Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2006 on FX
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The crew decide to save some children from a disabled school bus as they go to call in Harlem. However, the soon meet up with an upset Rev. Al Sharpton. Franco finally realizes why Alicia is so interested in him. Mike and his roommate discuss their sexuality. Sean ends up telling Tommy about his feelings for Maggie. Sheila has a proposal for Tommy. Janet wants to talk to him about their settlement, but with no lawyers involved.moreless

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  • the other story

    although other people think that this episode was a little graphic due to the way Tommy and Janet had sex, but people arent seeing the real picture. According to uncited sources, Tommy will have to pay, in the future for what he did to Janet, Proven in the next episode to what he said about Karma. All and all this episode turned out to be one of the better episodes where it shows how life is not perfect and that everybody makes mistakes, even the hero sometime. Good job Denis and I hope that you can make other good episodes like this.moreless
  • Tommy dealt with his past, present and future while the rest of the crew tries to figure out the mess of their lives.

    This episode is the reason why I love Rescue Me. Dennis Leary is the most unbelievable writer. Two episodes ago he ended with him kicking the crud out of his brother and walking away as the anti-hero that he is and then this episode it ends with him \\\"raping\\\" his wife who seemed to be into it. Tommy\\\'s life is friggin complicated. Not only is Tommy\\\'s life messed up but so is the Probies and...everyone on the show. Proby is fighting with the fact that he is gay and well...that is all there is there. My favorite part of this episode was when Tommy was talking to all the crazy women on his cell phone because it was really the basis of his life was being controlled from that cell phone. From his future, to his past and his present. It was great. I love this show and I cannot wait until the next episode.moreless
  • Lou might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Franco seems to be in over his head, Probie explores his relationship with his roomie, the Chief finds out what it's like to moonlight, and Tommy tries to save Mike from his sister.moreless

    This epsisode held my attention from beginning to end. The actions was good, but the story continues to wrap around itself, leaving more opportunities to expand. And once again we get an episode where questions are answered while yet more questions are raised. Consider the following:

    Now we know why Janet wants to settle without lawyers, but who is the father of her children?????
  • great humor...and Al Sharpton!

    The opening scene was great. An overturned bus full of school kids is leaking oil, and despite being ordered not to, Tommy uses a buzz saw to get a girl out from under a seat. Meanwhile Franco gets a handsaw and looks back at the bus and sees an explosion. He runs back and Tommy says "Hey, where were you? You missed the explosion!" Hilarious.

    And then of course most of us were led to believe that probie and his roomate were gay last episode. Well, lets say they apparently have an interesing relationship. The probie's roomate gives him a BJ, but the probies doesn't want to give his roomate one (thank God). So, they don't consider themselves gay. I'm not an expert on the technicalities or anything, but I couldn't stop laughing for that entire scene just because I found their logic (or lack there of) hilarious.

    And now we have Lou who almost commited suicide, but fortunately decided against it and is now crashing with Tommy. And Tommy who literally threw his wife down and...yeah.

    The whole sperm bank thing was genious.

    Tommy: "Is this enough?" "

    Clerk: Oh don't worry everyone thinks that is isn't enough"

    (Clerk picks up Tommy's can) "Yeah, uh, this isn't enough"

    Tommy:"Alright... I'll be back tomorrow. Just to let you know, it is pretty cold in there...and you need smaller cups...and better magazines."

    As always, I can't wait until next week!moreless
  • I started to watch this show this year. Yeah I know I missed alot because I didn\'t see the first two seasons. But my boyfriend filled me in on what has happened.moreless

    I have to say that this is my favorite episode yet. This one had me laughing the most. I mean with \"Crazy Chick Calling Day\" and Tommy raping his ex-wife. (I have to say anyone can tell she enjoyed it) It was really action packed and really funny to watch.

    Probie and the guy who\'s giving him a blowjob. . . priceless.

    Next week should be a lot better and I can\'t wait to watch it and find out what happens. Should be interesting considering the fact that Mrs. T (what was heard) giving those kids she raped plus Tommy Chlamydia!!!moreless
Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon


Guest Star

Paige Turco

Paige Turco

Nell Turbody

Guest Star

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton


Guest Star

Callie Thorne

Callie Thorne


Recurring Role

Timothy Adams

Timothy Adams

Mike's Roommate

Recurring Role

Dean Winters

Dean Winters

Johnny Gavin

Recurring Role

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    • (On the phone)
      Tommy: I wanted to talk to you about Sean.
      Maggie: John? I'm not getting into the middle of that bullshit the two of ya are a buncha idiots as far as I'm concerned.
      Tommy: I'm talkin' about Garrity. Sean Garrity, your boyfriend.
      Maggie: Who said he was my boyfriend?
      Tommy: He did.
      Maggie: What a tool.
      (Tommy gets another call, it's Janet he talks to her then back to Maggie)
      Maggie: He's not my boyfriend.
      Tommy: Well, he thinks he is.
      Maggie: Listen, Tom, he's a sweet kid, dumb as a box of rocks and not the regular ones, the dumb ones. He's not bad in the sack and that's about all there is to it.
      Tommy: So, you're not serious about him?
      Maggie: Listen Tommy, including Garrity I got about 4 guys in line right now, no five. I just started this thing with the new super in my building. He's a cute Mexican guy, his name is Nacho. Y'know, like the snack.
      Tommy: Yeah, that's cute. He's in love with you, you know.
      Maggie: Nacho?
      Tommy: Not Nacho. Garrity.
      Maggie: Tell me somethin' I don't know. They're all in love with me, Tom. It's like moths to a flame.

    • Sean: You know what, Tom, this is just you -- being you, y'know, overprotective and thinkin' I'm good enough for your sister.
      Tommy: That is not the issue believe me.
      Sean: Yes it is.
      Tommy: Of course you're good enough for her.
      Sean: Oh, really?
      Tommy: Yeah. And so are the four other guys, the underwear and the sock guys.
      Sean: Oh, very funny. (they get into a shoving match)
      Tommy: My sister.
      Sean: She's my girlfriend! (Sean starts walking away)
      Tommy: And well, one other thing, asshole.
      Sean (turns around): What?
      Tommy: Don't tell her I mentioned this stuff to you, alright? (Sean turns around and keeps walking away) Please? Sean?

    • (After they had rough sex)
      Tommy: Sorry about the shirt.
      Janet: It wasn't one of my favorites. So, you're okay about the chaise longue?
      Tommy: Yeah, I'll have a coupla guys pick it up and bring it over.
      Janet: Thanks.
      Tommy (looks at his watch): If I know my brother he's only a couple of minutes away. So, uh, do you want me to call you or... ?
      Janet: No, uh, I'll call you. (Tommy leaves, Johnny pulls up a couple minutes later and rushes into the house. He finds everything intact and Janet sitting on the couch, with a different shirt, just chilling and reading a magazine)

    • Tommy: Lemme get this straight, you're gonna let me have the dining room table that I bought with the money that I earned from running into burning buildings while other people are running out.
      Janet: Yeah. (He pushes her down onto the couch, and tries to have sex with her, she fights him at first, but then gives in)

    • Janet: Are we having an actual conversation here, or is it you just nodding your head at every thing that I say?
      Tommy: A little bit of both.

    • (on the phone)
      Tommy: Lemme ask you somethin'. When did it start? Was it after Connor died, and I asked you personally, as my brother to look after my own kids and my wife. Is that when it started, huh? Was it like a month, a coupla months, huh? Last week? When did it start?
      Johnny: It was your Junior Prom when you brought Janet home in that dress so Mom and Dad could take pictures of her. She looked amazing in that dress, Tommy.

    • (on the phone)
      Tommy: Asshole.
      Johnny: Dickface.
      Tommy: How ya doin'?
      Johnny: Not too bad. Couple of broken ribs, a busted tooth, piece of cake.
      Tommy: That's too bad. I was kinda hopin' it would be worse.

    • (Arguing about who should pee first)
      Bum: I'm homeless. I got nothin'! No friends, no family, my life is shit.
      Lou: My life is bigger shit. My wife whom I love dearly left me for another man. She broke my heart and then she took nearly everything I own. Yeah, and then I met another woman, beautiful, young, gorgeous... hooker but one of the good ones because-- because she didn't make me pay until the end. And then at the end she took every penny that I had on Earth. Then get this-- I'm in a porn store the other day and who do I see on the cover of a triple X but her. So, not only is she a thief and a hooker but she's a porn star. I'm a joke, I'm a loser, I look in the mirror and I wanna puke.
      Bum: Be my guest.
      Lou: Excuse me?
      Bum: You win, loser, you can go first.
      Lou: Thanks. (throws his bottle of vodka to the homeless guy and walks off)

    • Bum: Take a hike, wannabe.
      Lou (drunk): You hake a tike.

    • Tommy: Look, I stopped and had sex on my way here. So I want you to know that this isn't my normal volume, sperm wise.
      Carl: I'm sure it's fine.
      Tommy: Well, it's just... uh, also the cups are kinda big seems like there's not that much in there.
      Carl: I can take your deposit now.
      Tommy: Yeah, 'cause I was thinkin' if you could gimme a new cup, I could y'know go home and take care of my business there and put it in the fridge, and bring it in first thing in the morning. (Carl shakes his head) No?
      Carl: No. We need to make sure you deposit is fresh, before we freeze it. Don't worry, everyone thinks it's not enough.
      Tommy: Oh, really? (hands him the cup)
      Carl: I'm sure it's a perfectly normal amount. (Tommy starts walkin' away) Yeah, this is really not enough. Can you come back tomorrow?
      Tommy: Yeah. I just wanna point out that it's really cold in that room and--- and you could use smaller cups and better magazines.

    • (On the phone, Tommy's driving to the sperm bank)
      Sheila: How do they remove it from you?
      Tommy: The sperm? You know what, I think they go in right above the knee with-- with a little tube and suck the cum right outta your leg. I don't-- what do you think?
      Sheila: No, I mean, do they hook you up to some device or...
      Tommy: Yeah, they have a penis pump. No! I jerk off into--into a cup or y'know a plastic ice cube tray or something, I don't know.
      (Mrs. Turbody calls him, and he talks to her then back to Shelia)
      Tommy: Ugh! What?
      Sheila (to the driver in front of her): Green light, jackass!
      Tommy: You know it's against the law to drive and talk on your cell phone in New York City, y'know that right?
      Sheila: Yes, I do, I know that. Look, I just have a little tiny question for you.
      Tommy: What?
      Sheila: When you're at the sperm bank and you're jerkin' off into a cup, could you, uh, think of me?
      Tommy: Why?
      Sheila: Because if we then decide to use the sperm at a later date to have a child, it would be sorta like we were actually...connected at the moment that it all started. (Tommy groans and hangs up the phone)

    • (After Janet, Maggie, and Sheila all call him one after the other)
      Tommy: Boy, it's crazy chick callin' day. (while he's on the phone with Sheila, Mrs. Turbody calls him) Boy, it really is crazy chick callin' day.

    • Alicia (to Franco): And the age issue. Because even though I turn you on and know exactly what you want in bed, you're still thinkin' about bangin' college girls and you're wondering if I know it, and I do.

    • Little Girl: My arm hurts.
      Tommy: Do you play any sports?
      Little Girl: No.
      Tommy: Well, then your arm really isn't an issue then, is it?

    • Carl: We just ran your semen under the scope, standard procedure. We've never seen this before: there seems to be quite a bit of dust in it?
      Tommy: It's been a long time.

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