Rescue Me

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2007 on FX



  • Quotes

    • Sean: Well, at this stage of the game my wife's got a bigger bank than I do.
      Tommy: I'm eating.
      Sean: Let me think though, Scarlett Johanason. Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Gardner. Uh, Barbra Hersh, this chick I went to high school with, uh... Brittney Klein, another chick I went to high school with. Karen Palonowski, whoo she was on the swim team. Janet... Uh lemme see...
      Franco: Janet who?
      Sean: What?
      Franco: Janet who?
      Sean: Janet... Janet... Janakowski. She was uh, on the debate team, she was uh... she was so hot, she could really debate.
      Kenny: Shit. Gimme the knives. (grabs all the knives from the table)
      Sean: What's happening? I don't understand. Shit where was I...?
      Tommy: I think you were talking about my wife.
      Sean: No, no, god no, I was not talking about... your wife?
      Tommy: Yes, yes, you were. You're jerkin' off to my wife.
      Sean: No. Oh my God, I don't know where you got that from, I did not say that! I would never...
      Tommy: Yes, yes you did. That's what you said. Yes you did. You did, you did!
      Sean: Okay, I did. But let me explain. It was the pinic a few years ago, okay? You remember she showed up with the white blouse on and it was kind of see though and we had a water ballon fight, I mean come on!
      Tommy: The water ballon fight?!
      Sean: Come on you guys remember the water ballon fight, right? Come on guys, help me out. (they are silent)
      Tommy: You're jerking off to my wife?
      Sean: I would never jerk off to Janet. Come on!
      Tommy: Ah-ah-ah! Don't use her name and jerk off in the same sentence.
      Sean: Okay, okay, just let me explain. It's very innocent. In my mind, sh-she just kind of wanders, and--
      Tommy: She wanders in where?
      Sean: She wanders into my mind and she comes in wearing the same white blouse and it's see through and went and clingy and-- and she tries to seduce me.
      Tommy: What?
      Sean: Yeah, she tries to seduce me and unblouse herself, from the clingy wet--
      Tommy: Unblouse herself? Clingy?!
      Sean: But here's the thing, I- I don't do it. I run. I run away. I run into the arms of Jan-- Janet-fer Aniston.
      Tommy: He's married to my sister and he's jerkin' off to my wife. I mean, it's just a matter of time before my 18 year old daughter... (Sean tries to drink out of a glass, but his hand is shaking so much he can't)