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Rescue Me

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2007 on FX
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Episode Summary

Janet plots revenge when she learns what Tommy did with the baby; Franco questions his marriage proposal to Natalie in light of Alicia and Keela's return; and Tommy faces his ghosts.
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  • The battle with the wife and the battle from within...

    The baby goes to Sheila as Tommy is coersed to date the Cheifs weird daughter. More like a psycho to me, stuffing her face and just wont shut up for the love of goodness sake...

    Janet ends up cracking Tommy in the head with a frying pan and then all of the rumors from stabbing him with a knife to kitting him with a gun...

    Franco has his own problems between Alicia and his now fiance. Bad time for Franco, who is just trying to hold it together.

    The show is starting to get more people characters involved and starting to cause more than one storyline, this is why I like watching this show. One story line just bores me because I can skip a week and then catch up without missing a beat.moreless
  • God, I love this show!!!

    Okay, so my mouth was just open the first 10 minutes of the show. That was intense. I am so relieved he didn't toss that kid into the river, Tommy is destructive but he is usually only out to destroy himself. I was wondering what happened to the ghosts and then there were like 7 of them. Did anyone else notice that they didn't show Jerry's face? I wonder what's up with that. Okay so Sheila has the baby-that won't last long. Janet definitely needs help she is more unstable than Tommy and that's saying something. The date with the Chief's daughter was hilarious. Tommy is a total bad***. He just runs into a fire without equipment and carries someone out. I miss this Tommy; it is good to see him back.moreless

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    • Tommy (on the phone): Hey.
      Kenny (drunk): Hey, how's it goin'?
      Tommy: She hasn't ordered any food, okay?
      Kenny: Oh, that's perfect. She's a cheap date. Cheaper than Sherry Feldman.
      Tommy: Yeah, okay. She's also a repeater.
      Kenny: She farts a lot?
      Tommy: I mean, every time I say somethin' she repeats it back to me, okay?
      Kenny: Tom, that's perfect. All you gotta say is 'I'd like to take you to my car and blow you', and she repeats it back, and you say 'yes', bingo!

    • Tommy: You're tryin' to get me to date the Chief's daughter, aren't you?
      Kenny: No!
      Tommy: Yes!
      Kenny: No!
      Tommy: Yes!
      Kenny: Yes.
      Tommy: Yes.
      Kenny: Yes, I am. Yeah, look it's a career move, Tom. Number one, you're takin' out the Chief's goddamn daughter, okay? Number two, you're gettin' my ass out of the fire. Number three, you're winning very valuable brownie points with Lou. Okay, look, I know I owe you 5 grand from the Great Lou Depression of last year. If you take her back, I will pay you back 7 grand. (Tommy moves closer to him) You take her out and I'm gonna give you back, 7,500 dollars. (Tommy moves closer) I'm gonna give you-- Aw, Christ, Tommy, you know I don't have that kinda money. Why don't you say something?
      Tommy: He asked you first, didn't he?
      Kenny: No!
      Tommy: Yes!
      Kenny: No!
      Tommy: Yes.
      Kenny: Yes!
      Tommy: Yes, yes. Yeah, I knew. I knew. Yeah. Why don't you take her out?
      Kenny: Because, Christ, Tom, I just got off the goddamn sex express train. You could obviously use a blow job.
      Tommy: She gives blow jobs?
      Kenny: She's Jewish.
      Tommy: So?
      Kenny: Oh, we all know that Jew broads give great blow jobs.
      Tommy: We do?
      Kenny: Yeah, it's common knowledge amoung Jew and gentle alike.

    • Tommy: Okay, let's get it out in the open once and for all. What exactly is it that you guys think went on between me and Janet?
      Kenny: Well, there are several schools of thought on that. There are those who think she stabbed you. (Sean raises a hand) And then there are those who think she hit you with a baseball bat. (Franco nods) And Mike thinks she hit you with a gun.
      Chief Freinberg: What happened to the tea kettle?
      Tommy: What tea kettle? Why would she hit me with a gun?
      Sean: Well, maybe she didn't have any bullets.
      Tommy: Bullets-- Wh-What?
      Sean: Well, I don't know.
      Tommy: Okay, you know what, she ran me over with the car, that's what she did. After a pretty severe agrument. Bullets? Jeez. You know, you're like a bunch of old hens sittin' around. Christ!

    • Franco (as he and Alicia are making out, they talk to between kisses): I missed you. I missed being with you. We had somethin', right?
      Alicia: Oh, yes. So it's over then?
      Franco: What?
      Alicia: With your fiance.
      Franco: I don't know. It could be a big mistake for me, marriage. I'm not really the type. Let's go to your bedroom, baby.
      Alicia: Okay, can you just do one little thing for me?
      Franco (kisses her neck): Yes. What do you want me do?
      Alicia: Okay, just call your fiance, tell her we're about to have sex, and you won't be home until tomorrow. And maybe mention a little thing about, you know, marriage isn't your thing.
      Franco (scoffs/laughs): You're jokin' right?
      Alicia: No. In fact, my stomach would be a little upset right now, if it weren't for the fact that your predictablity is... strangly comforting. What do I look like to you?
      Franco: Well, you look fantastic.
      Alicia: No, I don't mean how do I look, I mean what do I look like? Do you see a door when you look at me? I mean, a door that you're just gonna go through to escape? You know, I'm not some random means of destruction to end your relationship because you don't have the balls to do it yourself. I'm not gonna be used that way.
      Franco: I'm not usin' you, Alicia. I love you.
      Alicia: Oh, don't say that.
      Franco: I do. I love you.
      Alicia: You don't know what you're talking about.
      Franco: So, now you're sayin' what I feel isn't real?
      Alicia: Not what you feel. You have to make some choices. I mean, how long have you known this woman?
      Franco: A year.
      Alicia: A year?! And how many times have you cheated on her?
      Franco: I've never cheated on her. You'd be the first.
      Alicia: Oh, I'm flattered. And she's the first one that you've given a ring to?
      Franco: Yeah.
      Alicia: And why did you do that?
      Franco: I don't know. She might be the one.
      Alicia: Well, then why are you tryin' to get me up into my bedroom? ... Sit down. Just sit down. (he does so) You love her? (he nods) And you think you wanna spend the rest of your life with her?
      Franco: I think so.
      Alicia: But you're really scared. Why?
      Franco: I don't know, I mean, what if it doesn't work out? What if I screw it up?
      Alicia: Like you're doing right now? ... Hey, be brave. Don't screw it up. Go home. There's a lady waiting for you.
      Franco: Yeah. Thank you.
      Alicia: You're welcome.
      Franco: I'm sorry. (they kiss) I do love you, you know.
      Alicia: I know. And you should after what I just did for you. I love you, too. Now get out of here. Don't give me that contrite look, you know how much it turns me on.

    • Kenny (holding up a woman who got soup all over her from the accident): Tomato soup? (the woman nods, Kenny tastes it) Delicious. You got any left?

    • Mike: When's Tommy comin' back?
      Kenny: Why?
      Mike: Because it's not like him to call in sick. Whenever I do, he calls me a pussy.
      Kenny: Well, number 1, you are a pussy. Number 2, he's fine, a little stomach virus.

    • Tommy (on the phone): I got a situation here.
      Kenny: What kind of situation?
      Tommy: A bad situation.
      Kenny: Well, how bad? What happened?
      Tommy: I'm bleedin'.
      Kenny: Bleedin' from where?
      Tommy: My head, my ear.
      Kenny: Wait, wait. She didn't stab you, did she?
      Tommy: No, no, Jesus. She didn't stab me, she hit me.
      Kenny: Hit you with what?
      Tommy: I don't know. Somethin'.
      Kenny: A baseball bat? A spacutla? A gun? A tea kettle?
      Tommy: Look, do me a favor, just cover for me and I'll call you when I can.

    • Mickey (seeing the destruction in the apartment): Holy shit. What is this?
      Tommy: Janet and I got into a little bit of a thing.
      Mickey: You were drinkin', or...?
      Tommy: No, no. Jesus, no.
      Mickey: Listen, I know your marriage is kinda goin' south but...
      Tommy: No, no, no. This isn't the marriage, no, no. She-- She had... That was about the marriage. The table and the kitchen. And then, she split. And then... this fire uh.. you know, broke out in the bedroom, so you know, I tried to go in the main door and that was uh... I couldn't get in there. (motions to the hole in the wall and door) So, I tried going through here, to put it out, but as it turns out once I got through the wall, there... there was no fire.
      Mickey: Time for a meetin'.
      Tommy: Yeah. Lemme... Lemme just put the axe away.

    • Janet (to Tommy, after he gave the baby to Sheila): He is my son. He came from me. I decide who raises him, me, not you. And I don't want that flithy whore's goddamn hands on my son.

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