc. etc. -- I'm wondering if they actually will.

    There was a lot going on, and they did a pretty good job with it, but for an episode titled "Satisfaction," I guess I'm feeling kind of ... unsatisfied.moreless
  • Tommy Gavin, his firefighter family and his actual disfunctional family in another installment.

    Billed as a drama, but I laugh every time I watch. When I watched this particular episode I laughed so hard I fell off the couch...twice.

    First when Probie is in bed with the girl and she claims she can turn him straight. (This might have something to do with what recently happened in my life making it funnier than it actually was.)

    Second was when Sean is bumping into everything in the house because he was sprayed with Mace and they call him "Ray Charles" and "Stevie Wonder".

    Didn't care much for the Tommy storyline, except maybe when he was seeing the counselor with his daughter.

    And yes, Shelia has gone off the deep end. What is she thinking?

    Glad to see Uncle Lenny make an appearance.moreless
  • What happened to the creative writing?

    I'm at a complete and total loss! If I have to see Tommy Gavin "man-handled" by one more female on the show, I'll vomit in my mouth! His "love" life is beyond unbelievable. Bouncing Probie back from the land of on-again-gay, off-again-gay is so old, there's an inch layer of dust on the storyline. And the fact that Franco the womanizer not only doesn't give a flying hoot about his kidnapped (wait...he kidnapped her, then some strange woman kidnapped her from him...what?) daughter, but also isn't scoring with random badge bunny hook-up's...this story is just crazy, too.

    Don't get me started on this current story with Sheila. How frustrating is this? What, did they have Ann Coulter write this? Not only drugging Tommy but raping him, too. Then, to top it off...as if the rape wasn't enough, they psycho sermon about their youth to the drugged Tommy, about how she finally "landed" (more like, chased him until she wore him down) Jimmy. And then spilled alcohol on his mouth and trashed his place. Prescribe her therapy. Like, yesterday.

    I was...appalled. The worst episode in the series.

    The show should be called, "Rescue THEM," not "Rescue ME," since the writers are making each character out to need so much dire help with life. COME ON!

    As for hanging Birdie's truck...it was one of the only things I found humor in this week...reminded me of the good old days of their firehouse humor. What the heck happened to that?moreless
Andrea Roth

Andrea Roth

Janet Gavin

Callie Thorne

Callie Thorne

Sheila Keefe (Season 2 - Recurring Previously)

Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata

Franco Rivera

Denis Leary

Denis Leary

Tommy Gavin

John Scurti

John Scurti

Lt. Kenneth "Lou" Shea

Mike Lombardi

Mike Lombardi

Mike Silletti

Chris Bowers

Chris Bowers

Larry Bird

Guest Star

Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei


Guest Star

Patti D'Arbanville

Patti D'Arbanville


Guest Star

Dean Winters

Dean Winters

Johnny Gavin

Recurring Role

Natalie Distler

Natalie Distler

Colleen Gavin

Recurring Role

Timothy Adams

Timothy Adams


Recurring Role

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    • (After drugging Tommy in order to rape him because he slept with Angie)
      Sheila: I understand the need for revenge. I understand envy and heavy jealousy. But... why would she want to hurt me?

    • (Lying down on drugged out Tommy and reflecting on the orgasm she has just got when raping him)
      Sheila: Why can't it always be like this?

    • Maggie: What's going on with the getting me all excited front?
      Sean: Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that. How 'bout we like go back to your apartment and I get you excited in another way, in a way that doesn't involve me getting punched in the kidneys. (a big guy walks by them)
      Maggie: Did you hear that? That guy just called me a whore.
      Sean: Uh, no I missed that.
      Maggie: You just called me a whore didn't you, asshole?
      Guy (turns around): Excuse me?
      Sean: Oh, it was me, sometimes I just do that I--
      Guy: You got a problem asshole?
      Sean: God, with you, come on. No, what're you crazy? (looks towards a smaller guy) No this guy--did he?
      Maggie: No definitely him, (points to the big guy, then the little guy) not him.
      Sean: No, you're wrong. It was this guy. (to the smaller guy) Did you just call my lady friend a whore?
      Little Guy: Get away from me.
      Sean: Y'know what I think he did. What're you a tough guy? (he sprays Sean with mace and he falls to the ground)
      Little guy: Whose the tough guy now?! (rides off on his bike)
      Maggie: Jesus, Sean, this is so embarrassing. You need to grow up. It's like you've never been sprayed in the eyes with mace before.

    • (While babysitting Colleen and Katy)
      Lou: Just lemme finish my beer. They don't grow on trees. I wish they did.

    • Angie: I have a lot of cop friends back from when Johnny and I were married. I heard about the two of you. You've been a busy girl.
      Janet: No busier than you.
      Angie: Oh, you mean me and Tommy? That's such a big suprise for me, I mean he was never really my type. Then I bumped into him a coupla weeks--
      Janet: You actually think that I believe this bullshit?
      Angie: Oh, why? I'm not good enough for Tommy?
      Janet: That is not it, Angie.
      Angie: Oh, yeah I think it is.
      Janet: Well, it's not. Look, we were never close, and frankly I never liked you.
      Angie: Really?
      Janet: Yeah. But then you did one thing that I could never do. You broke free. You got away from the neighborhood and all the petty family bullshit. You broke away and started a whole new life for yourself. And I respected you for that so much, but now here you are all dressed up, dead center in a pile of shit. Welcome home, Angie.
      Angie: Oh, no I already got my welcome home when I made it with your husband. Don't worry about those frown lines, sweetie. Just keep smiling no one's gonna notice.

    • (At a police banquet thing, Tommy and Angie show up, Johnny and Janet spot them. Johnny goes to the bathroom Tommy follows. Now while at the urinals)
      Johnny: You're an idiot, Tommy, y'know, I've been feelin' bad, feelin' guilty, gettin' ready to try and make a phone call try to reach out and make things right and you go and pull a stupid stunt like this. Not in a million years will you sleep with her. That's gotta be tough, huh, Tommy? Knowing I'm banging your ex, knowing you're never gonna get mine. (Tommy pees on him) Y'know what man, you're an asshole.
      Tommy: Yeah, well, at least I'm dry.

    • Lou: See, this is fun. Dinner and a movie with Uncle Lou. (Lady in the movie screams)
      Colleen: Oh my, God. Don't look. (covers Katy's eyes) This is so disgusting. I told you we shoulda gone to the Pixar movie.
      Lou: Oh, this is fine. Listen, as soon as this guy stops sawing through that little girl's skull we can watch again.

    • (After Sean got into a few fights with different guys yesterday because it turns Maggie on)
      Sean: We're supposed to go out again tonight, I mean, I wanna make her happy but I gotta figure out a way to fight some guys where I'm not gonna get hurt.
      Lou: Just guys?
      Sean: Yeah, just guys, for now. I mean, I'm sure I'll fight some chicks in a coupla weeks but for now, just guys.
      Franco: What'a 'bout guys with one leg?
      Mike: Or no legs.
      Tommy: Midgets.
      Mike: Midgets with no legs.
      Tommy: Ah, too hard to find.

    • Maggie: I've been thinking about you.
      Sean: Really? I've been thinking about you too. And the nine other guys you've been bangin' behind my back.
      Maggie: Can you please-- can you come and talk to me?
      Sean (walks over to her): What?
      Maggie: I miss you. I realized that I made some mistakes.
      Sean: Yeah, nine of them.
      Maggie: Will you stop with the "nine." There was only four and one of those guys-- I don't even think I had his name right. Those bums, they never meant anything to me.
      Sean: Maggie, what do you want?
      Maggie: I don't know. I want you and me to try again--- to start over, no other guys in the mix. I want you to be my--- Jesus, if I have to actually say the words-- I'm gonna puke.
      Sean: That's classy.
      Maggie: Just a second. (looks away, then turns back) I want you to be my boyfriend.
      Sean: Maggie, you completely betrayed my trust. How do I know I'm not like one these other guys? How do I know that I mean anything to you?
      Maggie: Because I know. I didn't before, I'll admit that. Then you punched Nacho in the face and everything changed--
      Sean: Yeah, sorry about that I don't know what got into me.
      Maggie: No, don't be sorry. Oh my, God, it was so hot it took me back to when I was younger and I used to always fall for the guys who got into fights over me. It's like this incredible aphrodisiac I'm getting hot just thinking about it.
      Sean: You-- you wanna be with me because, what, I punched some guy in the face?
      Maggie: Yes.
      Sean: That's crazy, Maggie.

    • (About the missing money in the non smoking kitty)
      Franco: Alright, y'know what guys, I hate to say this but... y'know who coulda possibly taken it? The guys that were on last night.
      Lou: Jesus, Frank, these guys are our brothers we share this house with them, there's no way that they could've did this.
      Franco: How do you know?
      Lou: Because, I already accused them.

    • Counselor: Well, last Thursday you slapped a classmate and you recently told your French teacher to stick the textbook up her ass.
      Tommy: Now, in her defense, we've already spoken to her about the classmate thing, and she knows that that's uh, wrong, that you can't just go around slappin' people, right? (Colleen nods) So I think we've taken care of that. And as regards to the teacher...I mean, she is French. (Counselor just stares at him) We've--uh, she knows that's wrong too. We've spoke about that, so you can't uh...(shuts up, as the Counselor is still silent)
      Counselor: You lost your little brother about 6 months ago, you think that has---
      Colleen: I miss him, it makes me sad, I've cried about it, but it hasn't changed things so I stopped. I'm fine! Can I go?
      Counselor: Colleen, I wanna help you process whatever it is that--
      Colleen (points to her chest): Process these, bitch. (leaves)
      Tommy: She uh, gets that from her mom. One second here...(opens the door. To Colleen) Hey, gimme a couple seconds here. (shuts the door) So you're a---a real doctor, right?
      Counselor: Excuse me?
      Tommy: Are you--do you like know a lot about psychological crap or are you just a strictly kids only type of deal?
      Counselor: Well, I specialize in young adults and children but I have a fairly good grasp on psychiatric conditions and treatments.
      Tommy: Good 'cause uh...(whispers) She cries a lot.
      Counselor: Why are you whispering?
      Tommy (looks at Colleen): I don't want her to hear me talkin' about her.
      Counselor: I don't work this way.
      Tommy: Alright, gimme a sec. (goes over to the door, opens it. To Colleen) Hey, go wait in the truck, okay?
      Colleen: I don't wanna wait in the truck.
      Tommy: Go wait in the--
      Colleen: I don't wanna wait--
      Tommy: Don't make me tell you three times! Just go wait in the goddamn truck! Always with the lip.

    • Tommy: Anyways, she has these uh, crying jags. Y'know, I mean she just starts crying completely outta the blue. I mean she could be just driving around and--
      Counselor: She's old enough to drive?
      Tommy: I'm-- I'm driving, she's shot gun and she'll just burst into tears for no reason. What-- what do you think that's about?
      Counselor: You're driving?
      Tommy: Yep.
      Counselor: Uh-huh. Well it could be any number of things.
      Tommy: Top 3?
      Counselor: Could be hormonal. She's a young girl-- (Tommy is shaking his head) No?
      Tommy: No, no. Not that. Uh...what's the number 2?
      Counselor: She could have trouble expressing her emotions and crying could be a very natural release of--
      Tommy: She's a Gavin. She's female Gavin, so expressing her emotions is something that pretty much happens 24-7. Even when she's sleeping so it-- it can't be that one. What's-- what's the third?
      Counselor: Survivor's guilt.
      Tommy: What's that...?
      Counselor: Some people when someone very close to them dies they feel a tremendous, sometime crippling since of guilt. "I should have done more to help them." "It should have been me not them." " If I couldn't help them, then why do I deserve to live." And if these feelings aren't addressed if they aren't dealt with then they could just manifest themselves in a varity of different ways.
      Tommy: That's the one. That's definatly it. That's what's-- that's what's wrong with her. Okay, so now what pills do we give her to help her with deal that?
      Counselor: Mr. Gavin, I really don't believe in medicating young adults.
      Tommy: Oh, neither do I. I'm-- I'm right with 'ya on that. I'd uh, y'know cut the-- the pills in half give her half of the dosage. (Counselor stares) Okay, thanks for that. (gets up and goes to the door to find Colleen listening) Goddamnit, what did I tell you? In the truck now. (Colleen rolls her eyes)

    • (Some guys are making a sweep of the house looking for porn)
      Chief: Well, look at 'ya now, just pushin' the pencil, runnin' all over the city makin' sure good guys like my crew here aren't rubbing one off on the city's dime.
      Flinn: I'm just doin' what I'm told.
      Chief: Yeah, and there's a lotta honor in that ain't there, Flinn? (pushes him up against the lockers) You can take your little clipboard and go back downtown, back to headquarters and you tell who ever it was that sent you up here that they can kiss my white Irish ass. This is the best group of guys I've ever had the honor of serving with. These guys are gold when it comes to people's lives and protecting their property, not to mention the five names on that plaque on that wall out there. Guys that went into those two towers on that day and never came back. So, within the sacred confines of these four walls that they should look at something else other than that shit, that's fine with me. They wanna smoke, they wanna jerk off, they wanna shove potato chips up their ass, I don't give a shit as long as they keep gettin' on that rig and goin' out the door and savin' lives, I'll back 'em up.
      Flinn (looking over towards his guys): What've we got?
      Guy: There's no porn, sir. No tapes, no magazines.
      Chief: I'm sorry that it was a wasted trip, now get outta my goddamn quarters.
      Flinn (to his guys): Let's go.
      Chief: Make sure down at headquarters you tell 'em Chief Jerry O'Riley from the 15th battalion. (After those guys leave, everyone claps) Cut it out, cut it out.
      Lou: Nicely done, Chief. Now, lemme ask you a question: Did you really mean what you said about us being able to smoke and jerk off and everything?
      Chief: Why of course.
      Lou: Good, because there's a bag of potato chips in the kitchen with my ass' name all over it. (everyone laughs)
      Tommy: By the way, guys, the chief just went balls to the wall for us. This is offically the last fun fire house in New York City.
      Chief: So, wait a minute, what's the deal? (they all act like they don't know what he's talking about) With the pornos! (they all again, play stupid) You guys wouldn't be stupid enough too--- (opens the door to the firetruck and all the pornos falls out)

    • Mike: He was havin' the homosexual experience. I just happened to be in the room at the time.

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