Rescue Me

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 02, 2005 on FX
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Franco's addiction to painkillers has driven him to a support group to get help with his problem. A young boy clings to life after Tommy saves him from a fire. Jerry is introduced to his gay son's life partner.

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  • Yet another superb character development episode. (Spoilers)

    This was yet another superb episode of the superb show Rescue Me. I love how they have these little moments in some episodes that show people bonding like Franco and his daughter, or Tommy and his kids. It really shows that Rescue Me has a lot of heart, and it makes each episode special. I'm looking forward, as always, to seeing more of Franco being a father, and I hope to see him beat his addiction to pills. I also want to see Tommy beat his addiction; and I want them both to sober up and change their lives for the better. Overall, I give this episode, Shame, a 9 out of 10.moreless
  • What have I told you people about channeling me?

    This was a very watchable episode, and added a few shades of nuance to Chief's character.

    While his son is staying with him, his son's husband arrives, and Jerry's getting along with him just fine -- based, in part, on his belief that his son is the top in the relationship. When it turns out he's not, all of the rage Jerry's ever felt about his gay son boils to the surface.

    Meanwhile, Leary's living at the station, and while he's bouncing off the walls in the face of his withdrawal symptoms, Lou is sleeping even through his angst.

    Lou's got his own problems, of course. His beautiful sometime girlfriend, Sondra, who only goes for guys who are unavailable, tracks him down and asks if he's seeing anyone.

    Lou: "I panicked. I channeled you."

    Tommy: "AHH! What have I told you guys about channeling me. Excuse yourself, like you've gotta go to the bathroom, and call my cell. This is a gift."

    And it is. Like Lou, I'd go for a long time before thinking of calling in a pro. As Tommy said, "That's why G-d invented who.res."

    Lou: "Y'know, that is a gift."

    Tommy: "Yep -- from G-d or Satan. That's the trouble with gifts: No card, no credit."

    Tommy hooks up with his cousin and brother and they meet his half-brother and their hot half-sister Mariel. I'm guessing Mariel is an erupting storyline for Johnny because I don't see even Tommy getting that ridiculous.

    How ridiculous?

    Well ... how ridiculous is "beefstachio" steak in ice cream? That's how ridiculous that is.

    Christ playing ball with the orphans was just cool, as was the deal he was making with Tommy concerning the burn victim. I didn't know what was pulling Tommy away from his own kids at that point, but I think the pain of having this kids lips on his lips after mouth-to-mouth made him protective and was heading to a kind of spiritual crisis. He's already saved a kid only to have him die after three weeks of unimaginable pain, so this new one was ... so young, and so painful.

    Both Tommy and Franco go the cold-turkey route on the painkillers. And Franco's comment that he couldn't quit needing those pills even after almost losing Keela points to two things: The strength of that addiction and the attachment that he's gaining with his daughter.

    Sean is just hilarious. In whatever situation he faces, count on Garrity to make it all the more ridiculous -- pretending to be a crackhead to bag a partygirl, getting the Probie to go to the next N.A. meeting, completely oblivious to Franco's pain. You can see where he needs distraction, tho, from his thoughts of worrying that his ... {ahem} //euphemism// is a weapon of mass destruction. That conversation with Lou was riotous.

    Ultimately, the pain in this episode is the pain of longing -- the time you can't spend with your kids because you're overwhelmed by the world's pain -- or maybe it's easier to face someone else's pain than to try to process your own. Tommy's reactions to life are those of a man who is getting what he wants and having no idea what to do with it, but stronger for trying to manage it all the same.

    Damn' fine installment.moreless
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Evan Reilly


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David Alan Basche

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Dean Winters

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    • Tommy: Steak and ice cream?
      Uncle Teddy: It's my latest invention, beef-stash-eo. I called the people at Ben & Jerry's but they said "no." Some people have no vision.

    • (They see a woman)
      Johnny: I got dibs.
      Tommy: Why do you got dibs?
      Johnny: Because I'm the one with the gun.

    • Sean: It's like my dick is some sort of weapon of mass destruction.
      Lou: Okay, first of all. Your dick is not a weapon of mass destruction because if it were I would be in complete awe of you, which I am not. But there are really two issues here Sean. The first pertains to the fact that you have a tiny fragment of brain matter lodged somewhere in your skull. No offense.
      Sean: None taken.
      Lou: Second is your dating pool. Which in my opinion, should be drained, filled in, and black topped over. Maybe even a playground for poor kids built on top.

    • Lou: Now, the only problem is that she wants to see me out with my imaginary girlfriend. I'm done for.
      Tommy: Nah, not necessarly. Situations like this, this is why God invented whores.

    • Tommy (about the noises, which are making him not be able to sleep): Are you hearin' this? Ching-chang. Ting-tong. It's like being at a goddamn Chinese graduation cermony.

    • Tommy: Oh, yeah. That's where you want me staying, at a church. I'll just lay down in the pew and let the walls cave in.

    • (Sean quietly sits down beside Lou)
      Lou: What?
      Sean: Well, it's my cock.
      Lou: Oh, forget I asked.

    • Tommy: What, are you drinking all day now?
      John Sr.: I'm 82. I'm retired, and I'm married to a new and much younger woman who's not only rich but likes to bang my brains out at least 3 times a week. So I'm not drinking kid. I'm in a perpetual toast.

    • Tommy: Hey, remember I mentioned that thing to you?
      Uncle Teddy: Was that the hand grenade thing?
      Tommy: No, the pill thing.

    • Tommy: Me in a hotel with a mini-bar. How's that story end?

  • NOTES (1)

    • In this episode Denis Leary is seen wearing a yellow shirt with a gun silhouette on the back, if you look as the front the words say "The Job" which is a show he has also worked in.