Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2006 on FX
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John Sr. ends up disappearing after arguing with Tommy about their living conditions. Tommy is none too thrilled with Lou's latest love interest, while Jerry's new woman might prove to be dangerous for him. Also, Sean and Maggie meet with the priest to discuss their upcoming wedding.moreless

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  • This show has finally received the attention it deserves. The show is fast paced, tight, shocking at times and deserving of Denis and Peter\'s continued accolades.

    Funny, shocking, intense and the characters are all excellent in their own manner. I am impressed by the continued intensity of the show week after week. I am one of those people that can guess what\'s going to happen in a book or show within the first five minutes, however, this show keeps me guessing. Thank you.
  • Funniest scene of the episode! Prime example of how fantastic this show is! The dialogue is tight and clever!

    Tommy (after seeing Lou\'s new Gal for 1st time): Hey! Nice!

    Lou: Yeah she is cute huh?

    Tommy: How was she?

    Lou: Oh come on now, nice guys don\'t tell. Get outta here punk, you\'re ruinin my afterglow!

    Tommy leaves the Lou\'s room, and goes back out into the Living where Lou\'s cute girl is now fully dressed and wearing a Nun\'s habit:

    Girl: Uhm, sorry about that!

    Tommy: uh yeah yeah....right...

    Girl: okaay.

    Tommy: uhhhh see ya.

    Tommy then turns on his heel and heads back into Lou\'s room

    Tommy: get out of the bed, whore.

    Lou: huh whatta mean?

    Tommy: get up...

    Lou: what\'s the matter.

    Tommy: Tell me I didn\'t just witness what I think I just witnessed.

    Lou: Whatcha witness.

    Tommy: She is not really a Nun right. She\'s just wearing like a nun costume, lalalike her french maid outfit is at the dry cleaners or sometin. sic right???

    Lou: huh, Okay, uhm...Your confusion is expected, as was this conversation. What the mind sees is sometimes not that which is real but rather the reality which is brought to it.

    Tommy: really, yeah hmm hmm

    Lou: I am brushing up on Buddism and the Buddist approach to thought and deed. Ask yourself this Tom, If a Tree falls in the forest and there is noone there to see or hear it... (Tommy takes the book on Buddism out of Lou\'s hand and throws it out the window)...would you still be such an **** Actually, you might have done me a favor there by discarding one of my possessions. That is part of the path to enlightenment.

    Tommy: Okay,My..My foot is about to take the enlightened path up-your-ass. Is she a Nun or is she not a Nun?

    L: She\'s a semi-nun.

    T: She\'s a semi-nun...wha, wha, what is that supposed to mean, she is in the Nun Natl. Guard, huh! she is the bride of Christ one weekend a month! What the Hell does that mean?!

    cutting longer part in the middle.

    Lou: She is a nun until the end of the month. Trying to adjust.

    Tommy: Adjust what? Her vagina!

    cutting part to get to the big payoff

    Tommy: I need to lie down.

    Lou: you alright?

    Tommy clutching chest: What is that smell? It is either the kitchen or I think you might have actually burned a hole in my soul...oh yeah that is it, uh ow yeah...right through the middle of the soul...

    Geez I just love this show!moreless
  • Hmmm ... I find myself disagreeing with Jill. Sorry. Oh well .. different viewers, different reactions. Mostly the bulk of the story seemed to be locked into the last few minutes ...moreless

    Well, now I know why practically nothing was happening for about 40 minutes.

    Johnny's last moments, taking his smoke outside and not even getting to enjoy it.

    Jerry at least got to go out the way he came in -- naked and screaming and lodged in someone's v-----.

    I knew when Karleen let that drop about her being an illegal that that was going to come up somehow, but I had [i]no idea[/i] that it was going to actually kill someone. That was just wild. And intercut with Johnny's death ...

    Y'know, I'm trying to feel worse about that. But the guy was completely evil, twisted and wrong (sweet as he may well have seemed picking out baby names). Tommy and Janet are [i]still married[/i], and they [i]were[/i] married -- or at least together -- when Johny and Janet started sleeping together.

    After all the reveals we got last week when Janet was twisting Tommy's junk, I've been trying to figure out some way for there to be a third Gavin brother -- one with all the attentiveness of Johnny and bad-boy aspects of Tommy -- that would be ideal for Janet.

    Really, it explores that whole bad-boy thing -- why Janet hates it and why she's still drawn to it.

    And Tommy hasn't slept with Sheila (as far as he knows). This is pure speculation, but my guess is they're going to be breaking in the new house and Tommy's going to find a pregnancy test -- because her rape of him will have taken. Because that would be, emotionally, the worst possible moment for Sheila -- her seduction of Tommy, her victory over Janet, and then ... how to explain?

    She could say she made a withdrawal at the sperm bank -- I think that was her idea -- but I'm not convinced Tommy has turned in a viable deposit at any point. And she probably doesn't know that. So on top of the rape, that would be a lie.

    I don't know if that's what they're going to do, but they way they've written it, they absolutely could.

    I really see Johnny's death bringing Tommy and Janet together again. Since I like them as a couple, this is a happiness for me. I know she's entirely unworthy, but they've both put up with so much over the last three years looking elsewhere that they could probably use the nice threadworn comforter their relationship is.

    I wonder if Johnny's the only one in the crosshairs on this show.

    Do you get to break off an engagement with Mags and leave her crying in the street without her exacting some type of revenge? :o

    I ... [i]really[/i] loved the couples counseling. "Are you two here on a dare?" and "I performed an exorcism in Mew Guinea in 1977 -- or did we meet someplace else?"

    Mags was so unacceptable they were banned from being married in the [i]diocese[/i].

    But here's the thing: If you're writing that anyway, Mags should've been even [i]worse[/i]. Because it wouldn't occur to her that the marriage would be blocked.

    I hope there's more of that conversation in the outtakes.

    What's with the lack of music these days? This show has some of the best music on television. Are they suddenly unable to get the rights to anything? I get maybe Denis is trying to allow the emotion of the scene to carry it through, but the music they use always adds this extra emotional punch through stuff like that.

    * Lou shagging a semi-nun on his path to a more Buddhist ideal of spiritual fulfillment. Nice.

    * Tommy's dad and Uncle Red. Great freeqin' scene. Those two deserve each other, and I really hope there's some excuse to run a camera on them because they're hilarious together. Not Provenza and Flynn hilarious, but hilarious all the same.

    * Franco and Richie (sorry -- got Richie's name wrong last week), that was just cool. I've thought it was something like that (Mikey speaks retahd!) :D and Franco taking him out and talking to him one-on-one, that was class. Hope Nat turns out to be worth it.

    * Mikey and ... Pam, was it? Fun scene. Mikey starts talking about conditioner and products. "Nope, you need to go again."

    All in all, tho, kind of a lull. Lots of stuff was happening, people were moving about on the screen and saying stuff, but even the deaths were so matter-of-fact that it felt like this episode was a step above mailed in, but fell a step or two short of the usual jaw-dropping "OMG!"

    Meh -- S3 of "Nip/Tuck" had some lull periods as well. As with them, I have every confidence that "Rescue Me" is using these spaces to build to something incredible.moreless
  • One of the better shows this year.

    WOW!!! that\'s all I can say....don\'t want to see Jerry die :-( ....but could care less about Johnny. It did look like he was set up and was it ever said what or who they were staking out while they sat in the car? I must have missed something?? Liked the conversation Franco had with the \"retard\" quite funny and revealing.

    It was a memorable episode non the less...
Andrea Roth

Andrea Roth

Janet Gavin

Callie Thorne

Callie Thorne

Sheila Keefe (Season 2 - Recurring Previously)

Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata

Franco Rivera

Denis Leary

Denis Leary

Tommy Gavin

Jack McGee

Jack McGee

Chief Jerry Reilly

James McCaffrey

James McCaffrey

Jimmy Keefe

Jack Hammel

Jack Hammel


Guest Star

William Hill

William Hill

Father Dan

Guest Star

Susan Misner

Susan Misner


Guest Star

Charles Durning

Charles Durning

Tommy's Dad

Recurring Role

Dean Winters

Dean Winters

Johnny Gavin

Recurring Role

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    • Maggie: You just ain't returnin' any of my calls, and that ain't very polite.
      Sean: Yeah, well, you're the expert on polite. Wait, no, you're not.
      Maggie: I got you a present.
      Sean (looks in the bag): Two avocados?
      Maggie: Yeah, well, I was tryin' to come up with a peace offering, so I thought I'd bake you a cake or something only I don't know how to cook or any of that shit, so I thought I'd go to the store and buy you a cake only they're too expensive and I can't go to my bakery because I told the guy that his cannolis tasted like cat piss. So I got the avocados, I think they're ripe.
      Sean: Well, I talked to Father Dan, or well tried to. It turns out that we have been banned from getting married anywhere near the Diocese, much less in it.
      Maggie: Well, Sean, I'm sorry, I really am. Can you not hear me say it? I'm sorry. Maggie Gavin is saying she's sorry. She must really be in love, huh? She is, Sean, in letters eight miles high.
      Sean: You know, Maggie, yesterday after your performance with the priest I went home and I was really upset and I was thinkin' about you and I threw up. And I though to myself, well maybe I'm not the smartest guy on the planet but maybe you shouldn't get married to someone who actually makes you throw up, okay? I don't like to puke. It's not gonna work. (hands her the avocados and walks away)
      Maggie: Sean. Sean. You're making me cry. You're such an asshole!

    • (John Sr. is drunk)
      John Sr.: You know, you're always touching me, now cut it out!
      Tommy: I'm trying to help 'ya.
      John Sr.: I don't need you help. Careful, don't let me fall. Hold on.
      Tommy: Do you want me to touch you or not?
      John Sr.: I'll tell you when to touch me and when not to touch me. Now get your hands off of me. (walks a little ways) Hold on to me for Christ's sake.
      Tommy: Jesus Christ!

    • Tommy (after seeing the woman Lou was just with): Hey. Nice.
      Lou: Yeah, she's cute, huh?
      Tommy: Yeah, how was she?
      Lou: Oh, come on now. Nice guys don't tell. Now, get out of here punk, you're ruining my afterglow.
      Tommy: Goodnight. (Tommy shuts the door to Lou's bedroom and walks back to the living room, finding Lou's girlfriend now fully clothed. Tommy sees that she's a nun)

    • Tommy: Tell me that she is not a nun. Tell me that, she was wearing a nun costume like her French maid costume was at the dry cleaners or somethin', right?
      Lou (sighs): Okay. Confusion is to be expected with this conversation. What the mind sees is sometimes not which is real but the reality that is brought to it.
      Tommy: Really?
      Lou: I'm brushing up on Buddhism. The Buddhist approach to things. Ask yourself this Tommy: If a tree falls in the forest... (Lou opens up a book. Tommy takes Lou's book and throws it out the window, Lou just keeps talking)...and there's no one there to see it or hear it, would you still be such an asshole? Actually, you might've done me a favor there by discarding one of my possessions. That's part of the path to enlightenment.
      Tommy: Okay, my foot is about to take the enlighten path up your ass. Is she a nun or is she not a nun?
      Lou (pauses): She's a semi-nun.
      Tommy: She's a semi-nun, what does that mean? She's in the Nun National Guard, huh? What, She's the bride of Christ one weekend a month? What the hell's that mean?!
      Lou: Why don't you sit down and calm yourself and I'll make us some green tea. And we will talk.
      Tommy: I'm not sitting with you and doing anything, okay? You have crossed a boundary my friend.
      Lou: You have boundaries?
      Tommy: I have one boundary Lou. One boundary and one boundary only, and that is no sex with nuns in the place where I live.

    • Lou: She's a nun until the end of the month, okay? She's leaving the order, they know all about it. She's trying to spend a few days, every week, out of the convent trying to adjust.
      Tommy (gritting his teeth): Time to adjust what, her vagina?
      Lou: She's living under their roof for a couple more weeks, she has to abide by their rules...This could be really big for me Tommy.
      Tommy: Oh, I'm sure--sure it is. A nun, what's bigger than a nun? A saint?
      Lou: You know, I've got a chance here. She's only been with two guys, one was some clown back in high school and the other was, you know, (mutters) Jesus.
      Tommy: Yeah, Jesus, our lord and savior who died for our sins, that Jesus, right?
      Lou: Yeah but word on the street is that I was created in his image, you know. There are those people that say, that I too move in mysterious ways.
      Tommy: Uh huh. And technically she's still married to him so that means she's cheating on the son of God with you!
      Lou: I got 100 pounds on the guy, and look no holes in my hands. Bring it on Jesus!
      Tommy: Okay, you just crossed the second boundary, I--I need to lay down. (clutching his chest) What is that smell? It is either the kitchen or I think you might have actually burned a hole in my soul...oh yeah that is it, uh, oh yeah...right through the middle of the soul.

    • Sean: I'm getting the feeling we're not on the same page here about this wedding.
      Maggie: No, I'm getting the feeling we're not in the same book.
      Sean: Okay, well, I'll do it how ever you want, but what's important to me is that we're standing there taking our vows in the eyes of God, alright?
      Maggie: Where in the eyes of God?
      Sean: Where do you think, Maggie? In a church, alright? In his house.
      Maggie: Can't God come to our house?
      Sean: Maggie, please, can't you do this for me and my folks?
      Maggie: I'm no good in churches, Sean. They creep me out. All those statues looking down on me, judging, knowing all the dirty, promiscuous, unprotected sex I've had.

    • Tommy: What happened?
      John Sr.: Ah, I burned my eggs.
      Tommy: I was gone what, 15 minutes, huh? You almost burned the goddamn house down. I told 'ya I was gonna make your goddamn eggs for 'ya.
      John Sr.: It was only part of the kitchen. Do you see a fire there now?
      Tommy: No!
      John Sr.: That's because I put it out.

    • Tommy: You are an idiot.
      Sean: How am I and idiot?
      Tommy: How're you an idiot?
      Sean: Well, ask anyone blueberry pie counts as a fruit.
      Tommy: Okay, blueberry pie is not a fruit. Do you get it off bushes, do you pluck it off trees, do you walk out into the fields and harvest blueberry pie? No!
      Lou: Oh, but Tom, what a wonderful world if you could. (alarm goes off for another job)
      Sean: Okay, what comes on blueberry pie, blueberries, true or false?
      Tommy: Yeah and other things.
      Sean: Okay, so it's a fruit.
      Tommy: You know what, get on the truck. Next call I'm settin' you on fire.

    • Guy in Wheelchair: Will you assholes stop talking and get me out of here?
      Tommy (talking slowly):
      Sean: He's not deaf, just in a wheelchair.
      Mike: Why can't we just take him out of the wheelchair?
      Guy in Wheelchair: I'll die, you dumb shit.

    • Maggie: I'm having a nicotine kick, I walk into any holy building and my body chemistry goes completely ape shit.
      Sean: Don't swear in here.
      Maggie: Ape shit is not a swear word. It's a zoological term.
      Priest (walks in): Hi. I'm Father Daniel Chappy. Call me Father Dan. I hope I haven't keep you waiting too long.
      Sean: No, no, sir.
      Maggie: Yeah, like 20 minutes, but like, who's counting?
      Priest: So Sean and Maggie. Congratulations on undertaking the holy sacrament of marriage. (Maggie rolls her eyes) Okay, let's be sure we got all your information. I assume your given name is Margaret?
      Sean: Gavin.
      Priest: What?
      Sean: You said given name, it's Gavin, (Maggie sighs and rolls her eyes at him)
      Priest: I was asking about her name at birth.
      Sean: Oh, right, sorry, just trying to help.
      Priest: Is it Margaret?
      Maggie: Uh, no.
      Priest: Well, then what is it?
      Maggie: It's none of your beeswax.
      Sean: Maggie can you please…
      Maggie: I'm sorry but can't he look it up? (turns to the priest) Peggy Sue.
      Sean: What? Peggy Sue?
      Priest: Your father was a Buddy Holly fan?
      Maggie: Did he name me Buddy?
      Priest: This is the first marriage in a church for both of you?
      Sean: For me, yes.
      Maggie: And it is for me too. Well, not counting the other three stinkers that I have under my belt, but they weren't in the church. The first time I got married by a monk, the second time by a précis, the third time by some guy in a cape on a beach and one of us was naked. Can I smoke in here?
      Sean: Maggie!
      Maggie: What? He walks around burning inscents all day, what's a little more smoke gonna do, right Sean? Right, Danny? (Maggie lights the cigarette)
      Priest: Uh-uh, there's no smoking in here. (he hands her a tray and she puts the cigarette on it)
      Maggie (to Sean): He's probably gonna smoke that when we leave.
      Sean: Okay, could you cut it out, please? Jesus. (to Priest) Ooh, sorry.
      Priest: The two of you haven't come here on a dare, have 'ya?
      Sean: No, no, seriously father, please…ignore my fiancée she's having some issues with the church and you know, we're working them out…in counseling. Uh, yes, marriage, Catholic issue counseling. It's really very helpful.
      Priest: I see. And where are you receiving this counseling?
      Maggie: Uh, Murphy's Pub on 48th.
      Priest: Okay, I think we're done here. Should, you uh, find a church that's willing to marry you, I wanna wish you both the best of luck.
      Maggie: How dare you walk out on us you sanctimonious tool. You have no idea how important this is to him.
      Priest: I assisted during an exorcism in a small village outside Nairobi in 1977, or did we meet somewhere else?

    • Mike: I like Maggie and everything, but she makes me kind of like...nervous.
      Sean: Really? Nervous how?
      Mike: Like if she looks at me to long I might cry.
      Sean: Yeah, I get that too.

    • Tommy: Ya alright?
      Guy in Wheelchair: I just shit myself.
      Tommy: I'm sorry to hear about that.
      Guy in Wheelchair: That's okay. That's how I always do it.

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