Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2006 on FX

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  • Hmmm ... I find myself disagreeing with Jill. Sorry. Oh well .. different viewers, different reactions. Mostly the bulk of the story seemed to be locked into the last few minutes ...

    Well, now I know why practically nothing was happening for about 40 minutes.

    Johnny's last moments, taking his smoke outside and not even getting to enjoy it.

    Jerry at least got to go out the way he came in -- naked and screaming and lodged in someone's v-----.

    I knew when Karleen let that drop about her being an illegal that that was going to come up somehow, but I had [i]no idea[/i] that it was going to actually kill someone. That was just wild. And intercut with Johnny's death ...

    Y'know, I'm trying to feel worse about that. But the guy was completely evil, twisted and wrong (sweet as he may well have seemed picking out baby names). Tommy and Janet are [i]still married[/i], and they [i]were[/i] married -- or at least together -- when Johny and Janet started sleeping together.

    After all the reveals we got last week when Janet was twisting Tommy's junk, I've been trying to figure out some way for there to be a third Gavin brother -- one with all the attentiveness of Johnny and bad-boy aspects of Tommy -- that would be ideal for Janet.

    Really, it explores that whole bad-boy thing -- why Janet hates it and why she's still drawn to it.

    And Tommy hasn't slept with Sheila (as far as he knows). This is pure speculation, but my guess is they're going to be breaking in the new house and Tommy's going to find a pregnancy test -- because her rape of him will have taken. Because that would be, emotionally, the worst possible moment for Sheila -- her seduction of Tommy, her victory over Janet, and then ... how to explain?

    She could say she made a withdrawal at the sperm bank -- I think that was her idea -- but I'm not convinced Tommy has turned in a viable deposit at any point. And she probably doesn't know that. So on top of the rape, that would be a lie.

    I don't know if that's what they're going to do, but they way they've written it, they absolutely could.

    I really see Johnny's death bringing Tommy and Janet together again. Since I like them as a couple, this is a happiness for me. I know she's entirely unworthy, but they've both put up with so much over the last three years looking elsewhere that they could probably use the nice threadworn comforter their relationship is.

    I wonder if Johnny's the only one in the crosshairs on this show.

    Do you get to break off an engagement with Mags and leave her crying in the street without her exacting some type of revenge? :o

    I ... [i]really[/i] loved the couples counseling. "Are you two here on a dare?" and "I performed an exorcism in Mew Guinea in 1977 -- or did we meet someplace else?"

    Mags was so unacceptable they were banned from being married in the [i]diocese[/i].

    But here's the thing: If you're writing that anyway, Mags should've been even [i]worse[/i]. Because it wouldn't occur to her that the marriage would be blocked.

    I hope there's more of that conversation in the outtakes.

    What's with the lack of music these days? This show has some of the best music on television. Are they suddenly unable to get the rights to anything? I get maybe Denis is trying to allow the emotion of the scene to carry it through, but the music they use always adds this extra emotional punch through stuff like that.

    * Lou shagging a semi-nun on his path to a more Buddhist ideal of spiritual fulfillment. Nice.
    * Tommy's dad and Uncle Red. Great freeqin' scene. Those two deserve each other, and I really hope there's some excuse to run a camera on them because they're hilarious together. Not Provenza and Flynn hilarious, but hilarious all the same.
    * Franco and Richie (sorry -- got Richie's name wrong last week), that was just cool. I've thought it was something like that (Mikey speaks retahd!) :D and Franco taking him out and talking to him one-on-one, that was class. Hope Nat turns out to be worth it.
    * Mikey and ... Pam, was it? Fun scene. Mikey starts talking about conditioner and products. "Nope, you need to go again."

    All in all, tho, kind of a lull. Lots of stuff was happening, people were moving about on the screen and saying stuff, but even the deaths were so matter-of-fact that it felt like this episode was a step above mailed in, but fell a step or two short of the usual jaw-dropping "OMG!"

    Meh -- S3 of "Nip/Tuck" had some lull periods as well. As with them, I have every confidence that "Rescue Me" is using these spaces to build to something incredible.