Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2006 on FX
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Franco begins to fear he's becoming Alicia's boy toy, while Tommy finds a way to end the fling between Damien and his science teacher. The rest of the crew also face their own problems - Lou is becoming real unstable emotionally, the chief has financial problems, and Sean is afraid of Tommy finding out who he's been sleeping with.moreless

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  • Just so that it is is 10% of the population that is gay, not 5% like some one said in their review. Also, there are so many other guys that mess around with guys and don\\\'t consider themselves gay at all.moreless

    Just so that it is is 10% of the population that is gay, not 5% like some one said in their review. Also, there are so many other guys that mess around with guys and don\'t consider themselves gay at all. For all you know, it could be your best friend, neighbor, brother, or cousin. You would never know cause they are straight guys that just mess around with other guys. There are so many porn os out there about it too. I read in Ausiellio that Tolan said not to judge Probie and label him yet cause he was a guy that was looking for love in the wrong places and that what he found in his roommate was companionship and sexual release that does not make him gay 100%. He may still be with a woman, who knows. So everyone stop the bemoaning and watch the story play out. And as for the guy that said that every show is bring a \\\"gay\\\" character\\\'s because they are out there, espcially the \\\"closeted ones\\\" like Probie and that dude from the Sopranos.moreless
  • great, another show that turns a cast member gay...what it our society coming to?

    this episode was all together decent. It did lack the conflist and drama that was abundant in the past two episodes of this season. It was funny how Tommy was testing Sean to see if he would admit that he is seeing Tommy's sister. Even Franco said, "Boy Tommy you're right, this is fun!" Even Sean with the horse was absolutely hilarious.

    This episode did lose points by making the probie gay. It is following the "Sopranos" formula by making one of the main characters gay. I don't think that it was necessary nor does it add anything to the show. I do guess that it would be funny to see the rest of the firehouse make fun of the probie when they find out he is gay.moreless
  • Tommy closes in on Garrity. Mu-WHA-ha-ha-ha-ha! :D

    I\'ll admit, after last week\'s installment I was very nervous about the title chosen for this production.

    But after that pure adrenaline-charged physical brutality, we are reminded that Tommy is no slouch when it comes to the mental stuff, too.

    Hell, on some level I almost see him working with Mags to tweak Garrity further and further.

    Because after Garrity\'s ordeal with Nez in the first season (cigarettes being stubbed out on him, deep, blood-drawing scratches, etc.), I\'m really wondering if this isn\'t actually [i]worse[/i].

    He suddenly can\'t be alone with Tommy. When he finds himself alone with Tommy he uses whatever excuse he can think of to disengage. Tommy makes that difficult but not impossible, and meanwhile Franco (still peeved about Garrity spilling everythign to Laura) is laughing his ass off -- and contributing to the \"Oh my G-d you are in such deep s---\" atmosphere.

    On top of Garrity witnessing firsthand the magnitude of Tommy\'s wrath when roused, he\'s gotta be nearing delivery on those kittens.

    Kenny is absolutely losing his Lieu-ness -- another Zen concept Tommy slipped in after Kenny\'s attack on Probie. That whole scene was fantastic, because Kenny was, at his core, desperately seeking the answers to enlightenment and inner peace while grudging the heck out of it to Probie. When Probie summed up the essential message of the \"Tao of Pooh\" (I loved how he kept mispronouncing it, because I mispronounced it myself for the longest time -- in my defense, it\'s far from obvious) I was so impressed. He not only understood, but comprehended, and internalized and recounted the ways it made sense to him.

    And part of his slip-up ...

    \"What names they call him.\"

    Pooh is never really called names by his fellow denizens of the Hundred-Acre Wood.

    But [i]Probie[/i] might be.

    And yep. It\'s true. Expanding from an earlier show, sometimes life isn\'t that easy for the little Winnie in the forest.

    Probie was coming to terms with a realization about himself. One he\'s probably suspected for some time. One certainly his housemates have commented on from time to time.

    One of the sweetest scenes I\'ve seen in this show was Probie sitting down next to his roommate and very tentatively leaning his head against him, in a seeking of comfort.

    And his roommate not pulling away. And instead, being there for him. Returning that solace.

    That was probably even more comfort than Probie could\'ve wished for. And the vulnerability of that move was so much more than Andrew coming at him with an erection, putting him in a flight or fight situation.

    With the roomie, Probie was on one level risking everything. He was making a declarative statement -- \"I need you\" -- in a far from universally acceptable way.

    Let\'s face it. He tried to do that with Franco in the firehouse, there\'d be beatings. The world in which we live is not completely down with homosexuality, and the faintest expression of it is often seen as a judgment, an insult to one\'s manhood and met with violent recriminations.

    For Probie, who\'s spent more than a year in a not-anything-like tolerant situation within a society that\'s far from universally accepting (though be honest -- it\'s New York, not Dubuque), that took some balls.

    I wish him well while he explores these feelings he\'s having.

    I really felt for Jerry. Where does Bud get off cutting his sister off like that? And being such a complete jerk on top of it? Bud needs to really examine what he\'s losing. Jeannie has always loved him, and always cared for him. She clearly transfers those feelings to Jerry 100 percent. So for Bud to be so cold ...

    Jerry\'s in a serious bind. His wife won\'t be moved and he can\'t make the rent. It\'s amazing there isn\'t help to be had, but watching the noose draw tighter -- Kenny can\'t help -- Kenny needs way too much help himself, and should really be upfront about what\'s going on in his life. No one would judge. I liked that Franco, instead of trying to take it on himself, went to the guy he thought [i]could[/i] help. Tommy.

    And Kenny ripped into Tommy when he tried. But on some level, hey, he did try.

    And Jerry -- a lifelong gambler with the honor that comes with that, seriously looking at the cigarette money before going to Rose.

    Which itself is interesting. I mean, she knows more than anyone what he\'s going through, and she\'s so willing to help. He should maybe just accept it, except in a weird way, he\'d feel like he was betraying Jeannie -- and even only to help her.

    The man is in mourning.

    We\'ll leave him there.

    That horse was the funniest and most tragic thing in the world. This show is so good at taking something hilarious and pushing it so far it becomes horrifying. That\'s what happened to Garrity. I thought it was so cool he knew his way around horses -- the eye contact, the head movements -- and then how proud he was to have resolved the mystery of the missing horse, and riding up on horseback -- how cool is that entrance, am I right? -- and then with one pat too many, SPLAT!

    So cruel.

    And sorry, but the whinnying off-camera was just riotous.

    OK, gotta wrap it up, here, but how cool was Tommy\'s scene with Mrs. T? And Franco\'s scene with Alicia? Two insatiable women. Franco\'s at least got youth on his side, but we saw Tommy working Sheila sore that one time, and ... I\'m pretty sure he\'s up for it.

    Alicia\'s scene with Franco\'s daughter was adorable. I think he needs her in his life. I hope he doesn\'t let his pride stand in the way of their happiness.

    That lieutenant thing might not come through, after all.

    A tip of the hat to Teddy in prison -- keep it up, big guy -- never back down! -- and I\'m off. Great freeqin\' episode. A whole bunch of character development throughout.

    Sweet dreams, Garrity. :Dmoreless
  • This episode reveals more in depth the financial obligations of the chief, and the efforts he makes to get assistance. Temptation lies in the coffee can. His brother-in-law is no help. Tommy's nephew school teacher ups the ante with Tommy and he fails.moreless

    Had no expectations, but delighted to see Tommy with troubles with a teacher when called upon to deliver. Haven\'t we all been there? but not usually with a hot teacher. Let\'s see more of Paige Turco.

    Probie Gay? Not another one! Teaser: Tommy knows about his sister and co-worker? or not. Can\'t wait to see how that one plays out.
  • After last week's "Discovery", my expectations were extremely high. Torture didnt live up to them, but it was still a fine episode.

    Lou's problems have become one of the most interesting aspects of this season not only because it has turned his life upside down, but also because it is effecting his fellow firefighters and his image in their eyes. His attack on the Probie seemingly so that he could have Tao of Pooh was pretty revealing because it shows just how low he has sunk.

    His confrontation with Tommy makes the audience see that as much as we love Tommy, he isnt as together as he tries to seem. He isnt that far from being in Lou's shoes.

    Sean really shine this episode as he reacted to Tommy's head games. Hopefully the writers really play up this type of thing in later episodes as Franc-enstein and T-Bone play with Garrity's fake-irish head.

    I'm not really sure how Chief Reilly's story is going to play out. There doesnt seem to be any inherent problems ahead just because he is tending bar, but his association with Bud seems to be ripe with conflict.

    I would be remiss if I didnt talk about the Probie's newly discovered gayness. Rescue Me has touched on the gay theme in episodes like Believe in the past and they have done an amazing job. That is why I am wondering why the writers have chosen to do it again. What more can be done with it? Reilly's acceptance of his son was one of the most touching parts of last season. It is nearly impossible for them to even come close to matching it, especially with Probie. As much as I like the character, I'm not sure that the actor, Mike Lombardi, is up to the task of bringing this kind of character into a realistic and empathetic revelation. I hope that I am wrong, but it doesnt seem to leave much hope.

    I still cant wait for the next episode, regardless of any cautious attitude put in me this week.

Paige Turco

Paige Turco


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Susan Sarandon


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    • (Tommy knows about Sean and Maggie's relationship)
      Franco: So, Sean John, you gonna see your new girlfriend tonight?
      Sean: Uh... yeah, maybe, I don't know.
      Franco: Well, which one is it?
      Sean: What?
      Tommy: Yeah? Maybe? I don't know? Pick one.
      Sean: Yeah, yeah.
      Franco: Atta boy, is she good?
      Sean: Yeah, yeah, she's doin' good. She's really good.
      Franco: Nah, nah, nah, nah. I mean, is she good?
      Sean: Uh... that's really, you know, really I'm not so comfortable discussin' that.
      Tommy: Since when?
      Franco: Yeah, I mean we talk about this shit all the time. It's pretty much all we talk about. Does she like it from the back? Hair pulled? Ass smacked?
      Sean: You know what that's a little-- I'm tryin' to be respectful, I respect her-- She's respectable. C'mon, y'know. (pause, all silent)
      Tommy: So, what you're sayin' is that you're pretty much all about... respect now?
      Sean: Yeah, yeah. Y'know, tryin'. (Sean is really uncomfortable and leaves)
      Franco: Jesus, Tom, this is even more fun then you said it would be.
      Tommy: Told you.
      Franco: Kid's dyin' inside.

    • (On the phone with Maggie)
      Tommy: Hey, who're you talkin' to?
      Sean: Hey, uh, hi. Uh, nobody.
      Tommy: You don't really need a phone to talk to nobody.
      Sean: It's uh, it's the cable company I forgot to pay a bill. (to phone) Hey, listen, you people better stop callin' me, the check is in the mail.
      Tommy: The check is in the mail. Lame. Lame excuse.
      Sean: Yeah. Well, it's all I could think of.
      Tommy: Yeah. (Sean plays with something in his mouth) You do somethin' to your tooth? You know, Sean, lyin' is really not your forte.
      Sean: Yeah, no, no it's not.
      Tommy: And you don't know what forte means.
      Sean: I don't.

    • Franco: Hey, you talk to T about Maggie yet?
      Sean: No. Oh God, no. He seems kinda raw y'know, after the whole Johnny thing.
      Franco: He seems fine to me.
      Sean: Really?
      Franco: Yeah been laughin', bullshittin' like normal.
      Sean: Really? He was doing this whole bristling thing the other day, and in the kitchen he just threw me this really weird vibe. It kinda freaked me out.
      Franco: He's bristlin'?
      Sean: Yeah.
      Franco: He knows.
      Sean: Oh, shit. Really, ya think?
      Franco: Yeah, you said he was bristling, right?
      Sean: Yeah, well, I don't know, he coulda been stewing.
      Franco: Well, Sean, there's a difference. If he's bristling he defiantly knows. If he's stewing it's up in the air.
      Sean: Shit.
      Franco: Well, maybe he's just waitin' for the right moment to bash your face in and set you on fire.
      Sean: No way, I've been too careful, there's no way that he knows.
      Franco: Ah, Sean. No offense, but being careful for you is like tempting fate for most.

    • (After Sean is putting money into the kitty and Tommy comes around the corner, and Sean jumps)
      Sean: I just can't seem to kick the habit, I'm down like 300 bones.
      Tommy: These things are gonna kill 'ya. (keeps walking towards him) It could be the stress.
      Sean: Yeah, yeah, if I were under any stress. (Tommy just glares at him) I'm--I'm gonna go suit up. I'll uh...I'll uh, see you in a little while.
      Tommy: How long ya think?
      Sean: Oh, I don't know. Bit...a bit maybe. (turns to leave)
      Tommy: So like what, 5 minutes?
      Sean: Yeah, like ten maybe.

    • Johnny: You know, that stuff that happened between your dad and me? That's just stupid brother stuff.
      Katy: Me and Connor never fought like that.
      Johnny: Well, it's different, between two boys. Especially between two grown up boys, we can be a real dopey bunch sometimes.
      Katy: It was scary.
      Johnny: You dad was very, very angry with me that night. And he probably had every right to be. And if he hadn't reacted the way he reacted, I'd definitely think that there's somethin' seriously wrong with him. Hey, look at me. There's nothing, nothing to be scared of. He's still your dad, and he loves you very, very much.

    • Mrs Turbody: Listen, I'm gonna need you to go again once I'm done with this cigarette.
      Tommy: Really?
      Mrs Turbody: Oh, yeah. If you're gonna fill in for your nephew you better raise your game. Damian can go 3, 4 times in an hour. Can you keep up the pace or not?
      Tommy: Well, I--I might need a sandwich...Mrs Turbody.

    • Tommy: Hey, Garrity. Humpin' around last night?
      Sean (coughs): What? Humpin' around...uh, no. I was uh, only hump the one--I just--I just uh, make love to the girlfriend.
      Tommy: So you're like a one woman guy now?
      Sean: Yeah, pretty much. Pretty much.
      Tommy (interrupting what Sean was about to say): So when are we gonna meet the girlfriend?
      Sean: Meet her? The girlfriend? Uh...she's, uh, soon. I don't know, she works a lot.
      Tommy: Uh-huh.
      Sean: Yeah, yeah. So y'know. Hey, that was some brew-ha-ha the other night, wasn't it? I mean not ha-ha funny just sorta...actually it wasn't funny at all... it was sickening, kinda.
      Tommy: Yeah that's how we settle things in my family, y'know, we're Irish.
      Sean: Yeah, well, hey, please, tell me about it. Garrity.
      Tommy: No, I mean like we're real Irish. Not your generation fake, faggotity Irish. Y'know, what I mean? I know you guys are like 'my feelings' and y'know talk it out. We don't talk it out. We find out who's responsible, then we find the person and we beat the living shit outta them. My grandfather's best friend growin' up, he was friends with this guy for like 40 years and I guess the guy was flirtin' with my grandmother one day--- long story short my grandfather rearranged the guy's face and he can barely talk now.
      Sean: Wow. Well, wha--what did the guy say to your grandma?
      Tommy: Uh, good morning. (Tommy throws down his cigarette and makes Sean step on it) Don't tell anyone about that.
      Sean: Hey, we all make mistakes, right?
      Tommy: What?
      Sean: You say somethin'? (Tommy leaves) I'm a dead man.

    • (Mike is talking to his mom on the phone)
      Mike: Listen, I got a quick question for you. Uhm... How old am I? (pause) No, I know the year I was born in. But I was counting backwards from 2006 to remember how old, and since I was born in December, and there was this whole "Year 2000" thing, and I think, like a leap-year in there, I got confused is all. (pause) Because, I'm filling out a transfer form and I look pretty stupid if I got it wrong. Can you just tell me how old? Please? (pause) Oh... um, glad I called then.

    • Kenny: What're you doin'?
      Mike: Nothin' I'm just sittin'.
      Kenny: Really? 'Cause I coulda swore I saw somethin' very book-like in your hands. Show me. (Mike hands him the book) Tao of Pooh.
      Mike: No, actually it's the (he says it like Tayo) Tao of Pooh.
      Kenny: No, actually it's the prounouced... y'know Mike, I really can't understand how you can be seen in public purchasing this shit.
      Mike: It's not shit and a friend gave it to me.
      Kenny: It says pooh right in the title.
      Mike: It's a different kind of pooh. See the ta--
      Kenny: Taoist.
      Mike: Whatever.
      Kenny: Taoist.
      Mike: Pooh means, natural, plain, simple.
      Kenny: Yeah, whatever. Hand it over.
      Mike: Why?
      Kenny: Because a firehouse is no place for sensitive souls, Probie.
      Mike: You used to write poetry.
      Kenny: Yeah, and it cost me my house, and my wife and a whole lot more so give it over.
      Mike: You can't order me to stop reading.
      Kenny: I'm not. I'm ordering you to stop filling your mind with this bullshit fortune cookie philosophy. You're taking life lessons from a semi-retarded bear, Mikey. And it's not even a real bear. Consider yourself fortunate that you're not burdened by an overactive mind. Stick to cartoons and coloring books.
      Mike: I'm not stupid, y'know, I'm just simple-minded. The book says Pooh's like an uncarved block. Y'know, that's kind of how I feel.
      Kenny: An uncarved block. That's hard to disagree with.
      Mike: You're busting balls, but y'know, Winnie's as simple as they come. He just roams the woods, hangs with his pals, eats some honey, takes a nap. He doesn't care about understanding anything or even himself or the names that people call him. He just is. He accepts things as they are. That's the key to his happiness.
      Kenny: And that's what this is, you're a little depressed about the fact that we're going to keep callin' you the probie. And that is the little problem that caused this little egxtensial life crisis. You don't know problems kid.
      Mike: I'm just starting to realize that nobody's ever gonna have all the answers, y'know? You may think you know everything, but you don't. And you can't. And you never will. So you should just stop trying and life will get a lot easier.

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